Goddess of Victory_ NIKKE _ Chapter 19 Lost Relics

Welcome to the simple guide for the lost relic locations for chapter 19 in Nikke: Goddess of Victory! We will provide all the individual hidden spots so it can help you get them without much trouble! Please do check out Keribib0i’s channel, he/she does great coverage for video formats.

The first location is just on the bottom of the destroyed building. Check the center to find “Daily Ark News Scrap – Will The Path To The Surface Finally Be Cleared? More on the Upcoming Second Surface Reclamation Campaign”.

Now head up north until you get to cross a small path. Check the right side of a rock to find 17000 credits.

Now head east until you come across a gate and inspect the right side of it to find 17000 credits.

From the previous location, keep heading north where you see winding roads and check the middle before another gate entrance. You will get “Jonathan_report – day55.mp4”.

Now head past the gate entrance and inspect the top side where a large abandoned building is. You will find music jukebox “Die Hard”.

Keep heading northwest to until you see a small mine area. Check the top side for the music jukebox “Another Way”.

Keep heading towards the elevator but don’t enter. Go to the bottom and inspect it for 34000 credits.

Now go into the elevator and you will end up on the other side. Head south past the entrance gate and go east by the wall. Check the top side for the music jukebox “Exiter”.

Now back track a bit and go west to the dead end. Check the bottom side to get 50 gems.

Now head east all the way to a dead end. Check the bottom part to find the music jukebox “Peripeteia [Scenario Ver.]”.

Now back track a bit, head down south and then west where you see some swirling black birds. Check the bottom side to find “Daily Ark News Scrap – Central Government Carrying Out Mass Lay-off of Commanders in Response To Failed Campaign”.

Now head east to the white gate where you see a white button. Inspect the right side to find “Jonathan_report – day51.mp4”.

Now head down south to a dead end and check the bottom side. You will find “Daily Ark News Scrap – [The Rising Star] First Victory Reported One Year After Entering War”.

The final location is just north east of the previous one, right before an intersection. Check the right side for the music jukebox “Peripeteia”.

That will conclude the lost relic locations for chapter 19 in Nikke: Goddess of Victory. Don’t forget to head over to the Outpost Commander Center to collect extra gems from the music Jukebox.

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By kenny