Hi folks, I decided to revive my challenge here on this blog and go for the 0-10,000 visitors per day challenge. Many years ago, I was able to grow one of my sites (onlinefanatic.com) from 0-35,000 visitors per day at the peak, but it has fallen from grace after I shifted my focus onto my other sites. Here is an image of what it looked like back then:

While the traffic was great back then, I did put in a lot of work. The troublesome part was that my blog is hard to scale as the traffic was video gaming related and isn’t evergreen content. Scaling required hiring many writers and keeping up with the specific games I was writing about. Finding a replacement for myself was not easy, as it required the writer to not only have knowledge of a specific game, but also digital marketing skills.

At the end, I decided to make a new niche site that focused on a mobile game and neglected it. The site lost traffic and eventually I sold it to another digital marketer who wanted the domain authority of the site.

Goals and Strategy For The Blog

For this blog, I will focus on getting 10,000 visitors per day by end of year 2022. It will be an uphill task, but I am up for the challenge. The content of focus will be a mix of evergreen content and news related content.

The topics that will be covered initially are:

  • Investing and Trading
  • Budgeting and Finance
  • Video Games
  • Self Development
  • Traveling as a Digital Nomad

Video games has always been a good place to get a good amount of traffic and I have good success on my other sites. However, most of the games are not evergreen and the traffic falls off if the game fails. But to hit my 10,000 visitors per day goal, this topic will be required. The other topics are unlikely to garner a lot of visitors, at least for the first 6 months. They are more saturated and competition is high.

Investing and trading is where my interest has always been. This is the hardest niche to tackle as it is already very saturated with high competition. The only angle that I have an edge on is to focus on one small specific niche in this space, which is options trading (selling premiums and spreads) on Robinhood.

As for budgeting and finance, I can only provide what I have learned over the years working as a digital nomad and currently stationed in Poland for 3 years and counting. More topics in this section will be navigating around monthly expenses, saving tips while maintaining the same quality of life at 1/4 cost of living in California/New York.

Self-development is also an area which I think is a key area where I share what worked for me as an introvert and what didn’t work. There are so many generic advice in this area, however, it does not always apply to all individuals since we are all different and require different workarounds based on our personality and way of thinking.

And finally traveling as a digital nomad is something I can provide value to anyone that would like to live abroad and feel that they are more well suited to live outside of America for a better life. Having lived in Germany, Poland, Singapore, Malaysia, USA and Canada, I have developed a simple system for myself to thrive in despite doubt and uncertainty from time to time.

Publishing Schedule

I will have to be consistent when it comes to publishing the content. Aside from Google prioritizing links, they value good quality content the most. Here is a brief schedule that I will be following:

  • 3 Weekly Articles (2 normal, 1 long form)
  • Trading/Investing and video games will be weekly publishes
  • The other 3 topics will be filling in the rest

As for marketing, I will be using the following:

  • Guest posting (Starting month 3)
  • Utilizing Medium and other similar sites to improve domain authority over time (Month 2)
  • Relevant sub-reddits
  • Outreach link building

Training and Learning

As I have only focused on content, I rarely kept up with the latest SEO news. My biggest sites were built purely off good content. Link building was never the focus since the content attracted organic links.

However, I would still brush up on the newest SEO news and strategy for 2022 and beyond. I will be reading Brian Dean’s backlinko guides to keep myself up to date.

Each month, I will publish the progress to keep myself accountable and see where I will end up by the end of the yer. This will conclude the case study.

By kenny