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With Johto being out in PokeMMO, there are a few more popular spots for you to train and level up your Pokemon quickly, find Suicune or hunt for shiny Pokemon.

For those that want a video to see where to find are the best shiny horde training spots in PokeMMO, check out Benblade’s channel.

Victory Road (5x Sandslash, Level 38-49, +Defense EV, 5K EXP)

pokemmo johto ev training victory road

Fly to Indigo Plateau, then head down south back into the cave. Sweet Scent to find 100% encounter 5x Sandslash for a surf happy training spot and also a potential shiny Sandslash. Sometimes, they will use Protect, and it will waste a turn.

North of Mahogany Town (50/50 Horde Level 23-26 Flaffy  2.5k EXP / Girafarig 3k EXP)

johto pokemmo horde and shiny training

From the Mahogony Town, go up north past the guard and it will be at the first grass patch you see. Since it is a 50/50 horde of Flaffy and Giragarig, you have a chance to get 2 types of shinies. In addition, you can train mid level pokemon here.

Left of Mahogony Town (50/50 Horde Level 18-21, Mareep/Mankey)

johto pokemmo horde training 2

From the Mahogony Town Pokemon Center, head west and it is just right outside of town for a Horde Mareep or Mankey. Another great place for shiny hunting.

If you go just slightly further west into the small pool area, you can also hunt for Horde Goldeen there.

Dragon’s Den by Blackthorn City (Horde Dratini/Magikarp, Level 33-34)

johto pokemmo dratini horde

This is the very first spot where you get a horde Dratini for shiny hunting. The experience here is okay for mid level weak Pokemon. Magikarp is a bonus, but it does pull the overall experience gain down quite a bit.

South of Blackthorn City (Horde Gligar/Graveler Level 30-33, +Defense EV)

johto pokemmo gilgar shiny hunting

This place is more of a shiny hunting spot since Graveler has sturdy, which will ruin your runs sometimes if your Pokemon is low level. You just go straight south of the city, jump past the first ledge and you will find it in the wild grass area.

Safari Zone (Horde Gloom/Fearow/Tauros 23-25, about 3k EXP)

safari zone johto pokemmo horde shiny hunting

From the Safari Zone Gate, go south past the bridge and on the first wild grass will be the hot spot for Tauros, Gloom (morning)/Fearow (night) shiny. You can also do some leveling here.

West of Ecutreak City (Horde Magnemite Level 15-16)

magnemite johto pokemmo shiny hunting

If you like Magnemite, this is a decent hunting spot for it. The leveling here is terrible, so it is mostly for shiny hunting. Most Magnemite will have sturdy, so they won’t die in 1 hit.

West of Olivine City (Horde Tentacruel Level 19-23, 1.4k EXP)

tentacruel johto horde training

Tentacruel is not a popular shiny since it is available in most regions, but for low level training, it is okay. Just head west of the city and then south. You will see the a surf area.

For other region EV Training, you can check out the post here or here.

What is Horde EV Training in PokeMMO?

Effort Values, or EVs, are a way to enhance a Pokémon’s stats by defeating specific types of Pokémon. Each Pokémon defeated will provide EV points in one or more of its six stats: HP, Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense, and Speed. By strategically battling specific Pokémon species or using items like vitamins, you can max out a Pokémon’s EVs in the stats you want to enhance.

Here’s a brief overview of how EV training works in PokeMMO:

  1. Defeat Specific Pokémon: To earn EV points, you need to defeat specific Pokémon species that give EVs in the stat you want to increase. Each Pokémon species provides EV points in one or two specific stats. For example, defeating Geodude may give Defense EVs, while defeating Voltorb may give Speed EVs.
  2. Check EVs: You can check a Pokémon’s EVs in the Pokemon info in the game. This will show you how many EVs a Pokémon has accumulated in each stat.
  3. Max Out EVs: The maximum number of EVs a Pokémon can have in a single stat is 510, with a limit of 252 EVs in any one stat. It’s common to spread the remaining 6 EVs across other stats or leave them unused.
  4. Use Vitamins: You can also use vitamins (e.g., HP Up, Protein, Iron) to increase a Pokémon’s EVs in a specific stat. These items provide 10 EVs each and can help speed up the EV training process.
  5. Reset EVs: If you want to change a Pokémon’s EV spread, you can use items like berries to reset its EVs back to zero. This allows you to retrain your Pokémon for a different role.
  6. Plan Your Training: Competitive players often plan their Pokémon’s EV spreads carefully to maximize their strengths in battles. For example, a physical sweeper might focus on Attack and Speed EVs, while a tank might focus on HP and Defense EVs.

What is Shiny Hunting in PokeMMO?

Shiny Hunting in PokeMMO refers to the practice of attempting to encounter and capture shiny Pokémon within the game. Shiny Pokémon are incredibly rare variants of regular Pokémon with an alternate color palette. They are highly sought after by collectors and trainers due to their rarity and unique appearance.

Here’s how shiny hunting typically works in PokeMMO:

1. Encounter Rate: Shiny Pokémon have an extremely low encounter rate in PokeMMO, just as in the official Pokémon games. The standard encounter rate for shiny Pokémon is estimated to be around 1 in 8,192 in most cases.

2. Random Encounters: Shiny Pokémon can appear randomly during regular wild encounters, meaning you can potentially encounter a shiny version of any wild Pokémon you come across.

3. Chain Fishing: Some players engage in “chain fishing” as a method of shiny hunting. This involves repeatedly using a fishing rod without moving to other tiles. Each consecutive fish increases the odds of encountering a shiny Pokémon, making it a popular method for shiny hunting.

4. Soft Resetting: In specific cases, such as when trying to obtain a shiny legendary Pokémon through in-game events, players may employ the “soft resetting” method. This involves saving the game just before encountering the legendary Pokémon and repeatedly resetting the game until the legendary appears as a shiny. The odds of this happening are still very low, but it allows for repeated attempts.

5. Use of Items: Some items and abilities can increase the likelihood of encountering shiny Pokémon. For example, the Shiny Charm, which is obtained by completing the National Pokédex, boosts the shiny encounter rate.

6. Persistence: Shiny hunting is often a game of patience and persistence. It can take a long time to encounter a shiny Pokémon, so players must be prepared for a lot of repetitive encounters.

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