Brown Dust 2 Progression Guide

Welcome to the progression guide for Brown Dust 2. Here are some key things you want to know in order to progress in the early game.

Characters to Focus on Early Game

When it comes to getting through the story early game, you want to focus on the free units given and here are 2 healers that you want to pay attention to.


As a 3 star character, she shows up at the pub a lot, hence getting her costume to max is very easy. And her skill buffs the entire team with attack and crit rate, allowing your DPS units to go ham. Higher levels reduces her SP cost, which is super good for conserving SP over time. She is best when she supports teammates that have AoE attacks. It helps clear content a lot faster.


Samay is one of the best healers available and you can build her since she can buff your team. Once you get her costume, you can spam her heal very often. She can also revive as well.


Kry’s main skill can defense break the enemy. This is great against bosses or anyone that you want deleted. Pair him with Arines and your DPS will decimate most enemies. As 4 star, his costume is easier to get.

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Getting Gear in Brown Dust 2

When it comes to gear, you want to use units that can craft gear. For example, Layla (4 star) and Fred (3 star) can craft basic gear.

You will also need to get resources for that specific item to craft them. If you click on the individual item, it will tell you where to get them. Plain leather (available in hunting ground) seems to be harder to get, so you want to pay attention to it. Lugo Village has the first hunting ground and you can try to get it there on auto.

You can also try running around town to pick up loot (refreshes automatically) and try to find resources as well.

The other option is also going to a general store in town to buy items you need to craft gear.

When it comes to upgrading green gear, it is relatively cheap and it is worth doing so early game for progression.

The option stats that come out of the gear crafting is random and some stats will not benefit that character, depending on their attack type. Physical damage stats will not help magical attackers and vice versa. The game doesn’t warn you about useless stats for that character, so you will have to pay attention to this.

For example, the magic attack stat on this gear doesn’t work on Justia because she does physical damage.

Keep in mind when it comes to UR items, they are expensive to upgrade. Since the game is stingy with limit breaks. You can end up broke trying to limit break a gear. So it is much better to just get the weapon to 6 or 7 and then focus on other unit’s gear instead. You then want to only come back to limit break the UR item until the rest of your team has blue gear +9.


Leveling is a bit awkward in this game despite it being free. You can fight any monsters that they patrol in. They get experience that way. In the map, there is places to get food for your team if you manually get them. You can also get useful resources such as crafting materials when fighting enemies.

It is very much similar to the classic RPG like Final Fantasy where you just engage the enemy and you go into battle.

You can also use exp slimes for leveling but it is not necessary, but it makes it faster and less tedious. You will need to go to the training grounds for a chance to get these exp slimes.

Pack Collection

The game has the cartridge system where you get to see what missions you want to do. Quite cool if you were to ask me.

PvP (Mirror Wars)

You want to setup your defense and offense teams here once you unlock it. The battles are always easy in the beginning until you meet serious players later.

The main goal of doing PvP is to buy all the goodies in the store. You can pick up yellow or blue slimes for more exp, 3 star contracts, 3 star rank ups or 4 star rank ups.

Path of Adventure

This is where you get to either farm gold or exp. Friday, Saturday and Sunday are the days where you get bonus for both goblin ruins (gold) and slime empire (exp).

In this the slime empire mode, you don’t get actual battle experience, but just slime for exp. You will be using this as the main way to level up your characters without using manual exploration battle.

As you get more resources, you can also upgrade your character skills to make/craft better items. Try to level up your characters evenly so the overall team is more balanced.

Lastly, you also want to summon so you can get dupes to reduce the skill cooldown of your characters.

Reference Video from ScionStorm

By kenny