final fantasy 7 ever crisis best weapon guide

Welcome to the newbie guide for weapons in FF7: Ever Crisis! We will go over all the various weapons available since global launch and recommend a few weapons that you might want to consider prioritizing.

Best Cloud Weapons

Cloud, the main character in the series has some good weapons. Cloud’s strength lies in single target DPS, especially lightning damage. For the most part, you will want him as your main boss damage dealer.

ff7 ever crisis best cloud weapon

Murasame is a strong weapon that deals lightning damage to a single target and has the second-highest physical attack power in the game.

Hardedge is a versatile weapon. It can deal a lot of damage and also lower the enemy’s physical defense by a lot. It’s especially helpful in tough boss fights.

Apocalypse is Cloud’s best weapon for dealing single-target damage without an elemental type. It’s even better when paired with Wind materia because it boosts wind abilities.

Mythril Saber is Cloud’s best weapon for dealing single-target magical damage. You’d want to use this if you want Cloud to be a magic attacker.

Crystal Sword can heal all your allies and provide regeneration for a short time. However, Cloud is much better with Murasame or Apocalypse to deal a massive amount of physical damage.

Hardedge is useful in many situations, and you can pair it with Murasame or Apocalypse if you don’t have other characters who can lower the enemy’s physical defense. If you want to make Cloud a magic attacker, you can use Mythril Saber along with the Crystal Sword since both have good magic stats.

In the early stages of the game, you can use the Buster Sword and upgrade it for free. It’s a good choice until you find better weapons.

Best Tifa Weapons

Tifa is a bit of a utility character that can deal some damage in this game. She can debuff enemies to make them either weak to an attribute, allowing your team to deal more damage, or reduce incoming damage from enemies.

best tifa weapon ff7 ever crisis

Tiger Fangs can hit a single enemy really hard without using magic. Plus, they can make the enemy’s magic or physical attacks weaker. It is smart to use these just before a boss tries to hit your team really hard. The same goes for Sonic Striker.

Motor Drive might be the best weapon for Tifa when it comes to dealing damage. It’s also the best at hitting a single enemy with wind attacks in the whole game. So, if you’re up against enemies that are weak against wind, this is a great pick.

Kaiser Knuckles work like Tiger Fangs, but instead of making the enemy’s physical attack weaker, they make the enemy’s magic defense lower. However, I’d say they’re a bit lower on the list because the weapon’s special abilities make Tifa better at resisting magic and ice attacks.

Crystal Gloves are really good if you need to hit a bunch of enemies at once or if you’re farming for stuff.

In simple terms, pick Tiger Fangs or Kaiser Knuckles for single target DPS versus bosses and Motor Drive for enemies weak to wind.

Best Barret Weapons

Barret is a good AoE physical damage dealer. He is great at farming and clearing regular mobs.

ff7 ever crisis barret best weapon

W Machine is one of the rare weapons that has a special ability that only costs 2 ATB. That means you can use it a lot, and each time you do, it moderately lowers the enemy’s physical defense. So, you can keep the enemy debuffed all the time.

Assault Gun increases the physical defense of all your allies by a large amount. It’s the only weapon in the game that can provide such a strong defense boost to your whole team.

Enemy Launcher, Flame Projector and Microlaser are three weapons have special abilities that hit multiple enemies at once, making them great for clearing out groups of foes. Enemy Launcher deals the most AOE damage without any elemental effects, while Flame Projector and Microlaser deal Fire and Ice damage respectively.

Solid Bazooka is great if you want to focus on taking down a single target, like a boss. This is Barrett’s best choice. It deals strong non-elemental physical damage.

In boss battles, using W Machine and Assault Gun will keep your team safe and debuff the boss. For general farming, any of Barrett’s AOE damage options will do the trick.

Best Aeris (Aerith) Weapons

Much like the original game, she is the best healer in the game with a healing AoE limit break. It is best to build her as your main healer as it is almost always required in boss fights later on. She has some really good AoE magic attacks, so she can also help in that department.

final fantasy 7 ever crisis best aerith weapon

Fairy Tale is the best healing weapon in the game. It has the highest healing power and the biggest heal stat. Its first special ability makes healing even stronger. I highly recommend using this if you intend to make her the primary healer support.

Silver Staff (Ice) – Good wave clearing against enemies weak against Ice.

Wizer Staff (Lightning) – Lightning wave clear if you are not using Cloud as the main lightning DPS.

Wizard Staff (Earth) – Great for farming overall much like the other two.

Full Metal Staff deals area-of-effect physical non-elemental damage and also reduces the physical attack of all enemies by a fair amount.

Mythril Rod is great if you want to buff both physical and magical defense for your team while also providing some healing, this is the weapon to choose.

Guard Stick boosts the magic defense of a single ally by a large amount and provides a small amount of healing. Its first special ability makes healing even stronger. I still think this loses out to Fairy Tale though. Great as a secondary weapon though.

Best Zack Weapons

Zack is a great debuffer who can also deal good physical and magic damage, primarily against single targets. This makes him good for boss fights and is valuable in any team. His elemental attacks are based off his physical stats, which is great.

best zack weapon in ff7 ever crisis

Zweihander is great if you need to focus on taking down a single target with a heavy hit, this is the weapon to use. It deals strong non-elemental physical damage and has the highest attack stat in the game, along with a powerful skill multiplier.

Falchion is Zack’s best weapon for causing widespread physical wind damage to enemies.

Cutlass is quite similar to Cloud’s Hardedge. Cutlass deals substantial single-target physical non-elemental damage and significantly reduces the enemy’s defense.

Arc Sword is designed for strong single-target magical non-elemental damage and reduces the enemy’s magical defense by a significant amount.

Enhance Sword (Z) is the second most potent weapon for dealing area-of-effect magical fire damage.

You can create a versatile Zack by equipping him with both Cutlass and Arc Sword. This allows him to excel in both physical and magical damage dealing. For clearing waves of enemies using physical attacks, combine Falchion with Cutlass. On the other hand, for magic-based wave clearing, equip Arc Sword along with Enhance Sword (Z). Zweihander works exceptionally well if you have other units on your team reducing the enemy’s physical defense, such as Cloud, Barret, or Glenn.

Best Red XII Weapons

Unlike the original game, Red XII excels in team regen and magic attacks, particularly water magic. He can be built as a regen and magic DPS hybrid. The physical attack really pales in comparison to the OG game.

best Red XII weapon ff7 ever crisis

Noble Collar is great for the powerful AoE water magic damage. If you want a farming character, he can fit the job well with this weapon.

Platinum Collar deals significant area-of-effect non-elemental magical damage and also moderately reduces the enemy’s magic defense. It’s unique because it’s the only weapon in the game that can reduce the magic defense of multiple enemies at once with the highest magical attack stat.

Junk Collar is designed for taking down a single target with a strong non-elemental damage attack. It also significantly reduces the enemy’s magic attack.

Gold Collar provides area-of-effect regeneration for all allies over a period of time, which amounts to six healing ticks at 54% total healing strength.

Sleek Collar increases the magic defense of all allies by a large amount and provides a small amount of healing.

Best Glenn Weapons

Glenn is a good damage dealer and debuffer. He is slept on since he is not from the main cast.

best glenn weapon ff7 ever crisis

Apology in Hell is Glenn’s best weapon for dealing heavy single-target non-elemental damage, especially with its two powerful physical special abilities. I would recommend this if you are not using Cloud or Zack as the main DPS.

Piece of Cake is similar to Barret’s W Machine. Its special skill costs just 2 ATB and deals damage while lowering the enemy’s physical defense. This means you can continuously weaken a single enemy or boss for bonus damage from the team.

Shockbuster (Lightning) provides strong AoE lightning attack option. With other good lighting users like Cloud, this may not be the first choice.

Jiggy Fam (Earth) is useful because there are fewer AoE earth damage options compared to lightning.

Crewkicker is a great weapon for dealing single-target fire damage in the game.

Glenn can serve as a valuable physical defense debuffer for your team, but it’s important not to underestimate his elemental damage potential.

Best Matt Weapons

Matt is another great choice when it comes to single target DPS or boss fights. Aside from being a top tier AoE ice damage dealer, he can also heal, which means he can take on Aeris’s role if you prefer him instead. Since he is a new comer, us old school players might be biased on who is the best healer. 🙂

best matt weapon final fantasy 7 ever crisis

Killer Hornet excels at delivering powerful single-target non-elemental damage and has a 150% critical hit potency. I do like this weapon a lot and recommend it as the boss killer primary weapon.

Broadsword: Axis has a 120% lightning ability potency. The difference between Killer Hornet and Broadsword is their first special ability, which boosts physical attack power by either 100% or 50%, depending on the weapon.

Prime Number is the second-best option for area-of-effect healing in the game, falling just short of Aeris’s Fairy Tale. I would recommend this if you are not using Aeris.

Slick Beetle deals significant single-target physical non-elemental damage and can significantly reduce the enemy’s physical attack power.

Stingray is similar to Slick Beetle but for magical attacks, Stingray deals major single-target magical non-elemental damage and significantly reduces the enemy’s magical defense.

It is worth noting that Matt’s stamp costume provides a physical potency boost, which can make his overall physical damage potential greater than that of Cloud and Zack.

Best Lucia Weapons

As the only character that can silence (can’t use skills), she can come in clutch in boss fights by delaying large attacks coming your way. She can deal single target water damage and AoE wind damage, which is not found in the global launch roster.

Serpent Eater is your go-to for dealing area-of-effect wind damage, and it’s the strongest option available.

Pulse Gun is most likely going to be your top choice if you’re looking for the most potent single-target water damage weapon in the game.

Mad Minute deals strong single-target non-elemental damage and has the added benefit of significantly reducing the enemy’s magic attack power. What makes it even better is its second special ability, which increases the effectiveness of physical and magical attacks in the CMD stance by 100%.

Black Rifle is a unique weapon in the game because it has a skill that can silence enemies. It also deals substantial single-target non-elemental damage.

Pulse Gun and Serpent Gun are reliable choices and can’t go wrong in most situations. However, Black Rifle is more situational and may require some testing to understand the full potential of its silence effect.

Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis Weapons and How They Work

In FF7: Ever Crisis, characters can equip 1 primary weapon, 1 secondary weapon, and up to 3 sub weapons.

  • Primary weapon allows the usage C. Ability and gives full stat boosts and R. Ability stats.
  • Secondary weapon also allows the usage of C. Ability but provides 50% of stat boosts and R. Ability stats.
  • Sub weapons only gives 50% of stat boosts and R. Ability stats.

That means you want to hand pick 2 weapons that you want to use their abilities in battle as the primary or secondary weapon choice.

Weapons can be strengthened in three ways: leveling with whetstones, unlocking their level cap, and upgrading their rarity. The rarity system is fair, with 3/4/5 star options. If you collect enough parts, you can upgrade a weapon’s rarity while keeping the lower-tier version. At five stars, weapons can be further boosted with parts from duplicated weapons.

In FF7: Ever Crisis, you have a team of three characters to tackle stages within a set time limit. Some stages in the game serve as DPS checks, meaning it’s crucial to prioritize offensive abilities over defensive ones.

For optimal performance, it’s recommended to concentrate on enhancing the damage-dealing capabilities of at least two of your characters. You can prioritize survival or healing with the third character. It’s important to note that if you fail a stage, you only lose 1 stamina. However, successfully completing a stage consumes all the stamina required to enter that particular stage. So, focusing on damage output can be a strategic choice to progress efficiently in the game.

That concludes the best weapon guide for Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis!

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