Here is a Bleach Brave Souls general guide to help you progress in the game a lot quicker while avoiding the common pitfalls of the common gacha traps. There are tips that you will need for the game!

Always Do Your Dailies

Daily orders are self-explanatory; they are a great source of orbs, tickets, and other extremely valuable items such as hogyoku wills (obtained by completing 30 daily orders in a week).

Challenge orders will provide you with some nice rewards that will really help your team’s progress. Make sure not to ignore this!

Max One Character At a Time

If you’ve got more than one character you want to level up to the max, it’s a good idea to focus on them one by one. Why? Well, getting all the materials to max out a character’s soul tree takes a lot of grinding. If you try to max out multiple characters at once, it’s gonna slow down the whole upgrading process for your team.

Here’s the deal: When you awaken a fully maxed 5-star character to a super powerful 6-star, they start back at level 1. Yeah, they become weaker than any maxed out 5-star you have. So, if you awaken multiple characters from your current team, your team will suddenly become useless for a while. Bummer, right?

To avoid that mess, focus on maxing out one character first. Take them all the way to level 150 or even 200 if possible. Once they’re super strong, use that character as your front runner. They can handle most materials and carry the other two characters while they gain experience. Make sure the other two have coin or crystal links so they can take care of themselves and keep growing.

Only Pull on Banners of Characters You Want

Let’s talk about the tempting world of character summons in the game. Game developers, like KLab, know how to make us spend our precious resources (orbs and real money) on characters. It’s a lot like gambling—you tend to spend more when you don’t get the character you were hoping for.

So, here are a couple of tips to navigate this:

Follow community pages, like Reddit, for updates on upcoming gacha events. This way, you’ll know what’s coming and can plan accordingly.

Target the right events: Some events offer special bonuses like “double chance to get a 5-star” or “5% chance to get 5-star” characters. Keep an eye out for these events and focus your efforts on them. Slowly building your team with characters from these targeted events will increase your chances of getting good characters.

Save your resources: Until the targeted events come around, save your orbs and resist the temptation of other gachas. Trust me, you’ll need a ton of orbs to try your luck and have a shot at getting a decent 5-star character. It’s a bit of a gamble, so just pray to RNGesus (the god of random number generation) and hope for the best!

Remember, it’s all about making smart choices and managing your resources wisely in this character summoning game. Good luck with the RNG gods!

Also, here is how the banner system works.

Banner Schedule: It’s crucial to learn the schedule for Gacha banners in Bleach Brave Souls. These banners offer different characters and are available for about a week, sometimes longer. Stay updated on the current banners and their duration.

Normal and Special Banners: Normal banners have a 3% chance rate for pulling 5-star characters. However, there are special cases where banners offer a double chance or a higher rate (4%-5%) for 5-star characters. Keep an eye out for these special banners.

Step-Up Summons: Step-up summons are different from regular banners. They start with a discounted orb cost for multi-pulls (normally 250 orbs). The first step in the step-up is usually 50-100 orbs. Each subsequent step increases the rate for 5-star characters, starting from 3% and reaching as high as 6% or 8%.

Singles vs. Multis: When it comes to pulling characters, you have the option of doing single summons or multi-pulls. In terms of 5-star rates, both methods have the same chance of pulling a 5-star. Singles cost 25 orbs per pull, while multis cost 250 orbs for 10 characters.

Singles Pulls: Single summons give you a chance at a 5-star character with every pull. However, you can also get 3-star and 4-star characters. Keep in mind that the rates for 5-star characters remain the same regardless of the pull type.

Multi-Pulls: With multi-pulls, the chance of getting a 5-star is the same, but you’re spending 250 orbs for 10 characters. The downside is that if the first character in the multi-pull is a 4-star, the remaining 9 characters will be 3-stars or 4-stars. You cannot get a 5-star in a multi-pull if the first character is a 4-star. However, if the first character is a 5-star, the next 9 characters have the same chance to be another 5-star. So, there’s a chance to pull multiple 5-stars in one multi-pull.

Team Building Strategy

When you’re putting together your team, it’s important to consider the attribute weaknesses and balance out each other’s low stats. Building a strong and well-rounded team takes some thought. We all know that maxing out a character is no easy task. It requires a lot of grinding and farming. So, don’t just blindly throw together a team based on random 5-star characters you get from tickets or banners.

If you’re focusing on PvP battles, it’s a good idea to diversify your strengths so that your team has an advantage no matter what characters the opponent uses. Additionally, having characters with advantageous attribute matchups makes it easier to farm materials for them.

Let me break down a bit about each stat for you:

– STA: It represents your character’s hit points or health.
– ATK: This stat affects the damage dealt by normal attacks (big blue button). It also has a smaller impact on strong attacks (the smaller blue or red buttons around the big one) and a very small effect on special move damage (the purple button).
– DEF: This stat determines how much damage your character receives from attacks.
– FCS: It stands for critical hit chance, which increases the likelihood of landing powerful critical hits.
– SP: This stat affects the damage dealt by strong attacks and special moves.

Remember, balancing these stats and considering attribute weaknesses will help you build a formidable team.

Character Building

Now, let’s dive into character builds in Bleach Brave Souls. Character builds are crucial because each character has a unique base stat layout that determines their strengths and weaknesses. Here’s what you need to know:

Base Stats and Soul Links: Characters have different base stats, with some having high base attack rates. If a character has a high base attack, you’ll want to focus on builds that further enhance their attack power. Each character has a soul link that provides a special ability when linked to another character. These soul links also benefit the character itself. For example, if a character has a soul link of Normal Attack Damage +20%, their attack damage will increase by 20%.

Soul Traits and Leveling: As you level up characters in their soul tree and max out their soul tree with crystals/jewels, you can unlock soul traits. For attack-based characters, the Flurry soul trait is significant. Flurry means that their normal attacks hit twice on every hit, effectively doubling the damage output. So, if a character’s base attack does 2000 damage, it will deal 4000 damage per hit with Flurry.

Attack Builds (NAD Builds): Attack builds, commonly known as NAD (Normal Attack Damage) builds, are focused on enhancing normal attack damage. Here are some accessories suitable for NAD builds, and remember, matching attributes between accessories and characters grants bonus stats:

Golden Chappie Dispensers: Reduces SP to 0% and boosts all other stats by 18%/36% (bonus attribute)
Chappy Dispensers: Reduces SP to % and boosts all other stats by 15%/30% (bonus attribute)
Golden Pupples Dispenser: Reduces FCS to 0, boosts ATK and STA by 15%/30% (bonus attribute)
Hollow Bait: Reduces STA by 15%, boosts ATK and FCS by 15%
Wooden Sword (and other affiliation-specific accessories): Soul Reapers and Captains gain 10% normal attack damage/20% (bonus attribute)

These accessories work well for NAD-based characters and provide significant benefits to their overall performance.

SP Builds (SAD Builds): SP builds focus on enhancing strong attack damage. Here are some accessories suitable for SP builds:

Golden Yuki: Reduces FCS to 0, boosts SP and STA by 15%/30% (bonus attribute)
Yuki Dispenser: Reduces FCS to 0, boosts SP and STA by 10%/20% (bonus attribute)
Hunting Cap: Boosts Attack by 7.50% and Spiritual Pressure by 7.50%/15% (bonus attribute)
Fortification Pill: Reduces STA by 15%, boosts SP and FCS by 15%/30% (bonus attribute)
Lieutenants Badge (and other affiliation-specific accessories): Soul Reapers and Captains gain 10% strong attack damage/20% (bonus attribute)

These accessories are ideal for maximizing the strong attack damage of SP-based characters. Remember to match attribute-specific accessories to characters of the same attribute for bonus stats.

Co-op Battles

These are some things I learned while playing this mode:

Skip character special animations: In coop raids, everyone wants to finish quickly and move on. So, please skip your character’s special animation. Trust me, your teammates will thank you for it. If you really want to enjoy the full animation, save it for single player quests.

Know your team’s capabilities: Understand when your team can handle a quest and when it might struggle. For example, for level 140+ raids (which are tough even for fully maxed characters), make sure you have either two or more attribute advantages, or all your characters are maxed out, and/or you’re not on auto-play mode. By assessing your team’s readiness before the quest starts, you can judge if you have a good chance of success.

Beginners, be cautious: As a beginner, it’s best not to take on higher level raids. You may end up dying too quickly and wasting everyone’s time. It’s important to gain experience and improve your characters before attempting tougher challenges.

Switch characters wisely: Before beginning the quest, switch to a character who has an attribute advantage. This will make completing the quest easier and faster.

Don’t quit if you die: If you die during a coop quest, don’t quit right away! You can still help by staying until the end. You will receive all of the materials and raid points that your team accumulates.

Play as a team: Play as a team and let those who require healing or the soul bomb take them. When you have nearly full health, avoid grabbing a heal. Another player with low health might desperately need it, and it could mean the difference between winning and losing the game. The same is true for characters who have powerful special moves.

Orb Farming

Like all gacha games, they are generous in giving you orbs early on. Here is what you need to know:

Farm orbs from story quests: In the beginning, farming orbs is a piece of cake. Complete all the story quests on different difficulties to earn yourself some orbs. You can easily farm around 300+ orbs per day just from story quests alone. So don’t miss out on this opportunity!

Don’t miss in-game events: Developers frequently launch new events in the game. These events are fantastic for earning orbs, along with valuable resources and characters. Make sure to complete these events before they expire to reap the rewards.

Co-op quests yield orbs: Co-op mode can be a major orb generator. You get 3 orbs for each new player you match up with during a co-op quest. As a beginner, you can earn a solid 9 orbs per match! That adds up quickly. Plus, the co-op orb yield resets at the start of every year, giving you another chance to score orbs.

Maxing characters grants orbs: When you max out a character for the first time, you receive a decent amount of orbs as a reward. The number of orbs varies depending on the character’s rarity and maximum level. For example, maxing out a level 150 6-star character gives you 75 Spirit Orbs. So, keep a copy of each card and aim to max them out when you get the chance. It’s worth it!

To level up your characters faster, take advantage of events like “Kon’s Bonanza.” These events provide a good amount of experience and drop 4-star characters in every quest, which can be used as fodder for leveling up your main characters.

There you have it. Hope this Bleach Brave Souls guide will propel you to a smooth start in the game!

By kenny