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I will show you the best XP spot in each region in PokeMMO, some of which will require Leppa berries. I’ll provide alternative spots for the average player which will yield less XP but won’t require Leppa berries, saving you some potion costs.

General Info on Leveling

When it comes to XP training, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. In the mid or early game, just focus on single encounters or try to use Sweet Scent Pokemon wherever possible. Usually, there aren’t many early-game hordes, and you typically won’t have access to an AOE move like Earthquake at that point. So, running back and forth and getting those single encounters for XP is your best bet.

Once you defeat one region, everything speeds up significantly. You can always return to that region and XP train for other storylines, which is fantastic.

For example, if you’re in Sinnoh at the fourth gym badge, and let’s say your max obedience is level 32 but your other Pokemon are at levels 20 or 22, and you’ve already completed Kanto, you can take a boat back to Kanto, then return to Sinnoh, XP train your Pokemon at a horde since you have access to level 100 Pokemon in Kanto.

Train your Pokemon up to 30 or 32, ensuring not to exceed the cap, and then return to that region and conquer the gym you were stuck on. That’s the general purpose of leveling, and of course, getting Pokemon to level 100.

Now, let’s talk about what you’ll need. Firstly, you’ll need one AOE Pokemon, something like Discharge, Surf, or Earthquake. These moves target all adjacent Pokemon in a horde. Be careful if you’re using a Discharge Pokemon not to attack any ground types, as they’ll be immune. If you’re using a Surf-type Pokemon, make sure not to attack hordes of water-absorbent Pokemon.

You might also want some Leppa berries. While optional, they can speed up XP rates in certain regions. It’s good to try to avoid spending Pokecoins if possible. Additionally, you’ll need a Sweet Scent Pokemon.

The most powerful method is to summon hordes of five Pokemon consistently with Sweet Scent. Keybind your Sweet Scent for efficiency. A PP Max will make a significant difference, allowing you to use Sweet Scent more frequently.

Always keep in mind that the XP gets split up among the Pokemon you’re leveling, so multiple EXP shares are relevant. However, make sure the AOE Pokemon you use is not at level 100. If it is, you’ll essentially be wasting half of your XP. This is because if a level 100 Pokemon is used in battle, no XP is gained.

Kanto for XP Training in PokeMMO

cerulean cave xp training pokemmo
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Starting with Kanto, we’ll cover the best spots. Cerulean City is our first location. From here, we’ll head to Cerulean Cave. Ensure you’ve completed the storyline and the islands mini-Quests to access this cave. Inside, you’ll want to Sweet Scent near the water to encounter Golduck. Remember, this is a Leppa Berry spot. After using a Leppa Berry, discharge to get around 6-7k XP on average per horde.

kanto horde training spot pokemmo
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If you prefer not to use Leppa Berries in Kanto, there are two other spots. The first is at the Elite Four, a common training ground. Head to Victory Road, Sweet Scent in the cave, and you’ll encounter Marowak and Sandslash. Use Earthquake or Surf. You’ll get around 4.8k XP per horde.

kanto xp training spot pokemmo
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The second spot in Kanto is on Island Seven, where you’ll find Tentacruel. This spot doesn’t require Leppa Berries. Sweet Scent near the water and you’ll encounter Tentacruel. Discharge for approximately 7.8k XP.

Hoenn for XP Training in PokeMMO

hoenn xp training spot pokemmo

In Hoenn, the best spot is at the Battle Frontier, where you’ll find Tentacruel. This is a Lepa Berry spot. Use Lepa Berries and discharge for around 6k XP.

Sinnoh for XP Training in PokeMMO

sinnoh xp training spot pokemmo

Sinnoh offers two spots. One is at Stark Mountain, but it’s far from a PC, making it less practical. The recommended spot is at Resort Area. No Leppa Berries are needed. You’ll encounter Pelipper and Mantine. Use discharge for around 5k XP per horde.

sinnoh pokemmo xp training spot

Right before the Pokemon League, you can also find a horde Tentacruel spot for 7k EXP.

Unova for XP Training in PokeMMO

unova xp training spot with speed EV pokemmo

Unova provides several good spots. Rapidash west of Lacunosa Town offers around 7k XP per horde.

unova xp training spot with special defense or defense EV pokemmo

At Undella Bay, you can encounter either Mantine or Pelipper for special defense or defense EV training. The XP here ranges from 4.8k to 5.2k per horde.

leppa berry Unova horde xp training spot in pokemmo

For the best XP in Unova, head to Giant Chasm for Piloswine. This is likely a Leppa Berry spot, providing around 6k XP.

Johto for XP Training in PokeMMO

pokemmo johto ev training victory road

In Johto, the best spot is just right before the Pokemon League. Fly to Indigo Plateau, then head down south back into the cave. Sweet Scent to find 100% encounter 5x Sandslash for a surf happy training spot and also a potential shiny Sandslash. Sometimes, they will use Protect, and it will waste a turn. You will get about 5.8k EXP.

Finally, it’s important to avoid using level 100 Pokemon in battle, as they won’t gain any XP. Level up lower-level Pokemon along the way, and you can sell them for extra Pokecoins once they reach level 100.

That covers all the XP training spots across various regions. I hope you found this guide helpful.

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