path to nowhere progression guide - reroll-tips

This is a beginners progression guide for Path to Nowhere. It is a fun game and progression is actually very enjoyable, granted that you make sure you finish the vital tasks to get you ahead in the game.


Re-rolling In Game

The good thing about Path to Nowhere is that you do not have to re-roll much as the A and B rank units are very strong in their own right. They can carry you in certain stages. While S rank units are good, they often are higher cost and takes more resources to upgrade, which can halt your progression if you field too many S rank units.

Generally, you want about 2 S rank units in your roster with A and B rank units mixed in. I will introduce you some really good A and B units that can carry you far when your gacha RNG is bad.

Anyways, if you want to re-roll, you can.

The most straightforward way to reroll in Path to Nowhere is by creating a new account. You have the option to create accounts using Facebook, Twitter, Apple, or Gmail. Rerolling allows you to get Arrest Warrants and potentially acquire your favorite Sinners. Here is a step-by-step guide:

1. Go to your account’s profile in the top left corner of the screen.
2. On the bottom right corner, next to the Like option, there will be a hexagon-shaped symbol. Click on it.
3. Select the “Log out” option in the Settings menu that appears.
4. Once you are back on the Main Menu, choose the fourth option on the right side of the screen to log out from your previous account.
5. The four options – Apple, Facebook, Twitter, and Google – will be displayed. Log in with another account that you haven’t used before.
6. Your new account will be ready. Skip through the storyline, which may take around 2-3 minutes.
7. If you require more than four rerolls, create additional Gmail IDs or Facebook/Twitter accounts to have more options.

Once you have created a new account and completed the initial stages, follow these steps to reroll:

1. Play through the game and complete Stages 1-6 in DisCity.
2. Go to your mail and collect all the rewards.
3. Access the “Events” section and choose the “Pre-Registration Event” to claim the rewards.
4. You will now have 17 Arrest Warrants, which can be used to summon Sinners from DisCity.
5. Go to the “Arrest” section in the main menu.
6. Select the “Beginners” summoning banner, as it guarantees an S-grade Sinner for the first draw.
7. Perform the “Arrest x10” draw to obtain your new Sinners.
8. If you did not get your desired S-grade Sinner, repeat the process with a new account.

If you run out of accounts to switch, you can delete one of the accounts and recreate it. However, be aware that the developers have stated that it may take up to 24 hours to 15 days to log back in with a fresh account after deletion. Deleting an account should be done at your own risk. Once you log back in, you can continue the reroll process and hope for better results.

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Tier List (Recommended Units)

S Rank Units

Nox (Fury)

You will receive a top tier physical DPS unit for free after completing the newbie 14-day event. Nox has a special attack that deals damage to multiple enemies in a 3×3 grid area in front of her.

Furthermore, her passive ability permanently reduces enemies’ defense by a certain percentage. Her attack power increases as she defeats more enemies. Obtaining her is highly recommended, as she can be the primary damage dealer for your team in story mode. You can pair her with the unit you obtained from your first ten beginner summons, or you can save your hypercubes for future units.

Demon (Endura)

The best tank currently available. His special attack grants him a durable shield and also provides a shield to all allies positioned behind him in a cone shape.

In addition to his special attack, his passive ability automatically grants him a shield at regular intervals. As his health decreases, his shield becomes even stronger, offering increased protection. With his defensive capabilities, he proves to be an excellent choice for absorbing damage and protecting the team.

Baiyi (Umbra)

Baiyi, a key core damage dealer, excels at dealing high damage quickly. Her special attack targets all enemies in a cross-shaped area, inflicting 1 core damage to each of them. Additionally, she receives a boost to her critical rate, increasing her chances of dealing critical hits.

Her first passive ability allows her to stack attack speed, enabling her to deal even more damage over time. With her second passive, she gains an innate increase in critical rate, and each critical strike she lands grants her 1 energy. Baiyi’s abilities make her a formidable damage dealer capable of dealing significant damage and building up energy for further actions.

Langley (Reticle)

Langley is an excellent choice as her special ability allows you to target a specific 3×3 area of your choosing. This gives you precise control over where you want to inflict damage. Additionally, Langley can deal core damage to important bosses or mini monsters, making her a valuable asset in challenging encounters.

Her special debuff further enhances her damage output, with its effectiveness increasing based on the number of stacks on the enemy. Moreover, when an enemy is defeated, it triggers explosion damage to nearby enemies, causing additional damage.

A and B Rank Units

These units are easier to upgrade and max their shackles.

Ariel (Catalyst)

If you were unable to obtain Hamel, Ariel is an excellent alternative option. She possesses a wide range magical normal attack, allowing her to deal damage to multiple enemies at once.

Her special ability functions similarly to Hamel’s special, as it can heal a 3×3 area. While Hamel may have superior raw healing capabilities, Ariel offers the advantage of being able to contribute to the battle through her offensive abilities. This makes Ariel a valuable asset in terms of both healing and attacking, making her a strong choice for your team.

Hecate (Arcane)

Hecate is a starting character that you receive early on in the game. One of her strengths is her ability to deal core damage with her special attack. This is particularly useful when facing bosses or mini monsters that have core shields.

Her special attack allows you to choose the location where it will hit, making it effective against specific targets. It’s worth noting that her special attack can hit multiple enemies if they are grouped closely together within that area.

Che (Fury)

Che, despite being a B rarity unit, showcases impressive performance. Similar to Pacassi, she possesses the ability to inflict core damage within a 3x3x1 grid in front of her.

After executing her special attack, she applies a unique debuff to her targets. This debuff enhances the damage she deals to enemies that are affected by it. This combination of core damage and debuff makes Che a formidable force, capable of inflicting significant damage to enemies and taking advantage of strategic positioning.

Labyrinth (Umbra)

Labyrinth, obtained early on after completing chapter 1, possesses an impressive special ability.

Her special attack enables her to deal core damage in a “+” shaped area around her. What makes her even more valuable is that she can store up to 2 charges of her special, allowing her to break 2 core shields if necessary. This unique feature elevates Labyrinth to the ranks of top-tier units, despite her B rarity classification. Her ability to efficiently deal with core shields makes her a valuable asset in battles.

EMP (Reticle)

EMP is obtained for free during chapter 1 of the story mode and serves as an excellent backup unit if you didn’t acquire Langley. I personally use EMP and find her to be quite effective.

Her special attack has the ability to eliminate low HP units with precision while also dealing core damage. Additionally, she benefits from a special buff that increases her critical hit rate, allowing her to deliver powerful strikes frequently. Furthermore, when EMP successfully eliminates an enemy, she receives a lasting attack bonus for the remainder of the battle. This combination of skills and abilities makes EMP a valuable asset in your team lineup.

Progression Tips

Primary Objectives

There are a few main objectives you want to go after early on. They are:

  • Complete Chapter 6 to Get Nox
  • Unlock Higher Resource Stages
  • Unlock Management System to Level 5
  • Join a Guild (aka Alliance)
  • Max Your Friend List
  • Upgrade Your Key Units

As a beginner, you will want to follow the steps and complete the little tasks to get Nox. Once you accumulate 65 imprint points, you can get Nox. The missions are divided into seven days, and most of them can be completed while playing the game. You can afford to miss a few of them and still make it. Nox is a very strong melee attacker and can also be your only S rank alongside all your other A/B rank units for story progression early on.

Here are some tasks you need to be aware of each day.

Day 1

  • Reach level 15 and receive 10,000 mania essence.
  • Upgrade one sinner’s shackles to level one and get 30 low-level material supply chests.
  • Raise 6 sinners to at least level 20 and receive 10,000 mania essence.
  • Have a sinner reach 10% compliance and get 10,000 discoins.
  • Summon or “arrest” 10 sinners, send a message in the chat, and receive 10,000 coins.
  • Complete specific quests and missions to earn imprints.

Day 2

  • Complete assessments like ascending and phasing up sinners.
  • Upgrade six sinners by one phase and receive 15,000 discoins.
  • Automate three production buildings and get 15,000 discoins.
  • Dispatch characters twice and receive 30 low-level material supply chests.

Day 3

  • Level up sinners to phase one and then to level 30, earning 20,000 mania essence and an extra resource.
  • Complete two interrogations, granting 50 hypercubes and 20 phase 2 elemental fluid supply chests.

Day 4

  • Equip three crimebrands, which enhance character abilities in battles.
  • Upgrade six characters to level 40, reaching phase two, and get 25,000 mania essence.
  • Dispatch characters twice in the syndicate and clear one sinner’s mirage for rewards.

Day 5

  • Complete secret society mutual aids five times and gain 30,000 discoins.
  • Participate in broken frontlines three times and receive 20 mid-level supply chests.
  • Complete three interrogations and deal with two supervision incidents for additional rewards.

Day 6

  • Reach level 42 for 30,000 mania essence.
  • Make two sinners reach phase two for 30,000 discoins.
  • Upgrade three pieces of crimebrands to level 5 for more imprints.

Day 7

  • Upgrade crimebrands to level 5, participate in broken frontlines five times, and complete four interrogations.
  • Reach level 45, upgrade skills, and have the management center reach level 6 for 100 hypercubes.

Missing too many will cause you to miss out on Nox, which isn’t terrible, but it definitely feels bad.

After completing Chapter 3 of DisCity, you will have access to the majority of “The Rust” game modes. However, in order to access their more difficult stages and maximize your item farming, you must first level up your account.

For example, reaching Level 35 unlocks Stage 3 of Gold Rush and the Seed of Omen. By completing these stages, you will be able to farm more DisCoins and Mania Essence. This is great as a beginner because it allows you to promote your Sinners more frequently, enhancing their abilities and progress in the game. The difference between stage 3 and stage 4 isn’t too large, so it is quite good to farm stage 3 without losing out on stamina efficiency early on.

You can unlock the Minos System and access your Management Center by progressing through the DisCity stages. You can farm a variety of resources using the Minos System, including:

  • Multiples Alloys
  • DisCoins from the Black Market
  • Mania Essence from the Training Room
  • Stamina from the Greenhouse

To fully utilize the Minos System, you must first upgrade your Management Center to Level 5. You can upgrade your Black Market, Training Room, and Greenhouse to Level 3 once your Management Center reaches Level 5.

At this level, these facilities will generate a significant amount of resources on their own. They will continue to do so until you have amassed sufficient resources to upgrade your Management Center to Level 7. To maximize resource production, prioritize upgrading your Management Center and its associated facilities.

Joining an Alliance is essential if you want to amass a large amount of F2P resources and materials.

You can use the Alliance Exchange Shop (Low-Level) and the regular Alliance Exchange Shop in an Alliance. These shops sell a variety of items and resources that can be obtained with Alliance points. In the long run, you will need these resources to upgrade your Sinners.

It is advised to join an active Alliance that encourages its members to donate on a regular basis. You can help raise the level of your Alliance by participating in Check-ins and Donations. This is great even early in the game and will provide significant rewards later on.

Also, it is just as important to make new friends in the game as it is to join an Alliance. The Friend System includes two useful features: Assistance and Friend Point Exchange.

Except for a few exceptions, adding friends allows you to use their “Assist Units” in various game modes. These Assist Units can be extremely useful during battle.

Furthermore, the Friendship Shop, like the Alliance Shop, lets you exchange Friendship Points for items. This shop’s Dream Dust should be prioritized. Other items can be gotten based on where you are in the game.

When upgrading your units, you want to focus on your main DPS first, then your core breakers and supports after. The tank/blocker can be last because they usually don’t do damage and is there to soak up damage only.

As you level up your units, you will be able to strengthen them via:

  • Increased stats
  • Skill upgrades
  • Shackle upgrades
  • Equipping crimebrands
  • Rank up (improving passive skills)

Understanding Combat Mechanics

Path to Nowhere battle

As a beginner, you should keep five main mechanics in mind during combat. They are shown in the image from left to right:

  1. Time Limit: This indicates how much time you have left before failing the stage.
  2. Normal Monsters: This shows the number of regular, non-cored monsters remaining on the stage.
  3. Core Monsters: This displays the number of elite/boss monsters with cores remaining on the stage.
  4. Sanity (SAN): This indicates how many hits you can still take from monsters that bypass your Sinners.
  5. Shackle Links: This shows how many more times you can move your units across the map.

To use Ultimate Skills, click on a Sinner with a full Sinner Energy bar. Before you use them, read the skill description to understand how each one works.

Core-breaking is another important mechanic. Certain enemies have Cores that can be broken with specific Ultimate Skills or the “Dark Sound” Postetas (Chief Skill). When these Cores are broken, enemies are stunned, making them more vulnerable to damage and temporarily halting their movement.

To learn which units can break Cores, you will need to see that any unit with a white/red border on their profile is a core breaker. So in this case, Hecate, EMP, Gekkabjin and Labyrinth are core breakers.

General Path to Nowhere Tips

Clear Your Dailies and Weeklies

As a new player, you must make it a habit to complete your Daily and Weekly Surveillance Missions. Once you reach the endgame, these missions will become valuable sources of F2P Hypercubes and Warrants.

Because the resources you can obtain from these missions are valuable, you should begin accumulating them as soon as you begin playing the game. By completing these missions on a regular basis, you will ensure a steady accumulation of these resources, which will greatly benefit you as you progress.

Claim Stamina Daily

As a new player, it’s essential to maximize your stamina to gather resources efficiently. To do so, I recommend logging in during two specific timeframes:

  • UTC+7 11:00 – 24:00
  • UTC+7 17:00 – 24:00

During these timeframes, you can claim your supplies, which include two sets of 60 stamina each. This additional stamina will enable you to farm more resources and strengthen your Sinners effectively.

Manage Your Hypercubes Properly

The premium currency in this game is hypercubes. They can be used for a variety of purposes such as Arresting Sinners (aka gacha), purchasing Stamina, and purchasing in-game items from the Supply Office.

It’s critical to use Hypercubes wisely, especially if you’re a free-to-play (F2P) player, because they become more difficult to obtain as you progress through the game.

For F2P players, I recommend primarily using Hypercubes on unit banners where you have a chance of reaching the pity threshold (80 pulls), ensuring you get guaranteed rewards. Consider using them to buy stamina on occasion to keep your gameplay momentum going. I only spend on stamina if I can complete an important milestone such as getting my Sinner to the next ascension.

Be Aware of Movement Limit

Even though you are the Chief and have the capability to move Sinners instantly, your power is limited. There is a counter on the level screen that shows how many moves you have available. You may feel the need to move your units to respond as the waves of enemies become more dangerous and chaotic. However, you cannot do so freely because each position change reduces your moves. When you run out of moves, you’re stuck with your Sinners’ current positions. It is critical to save moves for the final wave.

Check Range

Each unit in this game can attack from a specific distance. Despite the fact that the game is played on a grid, the range of each Sinner is clearly visible when attempting to place them on the field. Based on the level layout, this visibility allows you to strategize and position your units to deal the most damage to enemies. It is especially important when positioning defensive units because their effectiveness is dependent on where they are placed. You don’t have to worry about melee units being obstructed because they can still hit their targets.

Use Postetas for Covering Weakness

You will unlock new features and mechanics in the game world as you progress through the introductory stages. “Potestas,” which represents your personal Chief powers, is a particularly useful and powerful feature. The Potestas screen contains a variety of abilities with varying effects, such as directly damaging enemies or assisting your Sinners in regaining stamina.

These Potestas abilities can be very powerful, but you can only bring one into battle. Consider the level layout, the coverage of your Sinner team, their composition, and the types of enemies you will face before making your choice. Analyzing these factors will assist you in determining which power will best support your strategy and cover any team weaknesses.

Always Have Core Breakers On Your Team

Many enemies in the game move slowly, giving you time to assess the situation and prepare yourself. The most dangerous enemies, however, are those who have Cores. These adversaries are slower, larger, stronger, and more resilient than others. The bright orange diamonds that appear next to their health bars help you identify them, and some of them may have multiple Cores. It is important to note that these enemies will not take significant damage or be deterred until these Cores are broken.

Fortunately, Sinners have Ultimate skills that are specifically designed to break Cores, and Potestas can do the same. When the Cores are broken, the enemies enter a Break state, in which they become more vulnerable and take more damage. Because these enemies frequently appear at inconvenient times, it is critical that you do not waste Core breaking moves until you have dealt with them. To maximize their effectiveness, save these special moves for when you encounter enemies with Cores.

Hold Your Enemies

As enemies appear on the battlefield, they will move closer to your Chief. They might not always take the shortest route and may wander around the area. Examine the field and identify points where enemy paths are likely to intersect in order to strategize effectively. To intercept the enemies, group your Sinners in those areas.

Defensive Sinners (such as Demon) can block and slow multiple enemies at the same time, buying you more time. Offensive Sinners, on the other hand, can attack while holding individual enemies in place, allowing you to deal damage to multiple enemies at the same time. By grouping enemies, you can unleash powerful attacks and use Ultimates to defeat them quickly and efficiently. This strategy allows you to deal massive damage while quickly cutting through enemy ranks.

At later stages, there will different enemy types that require more tanks or assassins in your team depending on the stages. You will want at least 2 melee units that can block enemies on your team.

Farming Resources via Auto Find

As you grind more resources, you will want to use this feature to quickly go farm the materials you need. Obtaining resources and materials in this game is straightforward. Simply click on them to uncover their source or location. This will provide you with the information you need to acquire those resources in the game.

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