how to change regions in PokeMMO - Kanto Unova Sinnoh Hoenn Johto

In this simple tutorial, we will go over how you can switch regions in PokeMMO if you go to another region accidentally or because you want to. There are some extra details you need to know once you go to a new region, be it Unova, Kanto, Sinnoh or Hoenn.

When you go to a new region for the first time, your Pokemon/Items/Hidden Machines from the previous region will go into the storage PC. Keep in mind that there is a level cap based on the number of badges you have in each region.

For example, if you defeated the elite 4 in Unova, your level cap becomes 100. However, if you go to a new region (say Kanto) with no badges, your level cap drops to 20. So any pokemon past that level will disobey you and automatically die in battle. You can check your max obedience level by clicking on the trainer tab.

In each region, there is a dock you can go to to travel to other regions, but usually it will require you to get 4 badges to do so. However, prior to that, you can go back to your house in your starting town’s region to travel back to the previous region you were in.


vermillion city harbour - change region in PokeMMO Kanto

For Kanto, you want to head to Vermillion City where you fight Misty. From the Pokemon Center, head southeast to the pier and find the black hat NPC. The pier is on the right side of the screen. The left side is the S.S. Anne port.


pastoria city harbour - change region in PokeMMO

You want to go to Pastoria City. From the Pokemon Center, head south and then east until you see the pirate hat NPC.


castelia city harbour - change region in PokeMMO

In Unova, you need to go to Castelia City. From the Pokemon Center, head west and go south after the first intersection. Look for the pirate hat NPC and she can take you to other regions.


slateport city harbour - changing regions in PokeMMO

In Hoenn, you want to go to Slateport City. The harbour is just northeast of the Pokemon Center. Enter the red Slateport Harbor and look for the pirate hat NPC. She is on the right side of the map.


johto region change - pokemmo

You will want to be in Olivine City and find the pirate hat NPC by going to the harbor in the south side.

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