So this is the first report of the 0-10k visitors challenge. It has been a pretty crazy month for me in terms of my business and also my journey in the crypto world.

Goals Accomplished

  • Added 3 Trading Articles
  • Added 5 Gaming Articles
  • Started 5 Guest Post Outreach
  • Completed 1 Guest Post (Pending Approval)
  • 2 Completed articles on Hubpages for do follow links

So I have decided to split the traffic between 2 blogs. The reason is that I have already built another site ( with all the basics. So the challenge will combine both site’s traffic by the end of the year.

In April 2022, I will be focusing on putting out at least 4 premium articles a month and continue to guest post and get as much links as possible.

Traffic Stats for AmAbroad

There is nothing to write home about yet. The site has 0 authority and barely any guest post done. I don’t expect growth in traffic until I write more and continue to build.

Traffic Stats for Nftgamerx

This site just started in January. A majority of the traffic is coming from ourselves, so I would not see this as an increase. I have high hopes in this blog because my business partner and I put a lot of effort into this.

He is running the coding side, while I handle the traffic and marketing side. I will be putting more effort into this site than amabroad for the time being due to the nature of cryptocurrency market conditions.

Twitter, Hubpages and Medium

I have setup my social footprint in these 3. I think Hubpages is a great place to build your very first do follow links. I am lucky to have written on that platform 13 years ago and have built a nice author power there. As long as your author score is above 80, links are do-follow. That is a free domain authority 90+ link. It does require you to invest your time and effort to get that score up though.

As for Medium, the links are no-follow, but I will still use it as it still contains value and potential traffic to my sites.

That is it for the update now, I will be getting back to work on these projects. Till the end next month!

By kenny