best pokemon to catch in pokemmo for beginners

We will go over the best pokemon you should be catching as a new player to help you advance through the storyline quickly in PokeMMO. This will be split into the 5 regions Kanto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova and Johto.

Patrouski’s Best Picks

All Regions

Magikarp (Cheap and Good Pokemon)

magikarp pokemmo - Best Pokemon Beginners Should Catch in PokeMMO

There are two versatile Pokemon found in most regions. First, there’s Magikarp, which evolves into Gyarados, arguably the third-best Pokemon for storylines in the entire game. Magikarp can be fished up almost anywhere, except for Unova, due to the absence of the Old Rod. Its accessibility across various cities and regions makes it a valuable early-game money-maker, particularly for breeders. Gyarados stands out as a solid, budget-friendly choice for storylines, learning crucial moves like Dragon Dance, Crunch, and Waterfall. With proper setup, Gyarados becomes a formidable force, capable of quickly dispatching opponents.


dratini - Best Pokemon Beginners Should Catch in PokeMMO

Moving on to the final Pokemon, we have Dratini/Dragonair. These Pokemon can be found in three regions: Unova, Kanto, and Sinnoh. Ignore the Unova Old Rod, as it’s a glitch. Instead, focus on the Unova Super Rod. Dratini/Dragonair can be encountered in different locations, such as Route 10 in Kanto, the Safari Zone in Kanto with the Super Rod, Mount Coronet in Sinnoh, and Celestic Town with lures.

Beyond being an excellent HM companion due to its ability to learn nearly all HM moves (excluding Flash and Rock Climb), Dragonair/Dragonite also proves to be a formidable contender in storylines.

In summary, Dragonair’s versatility and proficiency in both HMs and battles have always made it a personal favorite. Its charming appearance only adds to its appeal.

Kanto Region in PokeMMO


oddish - Best Pokemon Beginners Should Catch in PokeMMO

The first Pokemon I want to talk about is Oddish. Oddish offers many benefits. Firstly, it has access to “Sweet Scent,” which allows you to attract multiple Pokemon at once, which is great for EV training, XP training, and shiny hunting. Obtaining “Sweet Scent” on Oddish can be very beneficial.

Additionally, Oddish can be used as a sleep powder user to help you catch Pokemon early on, as it significantly increases the catch rate. Alongside these advantages, Oddish quickly becomes one of my favorite and, in my opinion, one of the most powerful and underrated Pokemon in these storylines.

Enter Vileplume, Oddish’s evolved form. Vileplume is extremely potent. You can obtain it quickly as Oddish evolves into Gloom at level 21. After earning your first gym badge, you can evolve it further into Vileplume. Vileplume boasts impressive base stats, with a total of 490, including 100 base special defense, 90 base special attack, 95 defense, and 75 HP. Its only drawback is its speed, which is at 50.

However, Vileplume’s most crucial move, “Quiver Dance,” addresses this issue. “Quiver Dance” boosts not only the special attack and special defense but also the speed stats. This move is akin to “Dragon Dance,” but it also bolsters a defensive stat, enhancing your overall bulk. This proves invaluable for setting up more “Quiver Dances.”

Although Vileplume may struggle in the Kanto storyline due to numerous four times grass resistances, especially against trainers like Erica and Koga, it’s still an excellent choice for dealing with Pokemon like Brock and Misty. Moreover, it excels in the Elite Four battles. Vileplume’s power remains significant, and with the right strategy, you can even overcome those four times resistances.

As for Oddish, you can find it in various locations. One of the earliest is right above Viridian City, north of Route 2 in Kanto. This location has proven crucial in many of my speedruns, shiny hunts, and gym badge races.

If you don’t have access to this spot, there are other locations available. Oddish can be found in several routes across Kanto, as well as in early game locations in Hoenn and Sinnoh.

Abra (Good Damage Dealer Pokemon to Catch)

abra - Best Pokemon Beginners Should Catch in PokeMMO

Now, let’s move on to the second Pokemon on our list, the beloved and incomparable Abra. Abra possesses several notable advantages. Firstly, its ability, “Synchronize,” increases the chance of encountering wild Pokemon with the same nature. This can be incredibly useful for shiny hunting, as having a Pokemon with the right nature is often crucial.

You’ll often see me leading my party with an Abra while shiny hunting. For instance, if I have a modest Abra, it significantly increases my chances of encountering a modest Oddish, which is an incredibly powerful nature. Remember, nature can have a more significant impact on your Pokemon’s stats than IVs.

Moreover, Abra can evolve into Alakazam at level 16. Once it becomes Kadabra, you can utilize a friend or a community manager in global chat for a trade evolution to get an Alakazam. Having an Alakazam at level 16 with 135 base special attack and 120 base speed is an immense advantage early in the game.

However, one of Abra’s significant drawbacks is its access to the move “Teleport.” When you try to catch Abra in the wild, it will always attempt to teleport away. This means you must catch it on the first try or put it to sleep, preferably with a Butterfree that has the “Compound Eyes” ability. This boosts the accuracy of your sleep powder to 98.5%.

Once you’ve caught Abra, you can use “Teleport” strategically. It functions similarly to “Fly,” allowing you to quickly return to the last PC you used. While you can’t select specific locations, it can save a considerable amount of time during the storylines. This is especially valuable for shiny hunting, where every second counts.

Abra can be found on various routes, but the best places to catch it are on Route 24 and Route 25 in Kanto, north of Cerulean City. Once you’ve reached Misty’s gym in Cerulean City, head north past Nugget Bridge to encounter these two patches of grass. Route 24 and Route 25 are excellent spots to find Abra.

Meowth (Money Making Pokemon to Catch)

meowth - Best Pokemon Beginners Should Catch in PokeMMO

The third Pokemon I’d like to discuss is also found on these routes, but there’s a better location, which I’ll transition into. That Pokemon is Meowth. Meowth is a rare encounter on Route 24 and 25, but you can potentially farm for Meowth, Oddish, and Abra all at the same time. These three are arguably the best Pokemon to catch in Kanto.

If you’ve been following my channel, you’ve probably heard me talk about Meowth many times. If you’re new, here’s why Meowth is valuable. Firstly, it has the “Pickup” ability, which is fantastic for obtaining extra items while you defeat wild Pokemon. This happens more often than you might think.

You’ll find yourself picking up items like potions, super potions, hyper potions, and even Great Balls in various locations throughout the game. Additionally, Meowth has access to “Fake Out” and “PayDay.” “Fake Out” causes flinching on the opponent’s Pokemon, a move that most trainers don’t expect on the first turn. “PayDay” allows you to earn extra money after defeating any Pokemon, wild or in trainer battles.

The amount you earn is roughly ten times the level of the defeated Pokemon. For example, if you defeat a level 40 wild Pokemon using “PayDay,” you’ll earn 400 Pokecoins. While it’s useful early in the game, it becomes incredibly effective later on. Trainers use “PayDay” to make significant amounts of money in late-game locations like Dragon Spiral Tower in Unova.

Meowth also learns some useful HM moves, including Cut and Flash in the early game. Additionally, Meowth can be sold for a good profit. Players often seek Meowths with the “Pickup” ability and “PayDay” move to earn money efficiently in the late game. Meowth with desirable stats can fetch a high price in the market.

For instance, a Meowth with a single 31 in attack IV is currently valued at around 25,000 Pokecoins. If you happen to catch one with both a 31 in attack IV and an adamant nature, you’d be looking at a lucky find. Such a Meowth could be worth approximately 60,000 Pokecoins. This could be a game-changing for a new player.

That concludes my recommendations for Kanto.

Hoenn Region in PokeMMO

Now, I want to talk about two Pokemon in Hoenn. The first one is particularly intriguing because it can only be found in one wild location, which is in Hoenn’s Petalburg Woods.

Shroomish (Good Pokemon to Catch)

shroomish - Best Pokemon Beginners Should Catch in PokeMMO

Shroomish, which is also available early in the game, adds to its appeal. You can start in Petalburg City, head west, and proceed to Petalburg Woods. Alternatively, you can head south from Rustboro City. Once you’re in the woods, you’ll notice many trainers farming for Shroomish. This location is a popular choice due to its potency.

Shroomish holds significant value for a few reasons. Notably, it’s the sole Shroomish spawn in the game, making it highly sought after. Furthermore, its evolution, Breloom, is considered one of the most desired Pokemon in the entire game. This is because it excels at catching other Pokemon, possessing moves like False Swipe and Spore. Additionally, it has the ability Poison Heal when holding a Toxic Orb, providing sustainability and immunity to conditions like paralysis.

Breloom also proves its worth in PVP battles, boasting an impressive 18.8 percent usage rate and a 54 percent win rate. Moreover, like other Pokemon on this list, Shroomish can be sold for a decent profit. Male Shroomish, in particular, fetch a base price of approximately 3,000 units. This is attributed to its classification in the fairy egg group.

Understanding why male Shroomish maintain a steady value isn’t crucial, but it’s worth noting that they are essential for breeding shiny Chansey. Chansey, a female-exclusive species, necessitates male counterparts from the same egg group for efficient shiny hunting. This constant demand contributes to the stable pricing of male Shroomish.

Furthermore, there’s a market for Shroomish or Brelooms as catching Pokemon. For instance, a Shroomish with a 31 attack IV can be sold for about six to eight thousand units. While not as lucrative as Meowth, it still holds substantial value.

It’s important to note that, due to Shroomish’s grass type, you can’t utilize sleep-inducing moves like Sleep Powder or Spore for assistance in catching it. This is a vital consideration.

Moving on to the second Pokemon I’d like to discuss in Hoenn, I’d like to make a quick honorable mention.


taillow - Best Pokemon Beginners Should Catch in PokeMMO

Before delving into this Pokemon, I recommend picking up a Taillow for assistance during the Hoenn storyline. A Taillow with the Guts ability can be remarkably potent. This is a well-known fact, especially for those familiar with Pokemon Nuzlocke challenges on platforms like Pokemon YouTube.

Taillow and its evolution, Swellow, benefit greatly from the Guts ability, allowing them to ignore burn status and significantly boost their damage output, particularly when using moves like Facade. These Normal-type Pokemon, with their base stats, can deal impressive amounts of damage. Quick Attack can also be employed for priority, although, with Swellow’s high base speed of 125, it’s often unnecessary.

While I don’t have extensive personal experience with this strategy, as I don’t engage in many Nuzlockes, it’s worth mentioning. This strategy may not be as potent in regular gameplay due to the increased vulnerability stemming from their fragility. Despite this, it’s a strategy that garners much discussion.

Taillow can commonly be found on Route 104, Route 115, and Route 116 in Hoenn.

Returning to my second pick in Hoenn, I must mention that it’s a late-game catch. You won’t encounter this Pokemon as part of the storyline. Instead, it’s something you acquire in the post-game, either for completing your Pokedex or for personal use. Nevertheless, it holds immense significance and deserves a mention.

Smeargle (Great Utility Pokemon to Catch)

smeargle - Best Pokemon Beginners Should Catch in PokeMMO

I’d like to introduce you to Smeargle. First, let me guide you on how to reach Smeargle. It’s a bit of a journey from the PC, but once you arrive, you can spend some time there. We’ll be heading to Artisan Cave. To get there, begin at the Battle Frontier. Proceed southeast until you reach a point where you need to surf across.

You’ll require the HM moves Surf and Cut, and possibly Waterfall if there’s a tree blocking your way. Upon arrival, you can run down the water and head west. Follow the path, and you’ll eventually reach Artisan Cave. Once there, you have a 100 percent chance of encountering Smeargle.

Many trainers come here for a couple of reasons. Some aim to catch and farm Smeargle, while others are interested in using Smeargle for its Payday move. Smeargle is an excellent choice for Payday farming due to its low stats and defenses, making it easy to defeat level 40 Smeargles and accumulate a significant amount of PokeCoins.

Smeargle offers numerous advantages. While its stats are inferior to Breloom’s, it ranks as the second-best catching Pokemon in the game. This is due to its unparalleled ability, Sketch, which allows it to permanently learn any move. This enables Smeargle to perform actions that no other Pokemon can, such as safely shiny hunting Pokemon that possess moves like Imprisoned.

That covers everything you need to know about Hoenn pokemon.

Sinnoh Region in PokeMMO

Sinnoh boasts a diverse range of cool and unique Pokemon, and our first pick resembles the well-known Abra in terms of its usefulness.


ralts - Best Pokemon Beginners Should Catch in PokeMMO

This Pokemon is Ralts, and it shares some key characteristics with Abra, such as the ability to use teleport and synchronize. You can also achieve similar power levels early in the game, much like Abra. To evolve Ralts into Gallade at level 20, you’ll need a Dawn Stone. It’s important to note that Ralts must be male for this evolution to occur.

You can find Ralts in Hoenn as well as in Sinnoh, but we’ll focus on Sinnoh’s location. You can begin your search in Hearthome City, heading southwest, and following a specific route to Route 208. Ralts is an uncommon encounter in the grass here.

Keep in mind that Ralts will try to teleport away during battle, so it’s essential to put it to sleep or employ other strategies to catch it quickly. Ralts offers similar benefits to Abra, primarily due to its teleport ability and the potential to learn moves like Calm Mind, making it a powerful addition to your team.

Rotom (Great Pokemon to Catch)

rotom pokemmo

Moving on to another remarkable Pokemon in Sinnoh, we find Rotom, which excels not only in the storyline but also in PvP battles. Additionally, Rotom is valuable for crafting potions. However, there’s a unique catch – you can only find Rotom in the Old Chateau, but it requires the use of lures. While this may seem like a drawback, lures are essential for encountering Rotom and should become a familiar part of your gameplay.

Rotom holds substantial value due to its decent base price. You can search the Global Trade Link (GTL) for Rotom and find listings starting at a minimum of 6,000 Poke Dollars. Rotom’s popularity in the PvP scene is undeniable, with different forms like Rotom-Wash, Rotom-Heat, and Rotom-Fan excelling in various tiers.

To reach Rotom’s location, start in Eterna City, head west, and quickly make your way to the Eterna Forest. From there, navigate to the Old Chateau, where, with lures active, you have a 5% chance of encountering Rotom. If you’re interested in Rotom for the storyline, Rotom-Wash is a solid choice, boasting impressive stats.

You can check the Pokedex for Rotom’s various forms and their base stats. Keep in mind that it’s possible to change Rotom’s form, and the first change is usually free. Rotom’s early availability in the storyline can be a game-changer, with excellent base stats, including 107 base defense, 105 special attack, 107 special defense, and 86 speed. While its base HP of 50 is its weakest stat, Rotom compensates with its exceptional defenses. Electric and Water typing, coupled with the Levitate ability, leaves Rotom with just one weakness, which is Grass.

Rotom offers numerous advantages but also has some downsides, such as being challenging to catch and requiring lures. Having a Pokemon with the Soak move can be helpful, as it transforms Rotom from a Ghost type to a Water type, making it easier to weaken before capturing.

Without Soak, using Spore to induce sleep and then using your most potent Pokeball is a recommended strategy. Catching a Rotom with a desirable 31 IV in special attack can yield a significant amount of money, approximately 25,000 Poke Dollars, as of the current recording. Overall, Rotom is an invaluable addition to your Sinnoh adventure.

Unova Region – Pokemon to Catch

Scraggy and Sandile (Moxie Pokemon)

scraggy - Best Pokemon Beginners Should Catch in PokeMMO

krookodile pokemmo

In Unova, both of the region’s best Pokemon can be found in the same location. These two, Scraggy and Sandile (which eventually evolve into Scrafty and Krookodile), are, in my opinion, the most powerful choices for the storyline. To find them, simply head north of Castelia City to Route 4, specifically the dark sand area, where you’ll encounter numerous Sandile and Scraggy. There are also some Darumaka here, adding to the diversity.

What sets Sandile and Scrafty apart is their access to the Moxie ability, making them incredibly effective for navigating challenging gym leaders and Elite Four members. Krookodile boasts an impressive 117 base attack and 92 base speed, along with decent bulk. A strategic approach involving moves like Fake Out and Payday with Meowth, followed by bringing in Krookodile, allows for a powerful Moxie boost. Scrafty, on the other hand, offers a different playstyle with higher bulk and defensive capabilities, albeit at a lower speed. Equipping it with a Dragon Dance TM (worth around 20K) greatly enhances its performance, making it formidable and hard to defeat.

Krookodile’s additional ground and dark typing grants it immunity to electric and psychic attacks, making it a valuable asset against certain opponents. Both of these Pokemon, found in this location, are arguably the best choices for the storyline.

Johto Region – Best Pokemon to Catch


totodile - Best Pokemon Beginners Should Catch in PokeMMO

First and foremost, we have Totodile. Whether you choose it as your starter or decide to catch it in the wild, you can find Totodile readily available early in the game at Route 32 in Johto. Just make sure to use a lure in this area. You can obtain it either after or before earning your first gym badge.

Totodile evolves into Feraligatr, which is, by far, the best starter in the Johto region. It possesses powerful moves like STAB Waterfall and Rock Smash, making it a formidable choice for battles. It also has excellent stats, offering great coverage with moves like Dragon Dance and Swords Dance.

If you consider starting with Chikorita or Cyndaquil and then going out of your way to catch Totodile in the wild, it could be a strategic move. This is because if you start with Totodile, its individual values (IVs) will be fixed at 15, and it will have a neutral nature due to being a starter Pokémon. This can potentially weaken your Totodile. Therefore, capturing a Totodile with more favorable IVs and nature in the wild might be a worthwhile endeavor.

Mareep (Great Electric Pokemon)

mareep pokemmo

Next on the list is Mareep or any Electric-type Pokémon. Mareep is abundant in Johto, and it’s a valuable addition to your team. You can evolve it into Ampharos fairly quickly, at level 30. Keep in mind that it learns Discharge at level 40, so be on the lookout for that. You can find Mareep at the same location as Totodile, on Route 32.

This makes it convenient to capture both Pokémon together. Mareep’s significance in the Johto storyline comes from its usefulness in the Gyarados boss battle at the Lake of Rage. This battle can be challenging without an Electric-type Pokémon, so having Ampharos in your lineup can make it a much smoother experience.

Before moving on to the third recommendation, it’s crucial to note the importance of female Pokémon in the Johto storyline. This is particularly relevant due to Whitney, the Gym Leader.

All of her Pokémon have the Attract move and are typically female, including Pokémon like Miltank, which is exclusively female. Therefore, having female Pokémon on your team leading up to the battle against Whitney can provide a significant advantage, allowing you to avoid potential complications stemming from Attract and Charm.


Togepi PokeMMO

Now, let’s talk about Togepi. This Pokémon is a unique addition to your team and is obtained for free in Johto, as is the case in several other regions. You’ll receive a Togepi egg as part of the storyline, making it an unmissable opportunity. When it hatches, it will be at level five, which is relatively low.

However, with some care and attention, you can evolve it into Togetic through happiness. You can find a guide on my channel that offers tips for evolving Pokémon through happiness, and it can be done inexpensively.

Togepi’s potential is remarkable, as it can evolve into Togekiss, an exceptionally powerful Pokémon. By using berries to boost its happiness and evolving it into Togetic, you can then use a Shiny Stone to obtain a Togekiss as early as level five. This is an incredible advantage, as Togekiss is known for its strength.

It’s equipped with moves like Air Slash, which benefits from STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus), and has an impressive Special Attack stat. With the possibility of having the Serene Grace ability, Togekiss becomes an even more formidable asset. If your Togepi has the Hustle ability, it might be worth reconsidering.

Hustle can be inconsistent and may not be ideal for storyline runs. Togekiss’s movepool, which includes Roost for sustaining health, as well as Nasty Plot for boosting its already substantial Special Attack, makes it a powerhouse in both storylines and PvP battles. Its primary drawback lies in its Speed stat of 80.

However, in storyline battles, where the importance of Speed is less pronounced, this is generally sufficient. NPCs do not engage in EV training, and you have the flexibility to outlevel them slightly, reducing the concern for Choice Scarfs that is more prevalent in PvP scenarios. In summary, Togekiss is an exceptional choice for both storylines and player-versus-player battles, and it stands out as a versatile and powerful Pokémon.

You can catch Abra and Oddish in Johto as well, which is also recommended if you started on this region rather than Kanto.

That concludes the Pokemon in Johto and what kind of pokemon you should be looking to catch in each region. Have fun in PokeMMO!

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