Goddess of Victory_ NIKKE _ Chapter 20 Lost Relics Location

Welcome to the simple guide for the lost relic locations for chapter 20 in Nikke: Goddess of Victory! We will provide all the individual hidden spots so it can help you get them without much trouble! Please do check out Keribib0i’s channel, he/she does great coverage for video formats.

The first lost relic is just on the right side of the entrance of the chapter. You will find 18000 credits.

The second location is just on the right side of this giant building. It is at the bottom area. You will find “Jonathan_report – day48.mp4”.

Keep heading down south until you go past a tornado and see a little bone on the left corner. Check it for a “Jonathan_report – daywhatever.mp4”.

Now keep heading west until you see 3 cars. Check them to find 18000 credits.

This lost relic is just to the top side of the previous location where the cars are. Check it for a “Daily Ark News Scrap – We’re seeing more and more bloodshed with this war… [are we any closer to reclaiming the surface than we were before?]”.

Now head north west past the little island until you see the white gate. Inspect the top part to find the music jukebox “Volcanic Rest”.

Keep heading west until you go to a dead end where you see a tornado. Inspect the corner to find “Jonathan_report – day59.mp4”.

Now head down south past the little rock entrance. Check the right side to find “Daily Ark News Scrap – Hope Fails for the New Hope… Commander XX Sent to Rehabilitation Center”.

The next location is just south of the previous one. Check the bottom to find the music jukebox “Volcanic Nest [Scenario Ver.]”.

Now go around to where the elevator is but don’t go in yet. Check the left corner to get 18000 credits.

Now go inside the elevator to get into the volcanic area. Head to where the lava rift on the west side and check the top corner after where the EX stage is. You will find the music jukebox “Inferno of Nihilist”.

The next location is just on the right side of the EX stage. Check it for the music jukebox “Rising from Ash”.

Now back track pass the bridge and inspect the top side to find 18000 credits.

For the last location, back track to the elevator and return to the non lava side. Keep heading east all the way to the end until you see a path down south. Keep heading south until you see an elevator. Check the bottom to get the music jukebox “EDEN”.

That will conclude the lost relic locations for chapter 20 in Nikke: Goddess of Victory. Don’t forget to head over to the Outpost Commander Center to collect extra gems from the music Jukebox.

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By kenny