final fantasy 7 ever crisis tier list guide global

Having played the closed beta and having a lot of fun, here is the global launch Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis tier list to help you decide who you would like to have on your team.

Do keep in mind that all characters are completely viable and you can just play whoever you like. Also, your opinions will change based on what good weapons were pulled during your playthrough.

The list will be grouped into 3 tiers:

  • S Tier – Highly preferred character for your team.
  • A Tier – Good all around character in the team.
  • B Tier – Not currently popular in the meta.

The tier list also has their limit break 2 in mind even though it is not yet released.

S Tier

Aerith Gainsborough

ff7 ever crisis tier list aerith

Aerith is undoubtedly the best utility attacker in the game thanks to the clutch heals and great magic attacks.

She is the only character in the game with a limit break heal in Healing Wind. Her second limit break Seal Evil is an AoE attack.

For me, she is a main stay as the other 2 characters in the team can be built as full on DPS for farming or just overall story.

She gets access to all AoE Earth, Lightning and Ice attacks from her weapons. On top of that, Fairy Tale is the best healing weapon for her to keep your team healthy. She also has some single target attack weapons such as Striking Staff.

Other notable weapons like Mythril Rod can improve your physical and magic defenses for tougher boss fights.

Overall, she is unmatched in the healing department much like the original game.

Cloud Strife

ff7 ever crisis tier list cloud

Without a doubt, our main boy cloud tops the list here as one of the top characters to use. He is one of the best physical DPS character in the game and also versatile as well.

In terms of limit break, he has access to single target Cross Slash and AoE Blade Beam, which are familiar skills for old school FF7 fans.

He has weapons that can give him better physical attack stats, stun, use lightning magic or even healing.

Crystal Sword can be used for healing if your team needs a healer or if you have’t pulled a healing weapon for other characters. His Murasame gives access to single target lightning damage. For AoE damage, he has Enhance Sword, which gives ice elemental damage. Most of his other weapons are single target weapons which is more suited for bosses.

He works best as the boss killer or primary DPS.

A Tier

Zack Fair

final fantasy VII ever crisis zack tier list

Another fan favorite and rightly so. In this game, Zack is a strong physical and magical damage dealer, just like Cloud.

His first limit break Slash Combo does good single target damage while his second limit break Meteor Shots does AoE damage.

As for weapons, Zweihander is great if you need to focus on taking down a single target with a heavy hit, this is the weapon to use. It deals strong non-elemental physical damage and has the highest attack stat in the game, along with a powerful skill multiplier. Falchion is Zack’s best weapon for causing widespread physical wind damage to enemies.

Cutlass is quite similar to Cloud’s Hardedge. Cutlass deals substantial single-target physical non-elemental damage and significantly reduces the enemy’s defense. Arc Sword is designed for strong single-target magical non-elemental damage and reduces the enemy’s magical defense by a significant amount.

You can create a versatile Zack by equipping him with both Cutlass and Arc Sword. This allows him to excel in both physical and magical damage dealing. For clearing waves of enemies using physical attacks, combine Falchion with Cutlass.

However, he does require heavy investment in order to make both his physical or magical attacks stand out.

Tifa Lockhart

ff7 ever crisis tier list tifa

Good overall character that can deal physical and magic damage. The interesting part is that her magical attacks are better.

Thank goodness her limit breaks are strong single target attacks (Somersault and Waterkick) that doesn’t require a slot machine to activate. 🙂

Her weapons Kaiser Knuckle and Tiger Fang can decrease enemy physical attack and magic attack respectively.

She also has access to AoE lightning damage in Crystal Gloves. Her Grand Gloves can heal, cure poison and silence, which is a good utility to have.

She can slot in the team as a hybrid damage dealer if needed.

Barret Wallace

barret wallace ff7 ever crisis tier list

Barret is also a good addition to the team thanks to his offensive support kit in his weapons alongside heavy AoE attacks.

His first limit break Grenade Bomb is AoE while his second limit break Mindblow is single target and lowers enemy magic defense.

His weapon W Machine, only costs 2 ATB to lower enemy defense, so you can spam it consistently to keep the enemy debuffed. Most of his other weapons have physical or magical AoE attacks, which makes it a no brainer to include in the team if you need them.

He works best as the debuffer and provide additional damage as the secondary DPS.

Matt Winsord

matt ff7 ever crisis tier list

A strong single target physical attacker for global launch if you can get your hands on his 5 star gear like Kill Hornet. He can also act as a good healer (only second behind Aerith) if you need a dedicated one. While Zack and Cloud can deal good physical damage, Matt will out damage both in terms of single target.

He also has AoE water damage from Orthodox Raven, so he can also farm decently. Slick Beetle can reduce enemy attack while Stingray reduces magic damage.

His first limit break Valiant Attempt also does good single target damage as well.

Overall, I would use him in a dedicated boss killer team alongside Cloud.

Glenn Lodbrok

Glenn ff7 ever crisis character

Glenn Lodbrok has some good utility skills that warrants a slot in your team. He has a cost effective defense down debuff and some good AoE attacks. He is best used as a secondary DPS that can help debuff enemies.

In terms of weapons, Apology in Hell is Glenn’s best weapon for dealing heavy single-target non-elemental damage, especially with its two powerful physical special abilities. I would recommend this if you are not using Cloud or Zack as the main DPS.

Piece of Cake is similar to Barret’s W Machine. Its special skill costs just 2 ATB and deals damage while lowering the enemy’s physical defense. This means you can continuously weaken a single enemy or boss for bonus damage from the team.

He also has access to AoE lightning damage and single target fire damage, so don’t sleep on his magical capabilities too.

His first limit break does good single target damage, with a multiplier on par with most other characters.

Overall, if you are not a big Barret fan, Glenn might be a viable option for you.

B Tier

Red XIII (Nanaki)

final fantasy ever crisis red xii tier list

Unlike the original game, Red XII excels in team regen and magic attacks, particularly water magic. He can be built as a regen and magic DPS hybrid. The physical attack really pales in comparison to the OG game.

His limit break Sled Fang has a fast charge time and can be spammed often to reduce enemy defense. His second limit break Lunatic High provides team defense buffs.

With his AoE water magic, he can use it to farm in the game. He also has single target fire magic from Rage Collar. Some of his other weapons (Platinum Collar) will have debuffs like magic defense down.

While he does have team regen from Gold Collar, it does pale in comparison to Aerith’s healing powers. Therefore, I would only use him if I for some reason don’t have Aerith’s healing weapons.

Overall, he is still a decent pick.

Lucia Lin

lucia ff7 ever crisis tier list

A good DPS unit that has silence debuff, which is unique to her. However, it is still not that useful during early game. I suspect that this will come in clutch in later story content. Her overall DPS is lower than Cloud or Matt, making her less ideal for longer or tougher fights.

She does has access to a very strong AoE water magic attack from Pulse Gun. She also has a variety of other single target and AoE attacks.

Her first limit break Queen’s Shot is a long ranged attack that hits relatively hard.

She can be used for boss fights and also for regular farming, so despite her slightly weaker performance, she is still a decent pick.

That concludes the Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis tier list.

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FF7: Ever Crisis Game Summary

Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis is a mobile game made by Applibot and published by Square Enix for Android and iOS devices. It’s part of the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII, which is a collection of stories related to the 1997 game Final Fantasy VII.

The game reimagines the story of Final Fantasy VII and the Compilation in a new way. It retells the events of the original game, as well as the other titles in the Compilation series like Advent Children, Before Crisis, Crisis Core, and Dirge of Cerberus. The battle system is similar to the original Final Fantasy VII, using the Active Time Battle system and including elements like materia, weapons, and summons.

Ever Crisis is a single-player game where you can pick chapters from a timeline, allowing you to explore different parts of the story. You’ll follow Cloud and his friends on their adventures. During non-combat parts of the story, the characters will look like a mix of the updated models from the remake and the original.

The game will be released in monthly episodes and will have a closed beta in summer 2023. It will be available worldwide.

There’s also a new character named Nero the Sable, who is part of Deepground, a military group from Dirge of Cerberus. Nero brings a fresh perspective to classic moments in Final Fantasy VII’s story. However, the game has faced controversy because it includes loot boxes. Some players have also found it challenging to progress through story missions due to a lack of experience points.

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