Onmyoji Soul Guide - List of Souls and Tutorial

Souls are vital in improving your shikigami stats. We will be going over the basics of souls and what you need to look for to improve their power.

What Do Souls Do?

In Onmyoji Souls are a vital to making your shikigamis very powerful. Without them, you will not be able to do a lot of the end game content. Souls basically give stat boosts and you can equip 6 of them. The goal is to optimize your souls that are equipped on your shikigami and give them the best efficiency depending on whether they are offense, defense or support.

Now as mentioned before, you can equip up to 6 souls per shikigami.

  • Slot 1: Flat Attack
  • Slot 2: Speed, Attack %, Defense %, HP%
  • Slot 3: Flat Defense
  • Slot 4: Status Accuracy, Status Resist, Attack%, Defense%, HP%
  • Slot 5: Flat HP
  • Slot 6: Critical%, Critical Damage%, Attack%, Defense%, HP%

Here is a cheet sheet that we made. (gamerdan.com has moved to amabroad.com)

onmyoji soul cheet sheet

As you can see, slots 2,4 and 6 are flexible and you can find the most suitable % stat for your shikigami. Below is a simple guideline on what you should be focusing on when it comes equipping souls on your shikigami:

  • Attackers – Speed, Atk%, Status Accuracy
  • Assassins – Critical%, Critical Damage, Atk%, Speed
  • Tanks/Support – HP%, Status Resist%, Status Accuracy

Soul Substats

Now substats is also a very important factor in improving your shikigami. This is also where end game players spend most of their time on.

Soul List

Here is a list of soul types available in the game.

Soul Name 2-set 4-set
Senecio – 返魂香 Effect RES +15% 25% chance (-60% on taunted targets) to inflict a random dazing effect on target upon receiving damage; Multi-damage only triggers once
Soul Edge – 薙魂 HP + 15% 50% chance to decrease 20% of one ST damage to an ally, plus share 50% of the damage
Tree Nymph – 木魅 Def +30% 25% chance (-60% on taunted targets) to remove 1 orb when an ally receives damage; Multi-damage only triggers once
Dice Sprite – 骰子鬼 Effect RES +15% When resist activates, RT normal attack w/ +50% damage
Mimic – 魍魎之匣 Effect RES +15% 25% chance (+ Effect HIT) to inflict a random debuff on target upon inflicting damage
Sea Spirite – 蚌精 Effect HIT +15% Produces a shield at the start of battle that lasts 1 turn. The shield lets all allies absorb damage equal to 10% of their HP
Azure Basan – 火靈 Effect HIT +15% 3 additional orb at start of each battle
Jizo Statue – 地藏像 HP + 15%
Upon receiving critical damage, generate a shield that absorb damage equal to 10% of max HP; 30% chance to cast shields on other team members; reduce 60% proc chance when attacked by provoked enemies
Holy Flame – 涅槃之火 HP + 15% If HP is less than 30% at the end of a turn, restores HP by 15%
Boroboroton – 被服 HP + 15% Damage taken decreases by 30%
Mirror Lady – 鏡姬 HP + 15% 30% chance to reflect 100% of damage received; reduce 60% proc chance when attacked by provoked enemies
Priestess – 鍾靈 HP + 15% 8% chance to inflict Daze (stun) upon damaging target
Tree Spirit – 樹妖 HP + 15% Increases all healing effects by 20%
Fenikkusu – 傷魂鳥 Critical % + 15% Recover HP by 15% and increase ATK by 15% upon defeating an enemy
Tomb Guard – 鎮墓獸 Critical % + 15% Gain 0.6% Crit DMG for every 1% HP lost
Seductress – 針女 Critical % + 15%
When inflicting critical damage, 40% chance to deal damage equal to 10% of the target’s max HP; max damage dealt is 120% of own ATK; Seductress can benefit from arena buffs but not other buffs.
Shamisen – 三味 Critical % + 15% Increases SPD of controlled allies by 30 (including self)
Claws – 網切 Critical % + 15% Critical DMG ignores 20% of target’s DEF
Shadow – 破勢 Critical % + 15% Deals an extra 40% damage against units with more than 70% HP
Pearl – 珍珠 Def +30% When healing allies, casts a shield that absorbs damage equal to 25% f the HP healed. The shield lasts 1 turn.
Temptress – 魅妖 Def +30% Grants a 25% (+ Effect HIT) chance of inflicting Confuse on the target when dealing damage
Snow Spirit – 雪幽魂 Def +30% Grants a 12% (+ Effect HIT) chance of inflicting Freeze on the target when dealing damage
Fortune Cat – 招財貓 Def +30% Grants a 50% chance of gaining 2 orbs at the start of a turn
Shy Soul – 反枕 Def +30% Grants a 20% (+ Effect HIT) chance of inflicting Sleep on the target for 1 turn when dealing damage
Dawn Fairy – 日女巳時 Def +30% Grants 20% chance (increased by 10% when target has a buff) to delay target’s move bar by 30% when dealing damage
Nightwing – 蝠翼 Attack +15% Converts 20% of damage dealt into HP
Soultaker – 輪入道 Attack +15% Grants 20% chanc of gaining 1 extra move after performing an action
Scarlet – 猙 Attack +15% 35% to counter with normal attack upon receiving damage; reduce 60% proc chance when attacked by provoked enemies
House Imp – 鳴屋 Attack +15% Deal additional 30% damage when the target is in a controlled state (frozen, stun, sleep, etc)
Watcher – 心眼 Attack +15% Deal 50% more damage on enemie withs less than 30% hp
Harpy – 陰摩羅 Attack +15% Gain 3 orbs upon defeating an enemy

Basic Info

shikigami basic info

Here it will tell you what your character is strong with. So, attack in this example is S rank making her a good attacker, her speed and crit are both A rank, and then her HP and Defense are both B rank which is pretty average.

Now there are two different ways to think about building a soul set. First, is making your strengths even stronger so kind of focus on attack, speed, and crits.

Or focus on your shortcomings like HP and Defense to kind of level off your character. Now, for me and this character in the way I have her built for my team I kind of want to emphasize her strengths.

So I’m gonna be focusing on her attack and her speed. And that really synergizes with the way I have her soul set up.

Soul Tab

Now, if you take a look at the screen in the video it’ll give you a preview of every single soul set in the game. And all of the two slot and the four slot bonuses.

Every single soul set has their own unique two slots and four slots. So if you kinda take a look at the few examples you’ll see that there are some you have access to at the very start of the game.

The two slots bonuses is an HP Bonus 15% and the 4 slot is Damage taken decreases 30%. Now, when you build your character you always wanna have a 4 and 2 slot.

Now, for the character Yuki. My 4 slot is Shadow, Deals an extra 40% damage against units with more than 70% HP.

Now the reason why I have her like this is for two things. First, if you go look at her info tab I have her speed set up to be 110.

She is the fastest person on my line up team and I want her to go first so she has access to the starting orbs to cast blizzard because it’s a strong AoE with a freeze chance. So when I start I wanna AoE everyone with Blizzard and capitalize on her going first and I’m guaranteed to know that the enemy I’m going against is full Hp at this point.

If you don’t have a character using a soul set like Shadow going first you really kind of screw yourself cause you risk them not being at 70% or better. So depending on what your team set up is you can kind of play with that but the easiest way to do that is to make sure anyone with the Shadow set is your fastest character.

So with the 4 slot, I have her set up with the Shadow then with the 2 slot bonus I have her with Harpy. Her 2 slot bonus basically gives her Attack bonus by 15% and as we’ve shown her other primary stat is her attack which is S rank.

So she gets a lot of bonus from focusing on attack. So this is how you think about souls, you think about what the character can do as far as skills, how they synergize in your team, then capitalize on it.

Another tip I wanna give is something a lot of people are confused on. When they first play the game they get confused on what to do because there are a lot of things to explore.

What you need to do is kind of have to change your mindset when you play Onmyoji. When you log in for the day and have a lot of sushi to burn you have to ask yourself “What do I wanna focus on today?”

The reason I say this is simple. Say I wanna replace 1-star souls and do my best to get 2 or 3-stars if I’m lucky so I’m gonna try to get better Shadow drops.

Now you can do this in many different ways. You can go to your chapter list and easily tell which one has the best odds of getting soul fragments but it’s not the only place to get them from.

Grinding in chapters may or may not work depending on luck but it is one method. You can also go to the shop and get them there or you can also fight Orochi as well.

If you do however do the Orochi dungeon you wanna make sure you have a team cause it gives you more bonuses. Even if you can carry the fight by yourself it’s just better to get the rewards by having a team.

So that’s kind of the gist of what you’re gonna be doing in this game. Focus on characters you like, learn how they synergize then go grind for it.

One last note on something you should do is going to the Soul shop every single day and buying everything you can. Go there and buy everything cause it’s super cheap, except the high price ones unless you really want them.

By kenny