Welcome to the basic beginners guide for Epic 7 in 2022. The game has been out for 3 years and it has changed a lot over the years. What I experienced playing when the game just released is vastly different. New players that are joining now have way more equipment and resources to get the game going smoothly. Here is the old re-roll guide from 2019.


As you progress in the game now, you will be given:

  • Level 55 Destruction Set + Crit Rate Set
  • Level 70 Attack Set + Crit Rate Set
  • Free Spirit Tiera
  • Selective ML Summon (Top picks are Arbiter Vildred and Ruele of Light)

For the free selective summon at the start of the game, you are no longer required to pull Angelica as a requirement for Wyvern as she is part of the tavern where you can recruit her later in the game. As for who to select at the start, it is not necessary to only pick farmers anymore. There are 3 star units like Lena that can be your farmer until you either choose Arbiter Vildred as your primary farmer later on.

Otherwise, I would recommend the following:

Vildred (Farmer, Banshee Hunt, PvP Cleaver, Speed Imprint)

Vildred after 3 years is still a good pick. He can be your primary farmer right at the start with the free Attack/Crit set. Later on, he is still relevant in the PvP arena and Guild Wars as he can cleave + maybe give a free speed imprint to your team if you have spare copies of him. In Banshee, he can help AoE cleave the boss minions easily.

Sigret (Wyvern Hunt, PvP)

Sigret is a really Wyvern member since her skills have a lot of debuffs and will be good for Wyvern 13. Her skill 3 ignores at least 30% defense and can go to 100% if you stack 7 or more debuffs. In PvP, you can also use her as an anti-reviver with her skill 3 as well.

Destina (Healer, Reviver, Utility Support)

She used to be mediocre, but the recent buffs to her now gives her the revive all on her skill 3. This is extremely helpful, especially for content like Abyss or Labyrinth, where the monsters get harder and your team might die. With her as the tanky frontline with high effect resistance, she can help you with a lot of PvE content.

Iseria (PvE + PvP)

She was my first pick when I started the game. After 3 years, she is still relevant in the game alongside Tamarinne, Watcher Schuri and Dark Corvus. Her skill 2 allows you to reset any skill, giving the unit another chance to use that skill. She has dispel and defense break on her skill 3, being able to deal with units with a lot of buffs. Her skill 1 also has defense break. Overall, she is a solid pick if you want a good utility attacker.

Chloe (Wyvern Hunt, Banshee Hunt, PvE)

She is a strong single target attacker. She specializes in primarily PvM content. With her passive skill 2, she applies magic nail (deals damage over time too) and ignores effect resistance, allowing your entire team to do more damage. Since she is often used in Wyvern and Banshee (primarily for one shot teams). If you didn’t pick Sigret, Chloe is a viable replacement. She can also get defense break from her exclusive equipment for extra debuffs.

Setting Up Your Wyvern 11-13 Team

The most important part of the early-mid game is to gradually build your Wyvern team. The speed and crit rate set is the most common set to use since more speed always gives you an advantage in both PvE and PvP. If you picked either Sigret or Chloe, then you just need to find 2 more ice units with defense break and extra debuffs if possible. We will be exploring some options below to get your team going.

F2P Units

Taranor Guard – Easy to get, gives 1 turn defense break at 75% chance maxed mola.

Alexa – She is a good single target attacker. While she does have poison debuff on her S2, she does more damage if the enemy is debuffed on her S3. Some people do like to use her with her skills off though, since her S1 has 50% chance to attack again.

Muwi – S1 bleeds, S2 has attack down debuff and S3 has defense break. A strong budget unit alongside Taranor Guard.

Angelic Montmorancy – Once she is specialty changed and max rune skill, she becomes a good tank and healer. If you don’t want to use Angelica, she is a viable option. I included her in the specialty change section for more info.

Karin – She is a strong single target attacker. She can be your primary damage dealer. She does get defense break on her S2, but it is only 1 turn.

Clarissa – 1 bleed stack on S1 and 2 bleed stacks on S3 with 2 turn defense break. Her S2 passive gives her a free AoE attack + rage buff if she kills an enemy. Very good in Wyvern 13 if you need a strong debuffer.

Furious – He lowers your damage dealer’s gear as he gives +50% crit rate buff. His S3 can defense break and his S1 can burn.

Angelica – Your primary tank. You will get her eventually through the tavern. You just need to progress through the story campaign. She will be your frontline tank and heal.

Crozet – You can use him as the tank up front, but you need a healer, which leaves you having only 2 attackers.

Artifacts to use for Wyvern 11-13 is going to be Daydream Joker for the offensive units and Proof of Valor for your tank up front.

I have gathered some F2P team videos from various YouTubers to give you an idea the team you might be building.

W13 – Taranor Guard, Angelic Montmorancy, Mistychain

Muwi replaces Mistychain on W13

If you have any 4 stars, you can also upgrade them as you go. It is not necessary to follow exactly how it is in the videos, but it is a good guideline.

You just need 1 DPS, 2 debuffers (with 65% effectiveness) and 1 tank. Also keep in mind in Wyvern 13, you need at least 2 debuffs on the Wyvern to ensure he only attacks your frontline. All the other levels below will always target the frontline unless he/she is dead.

Specialty Change (SC) Units

In the beginning year, the only SC units were Lorina, Kluri and Church of Ilyros Axe. Over the 3 years, new ones were added. I will list the ones that are still good to use for PvE.

Carrot -> Researcher Carrot

Carrot’s specialty change allows her to start detonating burns on her S1 and her S3 dispel 1 buff and applies 2 burns. Since her S2 also applies one burn stack on the enemy that attacks her, she can indirectly do damage without having to do anything. It also gives her a barrier when attacked, which is good for her survivability. Overall, she is a very good pick if you need an attacker that doesn’t rely on critical hit attacks.

Montmorancy -> Angelic Montmorancy 

After specialty change, Angelic Montmorancy becomes really good. Used in Wyvern and all types of PvM content. She turns from being a pure cleanser to a healer with cleanse. Her S3 has debuff immunity. When soul burned, she can give the entire team debuff immunity. She is basically a budget Angelica. Ever since the addition of Angelica into the tavern, she has seen less usage due to easier access to her direct upgrade. However, when it comes to cleansing, A. Momo is still the best.

Lorina – Commander Lorina

When we didn’t have the OP Hwayoung or strong single target attackers like Luna, Commander Lorina was a really good pick for PvE content. She was easy to build and has no elemental disadvantage. That makes her a good pick for all PvM content. Her S3 damage scales off her opponents HP. The less HP it has, the more damage it does. This is great against bosses. She will not be necessary if you have at least 2-3 single target attackers in your roster.

Doris – Magical Scholar Doris

After her runes are fully upgraded, she becomes a really good light tank that can heal and give defense buff. Her S3 is a full heal for most units + a combat readiness push. Her S2 is a team defense buff + regen. S1 applies glancing hit debuff. She also does a team heal when attacked by dark units, which is super useful against the likes of Remnant Violet, Apocalypse Ravi and ML Ken. Overall, I would recommend getting her if you want to participate in Arena or Guild Wars often.

Pyllis – Shadow Pyllis

For a long time, it was hard to get a dark tank that was decent. The specialty change now gives you a very solid dark tank that can deal with light units such as ML Celine, ML Lilias and Angel of Light Angelica. Since she is tanky already without her specialty change, she performs way better. She already gains more defense from her passive when she gets hit. Her upgraded S3 (with high hit chance) now provokes and cleanses 1 debuff + barrier of her allies, which is huge in Guild Wars. She isn’t that great in PvM content, but a solid dark tank if you participate in Arena and Guild Wars often.

Kluri – Falconer Kluri

She was good back then due to her being able to perma CC units with high speed and turn cycling. She got nerfed and now she is a bit on the back burner. She is still good at PvM content, such as provoking and applying defense break on the enemy. Her self regen is always a good thing to have, especially for PvM. I would recommend upgrading her if you still need a defense break tank for PvM. Otherwise, she isn’t used often in PvP at all.

Gear and Equipment For Your Units

When it comes to gearing your characters, it can get complicated as a new player. However, I will break it down to the simplest form and you can just use that as a guideline until you get a good grasp of the game. At that point, you can gear them as you see fit.

For tanks and healers, they are geared like this early on:

  • Speed/HP (Speed, HP, HP)
  • HP/HP/HP (Speed, HP, HP)

For DPS units:

  • Attack/Crit (Atk%, Atk%, Crit Dmg%)
  • Speed/Crit (Atk%, Atk%, Crit Dmg%)

You can replace the boots with speed once you are able to get your DPS stats to with 5 gear pieces:

  • 3k+ Attack
  • 90%+ Crit Rate
  • 250%+ Crit Dmg

For utility units that need to debuff, you will want to get effectiveness stat.

  • 55% effectiveness for Hunt 11
  • 65% effectiveness for Hunt 13

As your gear starts to improve as you farm more and more gear, you can start to min-max your gear and give your top units the best gear you can craft.

Hunt Progression

Most people will start off with Wyvern as their first hunt to focus on and I also highly recommend that still. Golem hunt is okay if you want to gear up your DPS units. However, speed and crit set from Wyvern is just better overall.

  • Wyvern Team -> Banshee or Azimanak -> Caides

This is the natural progression and not focusing on Golem would be fine since the other hunts such as Banshee, Azimanak and Caides are all PvP oriented.

So when do you transition and focus on the other hunts? I personally suggest that once you can complete Wyvern 13 with a 80%+ chance success and have geared 10 or more characters on your team that can help you complete up to chapter 2 story, you can start looking to focus on either Banshee or Azimanak.

Banshee provides resist, lifesteal, counter (good for PvP on certain characters) and destruction sets. Azimanak gives unity, immunity and rage sets. Both are good to farm if you want to start climbing in the PvP arena to challenger rank. Immunity, destruction and counter sets are the most sought out.

Caides is for super end game. Injury and penetration set are popular sets people like to farm. This is when you can gear your characters to very high stats without compromising too much on damage or defence loss.

Story Progression and Your Selective Moonlight Hero

As you start getting stronger, you want to finish up Chapter 1 10-10 scenario. This will unlock the selective moonlight summon. Your choices are:

  • Arbiter Vildred
  • Specter Tenebria
  • Ruele of Light
  • Dark Corvus
  • Judge Kise

This will depend on whether or not you were able to get a dedicated farmer that you like and how much PvP you want to do.

Arbiter Vildred(Top Choice) does well in both PvM and PvP. He is the best farmer since his S3 hits fast and doesn’t have an animation unless he gets 5 focus. He also does well in arena and guild wars. He would be a no brainer pick if you want a well rounded attacker that can do all kinds of content.

Specter Tenebria does well in some PvM content such as Abyss and Labyrinth. Other than that, she is mostly for PvP as her passive basically makes her not targetable unless she is the last one standing. I would rate her to be second choice in the DPS category.

Ruele of Light (Second Choice) is my top recommended choice if you already have a roster of strong DPS units. She brings the all important revive + invincibility, which helps you out for both PvM and PvP content if you things are rough. However, with the buff of Destina, she might not be as important for PvM content anymore. Still, she is a a very good defensive pick for PvP.

Dark Corvus is mainly a guild wars unit. Due to his S3 extinction, he can banish any unit with his ignore defense S3 that heals himself. Aside from that, he isn’t used much in other areas of the game, making him a luxury unit to own in PvP if you already have Arbiter Vildred.

Judge Kise is probably a luxury pick in my opinion. She doesn’t do well for most PvM content and mainly is used for arena cleaving, contesting speed as an opener in RTA or guild wars. She can also be a good farmer in PvM, although Arbiter Vildred takes that spot over her. At the end of the day, the choice is yours.

All of these units will help you in some way, shape or form, so do not feel bad if you picked the wrong one.

By kenny