final fantasy 7 ever crisis gacha re-roll guide for global

This guide will give you all the nitty gritty details on what you HAVE to know about re-rolling in Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis. Trust me, it will be well worth it!

FF7: Ever Crisis Re-roll Process

re-roll guide ff7:ec delete button screenshot

Will we need to go through the tedious process of uninstalling the app for iOS users or deleting data in settings for Android users?  Thankfully no, as we will have the “delete account” button, which will save re-rollers a bunch of time. It was not included in the closed beta, but the global release will have it.

Now, let’s talk about pre-registration rewards that will affect your re-roll process. During the start, we will have earned 45 tickets: 4 standard ticket multi-draws and 5 standard ticket single draws. These tickets are only usable on the standard ticket draw banners. Additionally, you’ll receive 4,500 blue crystals, which equals 1 multi-draw and 5 single draws.

There’s also:

  • a 5 star weapon ticket for Cloud, Tifa, or Aerith
  • a costume exchange ticket for one of the 9 starting characters
  • a 5 star Zweihander weapon for Zack, and a 5 star Apology in Hell weapon for Glenn.

Depending on download milestones, there might be an additional 1,500 blue crystals (which I think we will get).

Honestly, you can consider stopping your re-roll process with these rewards alone. They provide a substantial advantage in the game, and you can progress comfortably without spending any crystals. However, if you choose to continue re-rolling, let’s move on to the next important steps.

final fantasy 7 ever crisis stamp banner cloud and barrett

When it comes to re-rolling, focus on the stamp banners. These are rotational banners featuring two weapons for two characters at a rate up, along with a costume for one of the featured characters. Each multi-draw grants you stamps, and there are bonuses along the way.

Stamp 6 guarantees one of the two featured weapons, and you can choose which one. Stamp 12 rewards you with the featured costume. Single draws don’t count towards this system.

For re-rolling, stamps 6 and 12 are the most important. Ideally, aim for hitting 12 stamps, but it’s a low 1% chance. You can consider stopping if you get lucky and obtain the weapon you want with three stamps from two multis. Emulators like BlueStacks can help speed up the process if your PC is strong enough.

Lastly, I am not sure which stamp banners will be featured at launch. During the closed beta, the banners featured Barrett with Micro Laser at a rate up and Cloud with Murasame at a rate up and Cloud had his Battle Gear costume.

Now, let’s discuss the rewards. One banner featured Cloud and Matt, with Matt having his Killer Hornet and Glenn with his Crewkicker. There was also a costume, Killer Attire, for Matt. These banners were in the closed beta, so they might change or stay the same for the global launch.

Both of these banners are strong. Cloud and Matt are top-tier physical damage dealers, and they also have AOE healing options and utility skills. Barrett and Glenn are solid sub-DPS characters with cheap skills and defense-down abilities. If these are the banners at launch, either would serve you well.

The Wishlist

wishlist ff7 ever crisis
Source: Broadway Saiyan (check video below)

Now, let’s talk about the wishlist system in the stamp banners. You can set up five 5-star weapons at a rate up, making them more likely to appear than other 5 stars. Focus on the 3 characters you plan to use the most early on. Later, you might diversify your team as story content rewards specific story characters.

For the wishlist, prioritize Cloud, Aerith, and Matt, as they are top-tier characters. For Cloud, consider the Apocalypse, Crystal Sword, or Hard Edge. Apocalypse boosts his physical attack, Crystal Sword gives him AOE healing, and Hard Edge applies a defense down debuff to enemies.

For Aerith, get her Fairy Tale for the best healing and either the Wizard Staff, Wizer Staff, or Silver Staff for AOE magic attacks.

For Matt, Killer Hornet and Broadsword: Axis are his top choices. Matt is currently the strongest physical damage dealer in the game, especially if the enemy isn’t weak to lightning. These recommendations should help with your wishlist.

Lastly, have fun and play your favorite characters. This guide is meant to help, but if you love a character, go ahead and build them. You can use various characters effectively, even if they aren’t top-tier. Enjoy the game!

Reference Video from Broadway Saiyan

Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis FAQs

What is the storyline of Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis?

Ever Crisis reimagines the timeline of Final Fantasy VII and the Compilation. The game features a story mode where players follow Cloud and his group on their adventures. Additionally, it introduces a new story centered around a young Sephiroth. Ever Crisis retells events from the 1997 video game Final Fantasy VII and incorporates the entire Compilation of Final Fantasy VII, including the film Advent Children and the video games Before Crisis, Crisis Core, and Dirge of Cerberus.

What is the gameplay like in Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis?

The gameplay in Ever Crisis follows the battle system of the original Final Fantasy VII, which is based on the Active Time Battle system. Players utilize materia, weapons, summons, and the elemental system. The elemental system plays a crucial role, with the right magic being essential for victory.

The game’s story is divided into ten separate chapters, with the Midgar escape occurring around the third chapter. Special dungeons are also included in the game.

Does Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis have microtransactions?

Yes, Ever Crisis is a free-to-play game that includes loot boxes. It is planned to be released in monthly episodic installments, allowing players to explore different entries in the series.

Will Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis include new story elements?

Absolutely, Ever Crisis will introduce new story elements crafted by Kazushige Nojima. While it’s unclear how Advent Children will be integrated into the Ever Crisis compilation, this new content expands the game’s narrative.

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