catching alpha pokemon in pokemmo guide

Welcome to the beginners guide on how to catch Alpha pokemon in PokeMMO! They are rare pokemon that can be found daily at specific time intervals in random locations in a random region.

What is Alpha Pokemon in PokeMMO?

Alphas are pokemons that contain a slightly higher IVs, a special hidden ability (with a diamond icon when looking at the pokemon summary) that overrides the regular one. Their sprites are also bigger with a red Aura.

  • They have higher stats with a consistent increase of +15+ across all attributes.
  • Alpha Pokemon always possess their hidden ability by default.
  • They can be identified by a red outline around them in battles and when in the party or PC.
  • Alpha Pokemon have larger follower sprites, making them visually distinct from non-alpha Pokemon.
  • To maintain an Alpha Pokemon, it must be bred with another Alpha Pokemon.
  • Breeding an Alpha with a non-Alpha can retain the hidden ability but won’t preserve the Alpha status.
  • There were seven Alpha Pokemon available during a previous event: Eevee, Meowth, Pikachu, Clefairy, Charmander, Bulbasaur, and Squirtle.
  • This is a permanent feature in PokeMMO.

How to Catch Alpha Pokemon? (Alpha Swarm Hunting)

Alpha swarms in the game happen once a day, but they don’t have a specific set time. It’s very likely that the swarms occur between 00:00 and 18:59 in the game time. The swarms need to finish before the new day starts in PokeMMO.

Where to locate Alpha Swarms


They will show up on your Town Map if you are in the right region and you need to get to the region and find them in a specific location. You will want to follow the crowd of players who want to catch it like you and you can find it easily.

Battling Alpha Pokemon

Here are some tips when it comes to dealing with Alpha pokemon:

Bring high accuracy status effect moves such as:

  • Stun Spore (Paralysis)
  • Thunder Wave (Paralysis)
  • Grass Whistle (Sleep)
  • Hypnosis (Sleep)
  • Yawn (2nd Turn Sleep)

Damage over time status effects (burn, poison, confusion etc.) can also work, but can potentially kill them, which ruins your run.

You can also use the item Focus Sash (prevents 1 hit KO) on your pokemon, which allows them to survive 1 turn, which you can use an extra poke ball to catch or revive/heal your pokemon.

Quick Claw item will allow your slower pokemon to go first, which is a huge advantage.

Here is a list of fast pokemon (approximate speed) to use for catching Alpha pokemon:

  • Crobat (poison/flying) – 130 (Fast pokemon, can learn supersonic)
  • Jolteon (thunder) -130 (can learn thunder wave)
  • Dugtrio (ground) – 120
  • Weavile (dark/ice) – 120
  • Alakazam (psychic) – 120
  • Electrode (thunder) – 150 (can also learn thunder wave)
  • Accelgor (bug) – 150
  • Aerodactyl (rock/flying) – 130
  • Swellow (normal/flying) – 120
  • Sceptile (grass) – 120

Keep in mind that once you throw your very first pokeball to catch the Alpha pokemon and it fails, their stats will greatly increase and will most likely 1 shot any of your pokemon unless it has type advantage. It will also go first after that.

catching alpha pokemon in pokemmo tips

Good moves to use are:

  • False Swipe – keeps the pokemon HP at 1 if it KO’s them
  • Super Fang – cuts enemy HP by 50%
  • Any healing move – allows you to stall a few turns.
  • Flash or Double Team – lower enemy accuracy for more stalling
  • Trick – allows you to switch items with the pokemon, such as using One Lagging Tail (always make the pokemon move last, similar to Quick Claw.
  • Skill Swap – Switch skills with the pokemon. Can prevent annoying moves like rest.

Breeding Alpha Pokemon

Alpha breeding works in a specific way in PokeMMO. To maintain the Alpha sprites and aura, similar to breeding for shiny Pokemon, you need to breed two Alpha Pokemon together (Alpha + Alpha).

If you want to ensure that the offspring inherits the Hidden Ability in an Alpha breed, at least one of the parent Pokemon must already have the Hidden Ability. However, if both parents do not have the Hidden Ability, the resulting Alpha Pokemon will still have the Alpha sprite and particle effect but will not possess the Hidden Ability.

  1. If the Female Pokemon doesn’t have the Hidden Ability (HA), then the Male Pokemon must have the HA and be from the same Evolution Line as the Female to pass down the HA to the offspring.
  2. If the Male Pokemon doesn’t have the Hidden Ability (HA), then the breed will have the HA only if the Female has the HA. In this case, the Male’s lack of HA won’t affect passing it down to the offspring, as long as the Female has it.

In both scenarios, the goal is to have at least one parent with the Hidden Ability to maintain it in the Alpha breed.

Additional Info

Here are some known details about Alpha Pokemon in PokeMMO, specifically comparing Part 2 and Part 3 Alphas:

1. Kanto Starters are limited and are no longer obtainable as Alphas.

2. Part 2 Alphas guaranteed 15+ IVs for each stat, while Part 3 Alphas (the permanent ones) have at least 2×31 IVs, and the rest are 2×15+ and 2×0+. This means that two of the remaining IVs will be 15+ and the other two will be 0+ (Note: The first two swarms, Crobat and Patrat, had guaranteed 31 IVs).

3. Unlike Part 2 Alphas, in Part 3, the surrounding Pokemon during an Alpha encounter have a small chance of possessing the Hidden Ability of the Alpha Pokemon.

4. Part 3 Alphas are not shiny locked, meaning they can be encountered as shiny. However, you cannot reset an encounter to find a shiny Alpha. If your first encounter with an Alpha isn’t shiny and you faint or run away from it, you won’t be able to encounter its shiny version in subsequent attempts.

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