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YouTube shorts are getting 50 billion views every single day and many creators are getting millions of views on each of their uploads. You probably think that YouTube is heavily spreading their content but why not yours? Why the hell am I struggling to get even a thousand views? Why is that happening? Because you’ve been lied to your whole life about YouTube shorts.

First, we need to understand how a YouTube short goes viral. YouTube determines whether a short video can go viral based on how many people watch it, how long they watch it, and if they interact with it.

They also consider how often people click on the video when it appears in recommendations or search results. The total amount of time people spend watching the video, as well as how well it retains viewers’ interests, are important factors. If viewers share the video on social media or embed it on other websites, it increases its chances of going viral.

Now here are some tips to go viral on YouTube shorts.

Strategy One: The Hook

Due to the short duration of only one minute, the first three seconds of your YouTube shorts are crucial. This is where you must grab your audience’s attention and make them want to continue watching. Use this time wisely. I would suggest you directly address your audience to your topic.

Tell them exactly what your short is about. For example, look how this person got pranked or these three secrets about YouTube shorts will boost your growth. I think you understand, and if not yet, then let me show you some videos. I was playing piano in London when suddenly and all right, we’re gonna drive this RC car to the store, buy some chocolate, put the money in there. This camera on the front is how I’ll see everything and in this headset will be how I look. See how quickly and easily they told the entire concept of their video.

Strategy Two: Sound Effects

sound effects for youtube shorts
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Let me play a video to explain this strategy. I break down this video properly. One element will surely gonna stand out and that is the sound effects. If you don’t have any interest in football, you may still probably stay because of those sound effects. Then you ended up watching the full video.

This is the potential of sound effects. Not only this particular video, but almost 80 percent of the viral shorts use these kinds of sound effects. These kinds of sound effects not only hold the viewers but make the video more engaging.

Strategy Three: Text and Stickers

I swear you won’t find a single short video without text or stickers. And if you think texts are for a better understanding of the video, then you’re absolutely wrong, my friend. At the beginning of a short video, the text grabs our attention, matched with the words of the speaker.

The pop text does not let the viewers take their eyes off the screen even for a moment. Such text is used not only in short videos but in most long-form viral videos. I will definitely advise you to use text but it should be added words wise not based on whole sentences.

Strategy Four: Quality Editing

I don’t think there’s much to say about this; its potential is huge. Professional video editing is crucial for boosting your short channel in today’s digital landscape. It offers several benefits such as enhancing visual appeal through techniques like visual effects. Skilled editors ensure seamless storytelling by arranging footage in a logical sequence and captivating viewers with engaging narratives.

Strategy Five: Short and Catchy Titles

youtube shorts catchy titles
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YouTube has given you the capacity of 100 characters to write your title but you have to try to write the title between 40 and 50 characters or a maximum 60 characters. Don’t write unnecessary things, just write the topic of your video shortly in a click bait way.

For example, if your video is on Meta’s new app threads, then you can write “Zuckerberg’s new app is Twitter’s first copy”. This sentence contains only seven words and 45 characters and it’s good. Don’t try to elaborate your topic in the title. Just remember, the more concise the title, the higher its quality. Also, if we talk about the longer titles then you can see how much space it is taking. It confuses the viewer.

Strategy Six: Quality Voiceover

People are very busy these days. They watch shorts on YouTube when they have time. This is why the use of a clear voice from the beginning to the end of the video is very important. Remember, your voice should be loud enough to hear comfortably without headphones. That’s why you should check this before publishing.

Strategy Seven: No Gap

We all know how short the duration of YouTube shorts is so we should not waste a single moment. Whenever we do a voiceover, we have to stop to breathe a lot of times and it’s normal but for YouTube shorts it’s not.

If there are a lot of gaps in your voiceover like this then your video video will surely gonna fade out. Cut unnecessary pauses, it’ll definitely help you to boost your videos.

Strategy Eight: Quality Videos

Engage with Audiences YouTube Shorts

Suppose you’re a baker. You worked a lot to make a cake. You did everything a baker must do to make a perfect cake but the cake ended up looking very bad. You still placed it in the store for sale and you noticed people were coming but as soon as they looked at the cake they’re immediately losing interest.

You got disappointed but when you removed the cake from the store and take a little bite of it you just fell in love with it. You find out the taste of the cake is impressively good but because of its look it didn’t perform at all. This same story applies to your video quality. All your hard work will go to waste if your video quality is not good.

Strategy Nine: Consistency

Consistency plays a crucial role in the growth and success of content creators on YouTube and this holds true especially when it comes to YouTube Shorts. YouTube shorts are brief vertical videos that capture attention quickly and are optimized for mobile viewing. They offer a unique opportunity for creators to engage with audiences and potentially reach a wider audience. To make the most of YouTube shorts and maximize their growth potential, consistency is key. Here’s why:

1. Viewer expectations – Regular uploads keep viewers engaged and interested.
2. Algorithm favorability – Consistent creators are rewarded by YouTube’s algorithm.
3. Audience retention – Consistency builds a loyal fan base.
4. Brand building – Consistency establishes a unique brand and helps you stand out.
5. Practice and Improvement – Regular content creation allows you to hone your skills.

successful youtube shorts channel from scratch

For those who need motivation on channels that started from scratch and grew into large channels, check them out:

My last piece of advice would be to avoid constantly checking YouTube analytics. It can initially shatter your expectations and later inflate them when needed.

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