In Dragon City, combat is one of the few ways to gain gems without having to pay real money. There are primarily 2 ways you can fight in Dragon City.

1. Battle in the Dragon Stadium

Build a Dragon Stadium(Requires 3 friends to open) and use your dragons to fight in there. Each tournament you win nets you 2 gems and some gold. You can choose any 3 of your dragons(minimum level 4) to fight every 12 hours. Every time you win a battle, the difficulty increases.

2. Battle in the Dragon League Tourney(PvP)

dragon city battle

Every 6 hours, you can participate in your PvP tourney in the global world. You get to fight in your player league. There are 7 other players that you will have to win to get to the next level. You can only fight 3 times every 6 hours, When you defeat every player in your league, you get promoted to a higher league and you win 2 gems and some experience.

Dragon Weakness

Each dragon has it’s on weaknesses and strengths. For a complete guide on it, click here. Otherwise, here is a chart to help you when you fight different types of dragons.

dragon city weakness chart

Best Dragons to use in Combat

Depending on your level, here are the dragons that you should use if you have it.

For newer players, just choose a mix of hybrid dragons such as Spicy, Fluorescent, Tropical, Alpine, Coral, Venom etc.

However, once you get any of the rare hybrids, use them! In case you didn’t know who they are, here you go:

dragon city best combat dragons

When you get to level 38+ and you are able to obtain a Legendary Habitat, this is the BEST DRAGON to use for combat:

Legendary Dragon

He is the best because he is only weak against other legendary dragons and he has the most amount of health out of all the generation 5 dragons. Droconos and Nirobi are also good but they are harder to obtain. Make sure you put him in the training center and learn “Legend Spell” for some extra attack power!

Hope this guide helps!

By kenny