In this tutorial, we will go over how to beat this extreme difficulty Charms Exam A. Please support Harry Potter Magic Awakened Channel as he provides the best detailed guides for the game.

When attempting this exam, here are some rules:

  • Teammate count -2, summon health -40%
  • Initial Mount Troll Attack +20%
  • Troll+1
  • Failure countdown -1 minute

Banned cards are:

Recommended Deck for Charms Exam A

Echo of Snape is the best here, which is strong due to his ability to increase basic attacks up to 52% at legendary level. It also replaces every 2nd basic attack with Sectumsempra. Do keep in mind that this deck is basic attack heavy, so you will need basic attack skill buffs for it to work well.

A good control spell. Incarcerous can pull your opponents into areas of negative effects.

Prior Incantato is a card you will want in your deck. It allows you to mimic the last spell used at the cost of 1 extra mana. This is best used after your strongest offensive spell.

Inflatus is just a very solid small spell to hold off a large number of creatures, which is useful here.

Niffler is great for MP Regen, so I like it in my deck. You do need to protect him though.

Swelling Solution is particularly good with Snape, as it makes you attack faster and gives bonus movement speed. At only 2 mana cost, it is great for cycling your spells too.

Time-Turner is great here. Summoning your clone in your opponent’s back row can restrict their movement options.


  • Kevin will enhance your Basic Attacks. He is best paired with Echo of Severus Snape and Time-Turner.
  • Robyn will damage all opponents when summoned. Her Basic Attack deals AoE damage.
  • Frey Twins for extra damage.

Battle Summary

The Charms Exam, which requires a SpellBook level of 50, is the most difficult exam in the A tier. Because the exam has become extremely difficult and now requires a higher SpellBook level, attempting it at a lower level than recommended will be even more difficult.

During the beginning stages, try to use Inflatus to delay their attacks. Your goal is to distract early on.

To start, collect Kevin stacks until it’s full. If there is no warning icon above your head, you can apply crowd control spells on the enemies and attack them as much as possible. Meanwhile, try to find a safe spot where you can use Nebulous to attack freely. Once the first troll is defeated, you may run out of movement cards, and at that point, you’ll need to give it your all in the remaining time.

If you’re still having trouble passing the exam, try upgrading your cards and raising your SpellBook level with Legendary Echoes. The test can then be attempted again.

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By kenny