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Oshi no Ko (My Star) has been an excellent anime for fans. Some of the quotes from the characters in Oshi no Ko have been memorable and it is worth putting them in one post for some nostalgic memory.

Warning: spoilers ahead!

best quotes in Oshi no Ko anime

Aquamarine Hoshino Quotes (Oshi no Ko)

Aquamrine Hoshino Quotes - Oshi No Ko (My Star)

  1. “People die easily. When someone cries out for help, if you don’t act quickly, it will be too late.”
  2. “Reality shows don’t have scripts. However, they do feature directing. People differ in whether they take what the director says as advice or as commands.”
  3. “That’s likely true for the viewers, but lying is also the very best way to protect oneself.”
  4. “It’s no good to hold onto goals that are beyond your means.”
  5. “If you put on some kind of act, that role will become your armor. If you expose your true self, you’ll just get hurt. And that applies to more than just reality shows. It’s an important concept when it comes to socializing.”

Aqua’s Background and Story

Aqua Hoshino, also known as Aquamarine Hoshino, is the male protagonist and one of the titular characters in Oshi no Ko. In his previous life as Gorou Amamiya, he was a medical doctor who tragically died at the hands of a stalker targeting his patient, Ai Hoshino.

Reincarnated as Ai’s child, Aqua grew up as an orphan and a devoted fan of his mother’s. However, his happy life took a dark turn when the same stalker who killed him in his previous life murdered Ai in front of him. This traumatic event deeply scarred him, leading him to develop a cold, cunning, and vengeful personality.

Aqua’s primary goal is to seek revenge on his father, whom he believes betrayed Ai. As an actor, he frequently alters his appearance to suit his roles. Despite his emotional distance, he cares deeply for those close to him, particularly his younger twin sister, Ruby. Aqua’s complex emotions, including guilt for not protecting his mother and post-traumatic stress disorder, influence his actions and drive his quest for vengeance in the dark side of the entertainment industry.

His quotes above does reflect what he has experienced.

Ai Hoshino Quotes (My Star)

Ai Hoshino Quotes - Oshi No Ko (My Star)

  1. “I thought that if I became a mother, I’d be able to love my children. But I have not yet once told my children I love them. If I were to utter those words and realize I was, in fact lying…”
  2. “I don’t have a family, you see. I always longed for one. I’m carrying twins, right? I’m sure our family will be a cheerful and fun one!”
  3. “The idol fan is one who wants to be skillfully lied to. In the world of idols, lies are weapons.”
  4. “I don’t have a good grasp of what it means to love someone. So instead I told pretty lies that would please everyone always hoping that one day those lies would become the truth.”
  5. “Idols are objects of worship, you know? They sparkle through the magic of lies.”
  6. “Piling on lie after lie, we look happy as we sing on stage no matter what struggles we might face. What a fun job!”
  7. “The way I narrow my eyes, the corners of my mouth. It’s all calculated. I’m always putting on the smile that will please people the most. I am… made up of lies after all.”
  8. “I tried my best, worked hard and lied with everything I had. To me lies are love. And in my own way, I thought I was expressing love.”
  9. “The impression of idols was pure beings who flash smiles and bring smiles to everyone’s faces. The polar opposite of me, a people-hating liar.”
  10. “In front of an excessively intense light, people can but get scorched. They are like moths drawn to the flame. Even upon realizing their wings will be singed off, they cannot stop.”
  11. “The thought of it scares me. That’s why today I will once again lie, believing the lies will become the truth. Even if I end up paying for it one day…”
  12. “Ruby, Aqua, I love you. Those words definitely weren’t a lie.”


The story of Oshi no Ko may appear glamorous, fun and glittery on the surface, but it actually carries a sad and harsh truth about the idol industry in Japan. The series exposes the darker side of the industry, which is riddled with lies and deception.

Ai Hoshino’s character embodies these issues, and many quotes above highlights it, especially with the excessive lying. Behind the glamorous facade of the entertainment world, the anime/manga sheds light on the struggles and hardships that idols and those involved in the industry may face, making me wonder what really go behind the scenes of our real world pop stars like BTS/Blackpink etc.

Ai Hoshino’s Background and Story

Ai Hoshino is a central character in the Oshi no Ko manga series. She was a lead idol for the B-Komachi group and had a difficult past, growing up in an orphanage due to her mother’s neglect.

Throughout her career, Ai embraced lies as a form of love and sought to find meaning in her life. However, after becoming pregnant with twins and facing various challenges, she eventually realized her genuine love for her children.

Her unique charisma as an idol drew attention, but she had a disorderly and impulsive behavior stemming from her abusive upbringing. Despite her bright public persona, Ai led a solitary life outside the stage and had few close relationships.

Her life’s events and legacy continue to influence the series’ narrative through her children, Aqua and Ruby, who seek to protect her image and fulfill their own dreams.

Ruby Hoshino Quote (Oshi No Ko)

Ruby Hoshino Quotes- Oshi No Ko (My Star)

  1. “Life is about doing what you want to do! If you keep talking cost this return, you won’t accomplish anything! Life can end before you get a chance to accomplish anything; it happens.”

Ruby Hoshino’s Background and Story

Ruby Hoshino is one of the main characters in the Oshi no Ko manga series. In her previous life, she was Sarina Tendouji, a cancer patient, and after her death, she was reincarnated as the child of her favorite idol, Ai Hoshino.

Neglected by her parents in her previous life, Ruby greatly enjoys her new life as Ai’s daughter and aspires to become an idol. Despite the tragedy of Ai’s murder, Ruby reforms the idol group and works to fulfill her mother’s dreams with the support of her friends.

Ruby is extroverted, outgoing, and optimistic, in contrast to her brother Aqua’s calm and calculated nature. She defends her mother’s secrecy and reputation passionately.

Kana Arima Quotes

Kana Arima Quotes - Oshi No Ko (My Star)

  1. “I’d like to put everything into my acting, you know. I mean, who would enjoy going out of their way to act poorly? But, good acting and creating a good show are different things.”
  2. “In this world shrouded in darkness, I learned there was someone who’d been struggling along with me. That alone is enough.”

Kana Arima’s Background and Story

Kana Arima is a former child actress whose popularity has declined due to being difficult to work with. However, after reuniting with Aqua and Ruby and joining B-Komachi, she starts to regain her confidence and becomes more adaptive and easy to work with.

Kana is described as diligent, hardworking, and kind, but can also be sharp-tongued at times. She has low self-esteem but shines brightest when in the center of attention. Despite her tough exterior, she is soft-hearted and cares deeply about her acting career.

Taishi Gotanda Quotes (Oshi No Ko)

Taishi Gotonda Quotes - Oshi No Ko (My Star)

  1. “Every single person has the right to dream. After all, you can’t win the lottery if you don’t buy a ticket.”
  2. “Reading someone’s intentions is one part of communication skills.”

Taishi Gotanda’s Background and Story

Taishi Gotanda is a supporting character in the Oshi no Ko manga series. He is a famous award-winning director who worked with Aqua Hoshino when he was very young, playing a crucial role in Aqua’s journey to becoming an actor.

As Aqua grew up, Taishi became a mentor figure to him. Taishi has almost shoulder-length hair and is often seen wearing a black jacket.

Ichigo Saitou Quotes (Oshi No Ko)

Ichigo Saitou Quote - Oshi No Ko (My Star)

  1. “Lying is fine. In fact, pretty lies are what fans want. Lying is a talent. It’s all good. Go on and lie up a storm.”
  2. “If you sing and dance while looking cute, that on its own is an expression of love for the fans.”
  3. “Everyone lies even if they don’t want to. We’ll take on the challenge, so bring it on! Our Ai up there, is a magnificent liar.”

Ichigo Saitou’s Background and Story

Ichigo Saitou is the former president of Strawberry Productions and the person responsible for scouting and bringing Ai Hoshino to fame as an idol. However, after Ai’s death, Ichigo fell into a deep depression and disappeared from his job, leaving his wife to take over his responsibilities.

Ichigo was competitive in the show business industry, as evident by his success in promoting Ai and B-Komachi, even securing them a performance at the Tokyo Dome before Ai’s tragic passing. However, the loss of Ai deeply affected him, leading him to withdraw from his career and live a solitary life.

Despite claiming to be uninterested in producing idols, he still showed some passion when advising Ruby in her own journey.

Masaya Kaburagi Quote (Oshi No Ko)

Masaya Kaburagi Quote - Oshi No Ko (My Star)

  1. “The illusions held by fans are shattered once they come to know the real person. There is not a single exception to this. The entertainment industry is a competition in bluffing, as it were. When appealing subject matter tells appealing lies, it produces a charisma that doesn’t exist in reality. Basically, we’re in the business of doing the kind of stuff people will do when they’re trying to land a job at a good company.”

Masaya Kaburagi’s Background and Story

Masaya Kaburagi is a supporting character in the Oshi no Ko manga series. He is a producer affiliated with the Internet TV Station “Dot TV!” and has worked on projects such as the Sweet Today live-action adaptation and the web show Dig Deep! One Chance.

He is described as a mammonist, meaning he is primarily driven by the pursuit of financial gain and is willing to prioritize profitability over quality.

However, despite his focus on money, he is noted to have a keen eye for talent, which has led to successful projects. Taishi Gotanda, another character in the series, acknowledges that Kaburagi’s passion and ability to lead are essential in the film-making industry. He is also praised for maintaining strong connections with actors and investors, which proves beneficial for his work as a producer.

Oshi no Ko Anime Summary

Oshi no Ko is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Aka Akasaka. It tells the story of Gorou Amamiya, a doctor who is reborn as Aquamarine Hoshino, the son of Ai Hoshino, a famous pop idol, after he is murdered by one of her fans. Ruby Hoshino, Aqua’s twin sister, is also a reincarnation of one of Gorou’s patients and a fan of Ai’s. Aqua and Ruby navigate the Japanese entertainment industry as they grow up, seeking vengeance on their father, whom they suspect was involved in Ai’s murder.

Since April 2020, the manga has been serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Young Jump and has been collected in twelve tankbon volumes as of July 2023. It has been licensed for release in North America by Yen Press and is available on Shueisha’s Manga Plus platform.

An anime television series adaptation, produced by Doga Kobo, aired its first 11-episode season from April to June 2023, with a second season announced. In North America, Sentai Filmworks has licensed the series with an English dub.

The story revolves around Aqua and Ruby’s pursuit of their father’s identity, with Aqua becoming an actor and Ruby aspiring to be an idol singer. They join the idol group “B-Komachi” and use their connections in the entertainment industry to uncover the truth. Throughout their journey, they face challenges and conflicts with each other, but ultimately, they both seek closure and justice for their past lives and the murder of their beloved idol, Ai Hoshino.

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