how to catch suicune in pokemmo johto

Welcome to the simple tutorial on how to catch the legendary Suicune in the newly released Johto region! We will go over all the criteria you need to complete to have a shot at capturing it.

Catching Legendary Suicune Info

To catch Suicune in Pokémon, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Defeat Ho-Oh in the Johto storyline.
  2. This occurs after achieving eight gym badges but before facing the Elite Four.
  3. After defeating the Ho-Oh boss battle, Suicune becomes available to be found in the wild.

Things to Note:

– Encounters can happen in grass tiles or water tiles, not in caves.
– The exact encounter rate for Suicune is uncertain, but a rough guess is around 1 in 1000.
– Some players spend approximately two to four hours per Suicune, with about one per account or character.
– Utilize items like lures, swarm, and abilities to increase encounter rates.
– Upon catching Suicune, you receive 20 Rainbow Quills for adjusting its IVs.
– Suicune’s nature can be changed using Nature Herbs.

– Suicune is at level 50 and comes with moves like Brine, Icy Wind, Stone Edge, and Helping Hand.
– It’s guaranteed to have at least three perfect IVs.
– Suicune’s ability is Pressure, which reduces opponents’ PP.
– You can catch Suicune permanently and trade or sell it.
– Its IVs can be adjusted using Rainbow Quills (20 quills per catch).
– Suicune is usable in PvP.

Suicune Encounter Details

– The exact encounter rate remains undisclosed.
– Suicune is found in Johto after defeating Ho-Oh.
– It spawns randomly in grass or water areas.
– Caves are excluded from possible encounter locations.
– Suicune must be encountered as a single enemy, even if the trigger is a horde.
– Interestingly, encountering Suicune increases its encounter rate.
– Repel tricking doesn’t work for Suicune.

Buying Suicune in Global Trade Link (GTL)

buying suicune in gtl pokemmo

As more and more people catch Suicune, the prices will drop. At the time of writing, Suicune is going for about 2 million. I suspect that the price will drop as time goes on. So if you are patient, you can find a much cheaper Suicune months after Johto release.

Catching Suicine Video Reference (Patrouski)

– Additional information and acknowledgments:
– Shoutout to Louis Official for providing valuable information.

Here is a catch video of Benblade getting the legendary Suicune.

What is PokeMMO?

PokeMMO stands as a remarkable fusion of the beloved Pokemon franchise with the captivating allure of the massively multiplayer online (MMO) gaming world. Within this realm, players embark on journeys of exploration, engage in the art of capturing and training Pokemon, and engage in real-time battles with fellow enthusiasts.

At the core of PokeMMO lies its engrossing gameplay, intricate features that reflect the rich heritage of the Pokemon universe. Players traverse a meticulously crafted world, skillfully constructed to mirror the Kanto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Johto and Unova regions from the original Pokemon games (You need the required roms to play it).

Within this world, they seize the opportunity to capture and train an array of Pokemon species, ultimately leveraging their trained companions to engage in thrilling real-time battles against fellow players. These battles not only showcase strategic prowess but also forge a sense of camaraderie among players as they test their skills and strategies against one another.

Beyond the allure of battles, PokeMMO offers an expansive range of quests and challenges (such as Alpha Farming) that add layers of depth to the gaming experience. By conquering these quests, players can amass items of significance and garner valuable experience points that contribute to their overall progression.

An additional facet that magnifies the allure of PokeMMO is the inclusion of captivating events, such as the Shiny Wars. These events immerse players in spirited competitions, driving them to capture the rarest of Pokemon, the shinies, and vie for the distinction of being the most proficient shiny collector.

The in-game economy of PokeMMO is a thriving realm where players can engage in commerce, mirroring the interactions of real-world markets. Through an intricate market system, players can seamlessly trade items and Pokemon amongst themselves. This interactive marketplace enables players to post their wares for sale and in turn, allows other players to make purchases, fostering a sense of interdependence and collaboration within the game’s virtual ecosystem.

Central to the PokeMMO experience is its vibrant and active community that extends across the global gaming landscape. This worldwide gathering of players is facilitated by a spectrum of communication channels, including real-time chat channels.

These platforms serve as conduits for players to engage in spontaneous conversations, share experiences, and forge connections that extend beyond the confines of the game itself. Moreover, the presence of forums and Discord servers enhances the communal aspect, providing dedicated spaces for players to delve into discussions, strategize, and foster relationships with like-minded enthusiasts.

As with any MMO, PokeMMO also offers players avenues for financial growth within the virtual realm. Money-making strategies span a range of activities, including the cultivation and sale of rare items like Heart Scales and Rare Candies, allowing players to capitalize on their diligent efforts.

Additionally, participation in the dynamic in-game economy presents players with opportunities to leverage buying and selling activities to amass wealth. Furthermore, engaging in events such as the Shiny Wars introduces players to an intriguing money-making avenue where their shiny-catching prowess can lead to tangible rewards.

How Does PokeMMO Differ to Stand Alone Pokemon Games?

– **Gen 8 Movepools:**
– Utilizes movepools from Generation 8.
– Allows Pokemon to learn moves beyond those available in their original games.

– **In-Game Economy:**
– Features a robust in-game economy.
– Players engage in buying and selling items and Pokemon amongst themselves.

– **Multiplayer Gameplay:**
– Offers cooperative gameplay opportunities.
– While not exclusively co-op, players can join forces and battle together.

– **Availability Distinction:**
– Differs from official Pokemon games.
– Created by fans and is accessible solely on PC; not available on consoles.

– **Enhanced Customization:**
– Introduces a realm of customization options.
– Players can personalize their characters and Pokemon with diverse outfits and accessories.

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