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The Mega Man X series features various armors that provide unique abilities and enhancements to X throughout the games. In this list, I’ll rank the top 10 armors from the Mega Man X series based on their functionality, usefulness, and overall impact on gameplay.

Here are some things that are factored into the ranking.

  • Focus solely on armors from Mega Man X platformers. Excluded armors: X Fire armor, Ultimate Armor from X Command Mission, and DiVE from X DiVE.
  • Limit the discussion to X’s armors. Excluded: Black Armor Zero and White Axl.
  • Simplify the list while being inclusive of a variety of armors throughout the series. Group similar armors, like “The First Armor” for Mega Man X1, Xtreme 1, and Maverick Hunter X. Exemption: Mega Man Xtreme 2 armor, which combines elements from the Second and Third Armor.

Hermes Armor (Mega Man X8)

hermes armor megeman x8

Starting with number 10, we have the Hermes Armor from Mega Man X8. This armor offers faster dashing and the ability to pass through enemies while dashing. Additionally, it provides a three-way charge shot. While these features are decent, they don’t feel as impactful as some of the previous armors in the series. However, the faster charging speed, particularly when equipped with the Hermes Head Parts, makes it somewhat valuable.

Falcon Armor (Mega Man X5)

Number 9 goes to the Falcon Armor from Mega Man X5. This armor allows X to fly for a limited duration, which is quite useful in X5’s stages. However, it has certain drawbacks, such as a weaker charge shot and the inability to charge special weapons, making it less effective in combat. Nevertheless, its return in X6 with the ability to charge special weapons, like the Yammar Option, improves its overall utility.

Shadow Armor (Mega Man X6)

At number 8, we have the Shadow Armor from Mega Man X6. The Shadow Armor sports a unique ninja-inspired design, which translates into gameplay as it enables X to cling to ceilings and shoot shurikens downward. Its buster fires shurikens by default, which adds a cool thematic element. The Shadow Armor maintains the immunity to spikes, one of its predecessor’s strengths, and it enhances the Z Saber’s effectiveness. It also boasts a powerful giga attack that aids in boss battles, making it a well-rounded choice.

First Armor (Mega Man X1)

first armor megaman x

Number 7 is reserved for the First Armor from Mega Man X1. This iconic armor is notable for introducing the dash ability, reduced damage, and the ability to charge special weapons. However, compared to later armors, its features have been somewhat surpassed. The arm parts offer a charge shot that is less effective against bosses due to its slower firing speed. Additionally, the head parts are rarely used in practice. While it’s a classic and game-changing armor, it ranks lower due to the relative weakness of its individual components.

Icarus Armor (Megaman X8)

icarus armor megaman x8

Moving on to number 6, we have the Icarus Armor from Mega Man X8. This armor is appreciated for its ability to blast through on-screen enemies with a powerful charge shot and jump to great heights, which is valuable in platforming segments. The Icarus Armor’s head parts provide a protective shield during jumps, and the body parts offer damage reduction. It’s a straightforward yet effective armor, making X a formidable character in X8’s challenges.

Third Armor (Megaman X3)3rd armor megaman x3

Now, let’s delve into the top 5 starting with the Third Armor from Mega Man X3 at number 5. The Third Armor boasts exceptional mobility enhancements with the Foot Parts, allowing X to dash horizontally and vertically in the air, significantly improving his agility. The Body Parts reduce damage and create a protective shield upon taking hits. The Head Parts, while not particularly outstanding, display a stage map and help conserve weapon energy. This armor’s versatility is further extended by collecting Pink upgrade capsules, or unlocking the Golden Armor, making it one of the most powerful choices in the series.

Blade Armor (Megaman X6)

At number 4, we find the Blade Armor from Mega Man X6. This armor stands out for its unique use of the Z Saber as the primary weapon. The Head Parts decrease special weapon consumption, the Body Parts grant a giga attack that clears enemies in front of X, the Arm Parts provide a plasma shot, and the Foot Parts offer versatile directional air dashes. While it may not have the most powerful giga attack, the Blade Armor’s well-balanced features make it a strong choice for X6’s challenging stages.

Ultimate Armor

Number 3 belongs to the Ultimate Armor from Mega Man X4, X5, X6, X8, and the X Legacy Collection. This formidable armor is based on the Fourth Armor from X4, enhanced with the Nova Strike, a devastating giga attack with unlimited energy, allowing X to decimate foes. The Ultimate Armor’s exceptional power puts it in a league of its own, and it’s the most powerful armor in the series when obtained legitimately. It is just too convenient to dodge stuff and destroy them at the same time. You can’t do poorly with this armor on unless you are a first time player.

Second Armor (Megaman X2)

second armor rock man x2

Now, the runner-up at number 2 is the Second Armor from Mega Man X2. This armor shines with its Arm Parts, enabling X to fire two charge shots that can bypass enemy invincibility frames, dealing substantial damage. The Foot Parts introduce the ability to air dash, which greatly enhances mobility. Although the Head Parts’ scanning feature is somewhat lackluster and the giga attack isn’t particularly impressive, the Second Armor stands out for its exceptional combat capabilities.

Fourth Armor (Megaman X4)

Finally, at the number 1 spot, we have the Fourth Armor from Mega Man X4. This armor forms the basis for the Ultimate Armor and is distinguished by its versatility and balanced design. The Foot Parts grant an air hover and air dash, while the Head Parts provide unlimited special weapon ammunition. The Body Parts allow X to use the Nova Strike with an energy meter, and the Arm Parts offer a choice of four charge shots, including the mini-boss-destroying Plasma Shot. The Fourth Armor excels in every aspect, making it the best armor in the Mega Man X series, as it combines power with practicality.

That concludes the ranking of the Top 10 Megaman X armors in the series.

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