Most of the grocery stores in Poland are usually within a short walking distance in Poland, especially if you live close to the center of the city. 

Giant Markets


Lidl is one of the biggest super markets in Poland. They originate from Germany but has 700+ stores here. They are my favourite to shop because their meat quality is really good and has a wide selection as well. I would highly recommend this place if you want good quality. Prices are comparable to the other super markets. 

Most of the Lidl you go to will have a self checkout and you can scan your receipt using the scan machine at the exit to get out. Pretty convenient if you ask me. They also have online shopping if you want items delivered to your home.


This place is also very common here and I rate them second behind Lidl. Their meat and seafood quality is decent. Vegetables and fruits are quite good as well. Some of the newer ones have self checkout.


Biedronka is probably last in terms of freshness of the meat. Most of the chicken or beef I bought there usually are a bit old. However, the rest is okay and I usually buy stuff that from here as long as it isn’t fresh meat or seafood.

Smaller Markets


This is the 7-eleven equivalent in Poland. They sell drinks, bread and sandwiches and common items that people might need. Sometimes, their pricing can vary for items that can be found for a cheaper price in bigger super markets. 

Carrefour Express

This is the mini version of the regular Carrefour. There will be no fresh meat products, but there are some packaged meat like sausages and bacon. The selection of vegetables and fruits will also be less as well. 



This is the Amazon version of Poland. They sell all kinds of items that you need and they also deliver it to your home or the nearest inPost box (a place to collect your items using a code).


Frisco is an online grocery shopping site that allows you to buy all kinds of products. They deliver to your doorstep and is the best if you want to save some time.


By kenny