The Basics of Arknights Mobile Game

Arknights is a mobile game developed by Chinese gaming company, Yostar Limited. The game was released in January 2020 and has become a popular choice among gamers who enjoy strategy and tower defense genres. Arknights is set in a futuristic world where players must defend their base against hordes of infected enemies.

The gameplay mechanics are centered around recruiting characters with unique abilities to form teams that can assist in defending the base. The game’s storyline is complex, involving multiple factions and characters with different backgrounds and motivations.

It is an enthralling experience as players navigate through the game’s various stages while unveiling the mysteries behind the world of Arknights. Additionally, the graphics and sound design are visually stunning, creating an immersive atmosphere that draws players into this engaging universe.

The Purpose of This Review

The purpose of this review is to provide a detailed analysis of Arknights mobile game mechanics, storyline, characters, graphics & sound design, difficulty level & progression system, gacha system and multiplayer mode. As an avid gamer myself who enjoys tower defense games with intricate storylines and complex characters – I have spent countless hours exploring the world of Arknights.

Through this review – I hope to share my thoughts on what makes Arknights stand out from other games in its genre: its unique approach to storytelling through character development; intricate gameplay mechanics that require strategy and critical thinking; visually stunning graphics & sound design that bring the world to life; challenging difficulty levels that keep players engaged; a gacha system that rewards patience and dedication; as well as multiplayer mode which adds another layer of complexity to an already enthralling experience.

Stay tuned as I take you on a journey through all aspects of what makes Arknights such an engaging mobile game.

Gameplay Mechanics: The Heart of the Game

When it comes to mobile games, gameplay mechanics can make or break the experience. Fortunately, Arknights delivers in spades. With its unique blend of tower defense and strategy elements, the game offers a refreshing change of pace that sets it apart from other mobile games in the market. The controls are smooth and intuitive, with players having access to a variety of options to interact with the game world.

From selecting characters and deploying them on the battlefield to using special abilities and making strategic decisions on the fly, every action feels responsive and satisfying. The game also allows for a high degree of customization, allowing players to tailor their experience based on their playstyle.

The Unique Features That Make Arknights Stand Out

One of the standout features of Arknights is its unique system for managing resources. Players must balance multiple factors such as character stats, deployment costs, and enemy types to create an effective team composition that can tackle increasingly difficult challenges. This adds an extra layer of depth to gameplay that encourages players to think creatively when approaching new scenarios.

Another feature that sets Arknights apart is its approach to character progression. Unlike many other mobile games where characters are quickly maxed out through endless grinding or pay-to-win mechanics, Arknights allows for more natural progression over time through careful resource management and smart investments in different units. This creates a sense of attachment between players and their characters as they grow together over time. Overall, I found myself thoroughly impressed by Arknights’ gameplay mechanics.

They strike a perfect balance between accessibility and complexity while offering plenty of room for customization and experimentation along the way. No matter what kind of player you are–casual or hardcore–there’s something here for everyone to enjoy!

Storyline and Characters

The intricate storyline that keeps players engaged

Arknights’ storyline is incredibly deep and complex, with multiple layers of intrigue and suspense. From the outset, players are introduced to a world in turmoil, where a deadly virus known as “Originium” has contaminated the land.

The player’s role as a doctor in Rhodes Island’s pharmaceutical company takes them through an epic journey filled with plot twists and turns. The game’s story is presented in bite-sized pieces through cutscenes, dialogues among characters, and briefings before each mission. As players progress further into the game, the story becomes more engaging and immersive.

The pacing of Arknights’ storyline is just right; it gives enough information to keep players interested but doesn’t reveal too much too soon. It keeps you on the edge of your seat waiting for what will happen next.

Characters with depth: their backgrounds, personalities, and abilities

One of Arknights’ strengths lies in its unique cast of characters. Each character has a distinctive personality coupled with a backstory that allows them to stand out from one another. With over 50 playable characters available at launch (and more added regularly), there’s no shortage of variety or diversity among the cast. What makes these characters so compelling is how well they mesh with each other through dialogues during cutscenes or interactions within missions. Every character brings something unique to the table in terms of gameplay mechanics as well as story progression.

Additionally, each character has their own skill sets that can be leveled up by using them frequently throughout missions or through assigning them to different roles within your team setup. This leveling system helps ensure gameplay remains fresh while giving an additional layer of depth to these already richly developed characters. Arknights’ storyline draws you in from the beginning and never lets go until it’s over. The characters are dynamic, with personalities and backgrounds that make them stand out from one another.

Players will love the unique gameplay mechanics each of them has to offer as well as their distinct abilities that can be utilized in a variety of ways during missions. If you’re looking for a mobile game with an engaging world, interesting characters, and hours of enjoyable gameplay, then Arknights is definitely worth your time.

Graphics and Sound Design:

Visual Graphics and Art Style

Arknights boasts some of the most visually stunning graphics I’ve ever seen in a mobile game. The art style is incredibly detailed and intricate, with each character having their own unique design that sets them apart from one another.

The backgrounds are also beautifully crafted, ranging from urban cityscapes to lush forests and everything in between. The attention to detail is truly impressive and it makes the game a joy to play. One aspect of the visuals that stands out in particular is the use of color. Each stage has its own distinct color scheme that helps set the mood and atmosphere for the level.

For example, levels with an industrial setting have a lot of grays and metallic tones, while levels set in nature have more greens and browns. This attention to detail may seem small, but it really adds to the overall immersion of the game.


The animations in Arknights are fluid and well-executed, making each battle feel like an epic clash between two opposing forces. The movements of each character are smooth and natural, with no jarring or awkward transitions between actions.

Even when there’s a lot happening on screen – such as multiple characters attacking at once – everything remains clear and easy to follow. One thing I particularly appreciate about the animations is how they tie into each character’s abilities. For example, when a character uses their special attack, there’s usually an animated cutscene showing off their move in all its glory.

These cutscenes are not only visually impressive but also give players a better understanding of what each character can do.

Sound Design, Music Score, Voice Acting

The sound design in Arknights is top-notch – from the sound effects during battles to the ambient noise in different environments – everything feels realistic without being overwhelming. The music score is also fantastic, with each level having its own distinctive theme that complements the visuals and helps set the tone for the battle. The voice acting is also worth mentioning – each character has their own unique voice actor who brings them to life in a way that makes them feel like real people. The dialogue is well-written and often humorous, making it enjoyable to listen to even if you don’t understand all of it due to language barriers. Overall, the sound design, music score, and voice acting all come together to further enhance an already impressive game.

Difficulty Level and Progression System

The Difficulty Curve is a Tad Bit Too Steep

One of the things that sets Arknights apart from other mobile games in the genre is its difficulty level. While I appreciate challenging games that test my skills, I found Arknights’ difficulty curve to be a bit too steep for my liking.

The game starts off manageable enough, but quickly ramps up in difficulty around chapter 3 or 4. This can be frustrating for less experienced players who are still trying to grasp the game mechanics. That being said, I do appreciate that the game offers different levels of difficulty for each stage, which means you can tailor your gameplay experience based on your skill level.

However, even on the lowest difficulty setting, some stages can still feel unreasonably hard. In my opinion, the game would benefit from a more gradual increase in difficulty so that players have time to adjust and improve their strategy before getting slammed with tough challenges.

Progression System: A Constant Feeling of Progress

Despite its steep difficulty curve, Arknights does offer a satisfying progression system that keeps players engaged and motivated to keep playing. The game allows you to level up your characters by using materials gained through completing stages or by completing daily missions.

As you level up your characters, they become stronger and gain access to new abilities. In addition to leveling up characters, there’s also an equipment upgrade system that allows you to enhance weapons and equipment used by your characters.

This system adds another layer of depth to gameplay and gives players something else to work towards beyond just leveling up their characters. Overall, while I do wish the game’s difficulty curve was a bit more forgiving at times, I find the progression system in Arknights to be well-designed and satisfying. It offers plenty of opportunities for players who enjoy grinding and constantly improving their characters.

Gacha System: The Devil in Arknights

If you are into mobile games, chances are you have heard of the term ‘Gacha’ before. For those who don’t know, Gacha is a monetization feature that allows players to spend real money for a chance to obtain rare items or characters.

Unfortunately, the Gacha system in Arknights is nothing short of problematic. First and foremost, the rates for obtaining high rarity characters and items are abysmally low. It’s not uncommon for players to spend hundreds of dollars and still fail to obtain the character they want. This creates an environment where players who can afford to spend more money will have a significant advantage over those who cannot. It’s not uncommon for players with deep pockets to breeze through content while others struggle.

Another issue with the Gacha system is that it makes it difficult for players to plan or prepare their teams effectively. Without access to specific characters or items, some stages will be nearly impossible to beat. This forces players into a cycle of spending more money on the off chance they’ll get what they need. Overall, while Gacha systems can work well in some games, it feels like nothing more than a quick cash grab in Arknights. Players should be able to enjoy and progress through the game without having their wallets drained dry by an inherently flawed system.

It’s Time for Arknights To Move Beyond The Gacha System

While there are many things that make Arknights an enjoyable mobile game experience, its reliance on the problematic Gacha system is not one of them. It seems clear that this system only benefits those with deep pockets while punishing others who can’t afford splurging on virtual currency. Instead of continuing down this path, why not switch things up? There are plenty of other monetization models out there that could work well within Arknights. One possibility could be to sell skins or cosmetic items that don’t affect gameplay.

Another option is to offer players the ability to outright purchase the characters they want, rather than relying on the chance-based Gacha system. Ultimately, it’s time for Arknights to move beyond its reliance on Gacha. This will not only make the game more enjoyable for players, but it will also show a level of respect and consideration for their audience. It’s not too late for Arknights to change course – let’s hope they do so soon.

Multiplayer Mode

The Promise of Co-op Play: A Disappointing Feature

Arknights boasts a multiplayer mode that allows players to team up with friends or strangers to take on stages together. The idea of working together with other players is exciting in theory, but unfortunately, the implementation in Arknights falls flat. The co-op mode is limited to only a few select stages and the matchmaking system can be frustratingly slow.

Furthermore, there’s no way to communicate with your fellow players during the actual match, leaving teamwork feeling like a mere afterthought. The lackluster multiplayer mode also highlights another issue with Arknights – it’s not designed for collaborative play.

The game is heavily focused on individual strategy and unit management, so when you’re playing alongside others, it feels more like everyone is doing their own thing rather than working as a cohesive team. Overall, while the idea of multiplayer in Arknights may seem appealing at first glance, the execution leaves much to be desired.

A Ploy for In-Game Purchases: The Gacha System Takes Over

Perhaps the most disappointing aspect of Arknights’ multiplayer mode is how it ties into the game’s gacha system. Multiplayer rewards are tied to completing certain missions with other players and collecting “friendship points.”

However, these friendship points can only be exchanged for rewards through – you guessed it – more gacha rolls. Not only does this feel like a cheap way to incentivize players towards spending money on microtransactions, but it also detracts from any sense of accomplishment or enjoyment that could come from playing multiplayer matches.

It’s clear that the developers have prioritized monetization over providing an engaging cooperative experience for their player base.

Overall, while co-op play may have been an exciting feature on paper, its poor execution leaves much to be desired. The lack of communication and limited implementation make it feel more like a tacked-on afterthought than an essential part of the game. And the blatant connection to the gacha system only further highlights the game’s focus on monetization over player enjoyment.

Arknights Conclusion (Yay or Nay?)

Arknights is an exceptional mobile game with incredibly engaging gameplay mechanics, a rich and detailed storyline, stunning graphics and sound design, and an overall addictive quality that will keep you playing for hours on end.

The Gacha system adds a level of unpredictability to the game that can be both exciting and frustrating at times, but ultimately adds to the overall experience. The multiplayer mode is also a great addition that allows players to interact with others and work together to defeat challenging stages. Overall, Arknights is one of the best mobile games out there right now. It’s perfect for those who enjoy strategy games that require careful planning and execution.

The game’s difficulty level is just right – not too easy to make it boring but not too hard to make it impossible – making it accessible to a wide range of players. If you’re looking for a new mobile game that offers depth, strategy, and an engaging storyline all wrapped up in beautiful graphics and sound design, then Arknights should be your next download.

Whether you’re playing alone or with friends online, this game will keep you entertained for hours on end.

By Kenny