top 10 best PokeMMO mods for mobile and PC

Mods are great for PokeMMO, especially if you play on mobile. PokeMMO requires mods, particularly for the encounter counter when looking for shiny Pokemon. We will be providing you with the top 10 best PokeMMO mods here for PC and Mobile.

Modding is easy and all you need to do is to do a simple copy and paste. You may or may not need an installation guide, depending on your tech skills.

If you are worried about it, these mods are completely legal and will not result in a ban. They were taken from PokeMMO’s official forum page, so you can download them safely without any issues.

Encounter Counter (Top PokeMMO Mod)

Shiny hunting is a popular PokeMMO activity in which players try to find rare and special Pokémon. A shiny Pokémon is difficult to obtain because the odds are 30,000 to 1.

As a result, finding a shiny Pokémon without actively looking for one is extremely difficult. While shiny hunting, you will want to keep track of how many Pokémon you’ve encountered. Otherwise, you may feel as if you aren’t making any progress and get discouraged doing this over and over.

Please keep in mind that keeping track of encounters is entirely optional. When playing the game, do not expect to find a shiny Pokémon after 30,000 encounters. There is only a one-in-30,000 chance of the pokemon being shiny.

You can download the PokeMMO mod here:

Kanto Graphics

kanto pokeMMO mod

The Kanto region holds a special place in the hearts of old Pokemon game fans like myself because it is where the Pokemon saga began with Ash Ketchum. I mean playing Pokemon on the game boy really does bring back nice memories as a kid.

However, Kanto’s graphics are no longer as appealing for new gamers, which is a letdown for the most part.

Kanto is also one of PokeMMO’s busiest and most popular regions. As a result, having this mod is highly recommended. The mod refreshes the Kanto region’s outdoor areas and adds new animations for objects, giving it a fresh new look and feel to it.

You can download it here:

Monster Icons

pokeMMO monster icon mod

PokeMMO’s monster icons are designed in a low-polygon (low-poly) style. In fact, the majority of the graphics in PokeMMO are low-poly. Fortunately, mods are available to address this.

This mod replaces the low-poly monster icons in Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire (OR/AS) and Pokemon X/Y with high-definition (HD) icons. The monster icons will be more detailed and visually appealing after installing this mod.

Having played Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, I definitely approve of this mod.

Link is here:

HD Battle Sprites

Since the game follows the classic old school graphics, the sprites are static and looks a bit bland. With the new 3D battle sprites that actually move with nice animation, it makes the battles more lively and exciting.

I do understand that some people do like to play with the pixel graphics due to nostalgia.

You can check out the PokeMMO mod download link here:

HD Items

pokemmo HD items mod

Items are important in PokeMMO because they are used for a variety of purposes throughout the game. Things like healing your pokemon or giving them items to evolve are vital. However, the items in PokeMMO have a very low resolution, which can be disappointing for some newer gamers. Thankfully, this mod fixes this problem.

This mod specifically replaces the old, low-resolution item images with new, crisp, high-resolution images. Updated images for items, pokeballs, berries, key objects, and other items are included in the mod. The visuals of the items in PokeMMO will be greatly improved with this mod installed, enhancing the overall experience.

You can download the PokeMMO mod here:

HD Maps

The Pokemmo HD Maps mod improves the graphics of the game’s Kanto and Hoenn regions. This is accomplished through the use of a magnification filter and AI upscaling, which increases the resolution by up to four times its original scale.

The graphics appear smoother and more visually appealing after using this upscaling technique. This mod is especially enjoyable for players who spend a lot of time in the Kanto and Hoenn regions, as it improves the visual experience in those areas.

You can find the mod here:

Sparkling Shiny Follower

pokemmo shiny follower mod

In PokeMMO, all Pokémon followers have the same appearance, whether they are shiny or not. This mod, on the other hand, addresses this issue by adding sparkling animations for shiny Pokémon followers.

Shiny Pokémon assigned as followers will have sparkling animations with this mod installed, making them stand out and look more visually appealing. All Pokémon, including those from Generations 4 and 5, are included in the mod.

If you already have shiny Pokémon, you should definitely use it to flex your newly found shiny pokemon. If you don’t have any shiny Pokémon yet, this mod can serve as an incentive to go out and catch one!

You can find the PokeMMO mode here:

Generation 5 Follower Sprites

The follower feature in PokeMMO is a fun feature in which your favorite Pokémon follows you outside of its Poké Ball and can be seen by everyone. It reminds me of the classic Pokemon Yellow version where Pikachu is always following you.

This mod focuses specifically on improving the visual appearance of Generation 5 followers in PokeMMO. The mod improves the overall look and visual appeal of these followers by replacing their textures. You can now enjoy your favorite Gen 5 Pokémon’s company in the game with upgraded and enhanced visuals.

Here is the PokeMMO download link:

PokeMMO Music Overhaul

There are music mods for PokeMMO! Prepare to be blown away by a high-quality soundtrack mod that spans a whopping 2.4GB in size.

This music overhaul mod includes a variety of soundtracks from different Pokémon games:

– Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee (Kanto)
– Heart Gold/Soul Silver (Kanto)
– Pokémon Origins (Kanto) – featuring tracks like the Bicycle Theme, Lavender Town, Champion Music, and the Title Screen theme
– Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon (Sevii Islands)
– Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire (Hoenn)
– Zame/Pokeli/Pokémon Black & White Super Mix (Unova)
– Battle! Loremaster Zinnia – ORAS (played in various locations during PvP battles)
– Evolution – ORAS (played during evolution sequences throughout the game)

With this music mod, you can enjoy an immersive and diverse range of music that enhances your gameplay experience in PokeMMO!

You can find the download link here:

DS Trainers

Much like the HD battle sprites for pokemon, there is also a trainer version that turns the trainers from pixel graphics into high quality ones that look much better. And of course, you can always use the old school ones if you feel nostalgic about it.

This mod focuses on upgrading the trainer sprites used during battles in the Fire Red and Emerald games. Currently, the trainer sprites in these games have a resolution of 64×64 pixels. However, this mod replaces those sprites with higher quality versions from the generation IV/V games, which have a resolution of 80×80 pixels.

Additionally, the mod ensures that the trainer sprites in battles match the appearance of the overworld non-playable character (NPC) sprites from the HeartGold and SoulSilver games. This consistency in appearance enhances the overall visual experience during battles in PokeMMO.

Here is the PokeMMO mod download link:

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