Pokemmo Guide for Beginners

Welcome to the beginners guide for PokeMMO! In this simple tutorial, we will go over all the basics and things you need to know about the game as a brand new player. If you have played the stand alone version (Pokemon Black, Pokemon Gold etc.), you will want to know a few of the differences compared to PokeMMO.

PokeMMO vs Regular Pokemon Differences

Here is a list of things that are different in PokeMMO:

  • Hidden abilities in PokeMMO are not always available
  • Battles, especially Gym bosses and the Elite 4 are harder than the regular versions
  • Gym rebattles are in double battles and scale with your Pokemon’s level up to around level 85, after which they stop scaling. It’s best to rebattle them with level 100 Pokemon to ensure you have a stronger team.
  • There is trading, which allows you to easily buy or trade pokemon/items (a huge bonus)
  • Being able to play and catch pokemon with friends
  • You can travel between regions if you want, by boat
max level cap for badges
Source: https://i.imgur.com/E8tdOtV.png
  • Each region will have a level cap limit based on the number of badges you have (more = higher level cap), meaning you cannot use high level pokemon you trained in one region on another region unless you have beaten the Elite 4 of both regions.
  • Breeding new pokemon consumes both the old pokemon
  • You CANNOT catch legendary pokemon
  • All pokemon except Dugtrio have gen 7 base stats
  • PvP puts all Pokemon at level 50 stats (with EV and IV stats)
  • Breeding Pokemon can be quite expensive, but it’s important for competitive play
  • You can encounter horde Pokemon (groups of 3 or 5) sometimes or use Sweet Scent to fight them for more experience

Shiny Pokemon are extremely rare, with a 1 in 30,000 chance of encountering one. If you come across one and are unsure if you can catch it, use the Master Ball – it’s a unique item and you only get one per region, so don’t waste it by selling it. Be cautious of moves like Roar, Self Destruct, and recoil moves, as they can cause the Shiny Pokemon to flee or faint. When in doubt, use the Master Ball to ensure you don’t miss the chance to catch a Shiny.

With that being said, let’s go with the basics.

General Info

Base Stat, EV, IV and Nature

Base Stats: Base stats are the starting stats of a Pokemon when it reaches level 50 without any special boosts like Nature, IVs, or EVs. Each stat is reduced by five points (except HP, which is reduced by sixty points) to get the base stat.

IVs: IVs, or Individual Values, are hidden stats unique to each Pokemon. They range from 0 to 31 in each stat and have a different effect on stats depending on the Pokemon’s level. At level 100, each IV adds one point to the corresponding stat. IVs also determine the type of Hidden Power for a Pokemon. Wild Pokemon’s IVs are randomly determined.

Here are some resources to help with explaining IV:

EV: EVs, or effort values, are gained by battling other Pokemon. Defeating a Pokemon or using vitamins can increase a Pokemon’s EVs. The maximum limit for EVs in one stat is 252, and the total limit is 510 EVs for a Pokemon. At level 100, every set of four EVs added to the same stat gives a boost of 1 to the stat. Macho Brace can help in EV training by doubling the EVs gained in battles. Hordes are also useful for fast EV training.

Here are some info to help you with EV farming:

Nature Modifier: Every Pokemon has one of twenty-five Natures, which can boost one stat by 10% (marked in red) and reduce another by 10% (marked in blue). The other five Natures have no effect, and no Nature modifies HP. The Nature Modifier (Nmod) shows the percentage change in stats due to a Pokemon’s Nature.

Breeding and Daycare

Breeding and daycare work differently in PokeMMO than in other Pokemon games. A lady inside the daycare can level up your Pokemon for $1000 per level. The old man outside can assist with breeding. However, you must give him the parent Pokemon in order to receive the offspring (the parents will not be returned). That means that anything you use to breed will be permanently gone. 

Power Braces can be used to pass down IVs, but they won’t help with EV training because EV boosts are disabled. Everstone can be used to pass down a specific nature. However, Destiny Knot is ineffective in PokeMMO. An Ability Pill can also be used to change a Pokemon’s ability to its non-hidden second ability. You can find Ability Pills and Power Braces sold at the daycare.

When using the daycare for leveling up, your Pokemon will gain about 60% of the experience they would normally get in the same region.

Here are some resources for breeding:

Items and Money

For finding items:

  • Pokeballs with items can be found throughout the story, but they can only be obtained once, and they are untradeable and cannot be used with Move tutors.
  • To find those items again, you can use the Pickup mechanic, which has a high reward if you spend a good amount of time with it. There are some differences in the Pickup mechanic from regular games, which you can check.
  • Another method is berry farming, where you can find loamy soil in specific places. You can also craft certain items using other items with the help of some NPCs available in Castelia, Driftveil, and Unova League Pokemarts.
  • Additionally, you can earn Battle Points to buy items that are only available with battle points. You can check the items available in Pokemarts to see what’s offered.

Here is an Item Guide by RakuenX.

Earning money:

  • Making money in the game isn’t easy before completing the majority of regions and defeating the Elite 4. However, beating the Elite 4 opens up many methods for making money.
  • If you’re low on money and haven’t completed four badges yet, you can try rebattling trainers. They reset every 6 hours for another rematch. Check out this re-battle guide video by Patrouski.
  • Once you have obtained four badges, you can farm for breeders, which are Pokemon with 30/31 IVs (25+ x4 can also work). This can be a good way to earn money.

Here are some resources on making money in PokeMMO:

Choosing a Region to Start

pokemmo best region to start

There are 4 regions, arranged in the order I think you should go with:

  • Unova
  • Hoenn
  • Kanto
  • Sinnoh

Each region has some pros and cons to start. However, if you just want to play your favorite region that you played as a kid, that works too. It is not a big deal to start in a “weaker” region.

Here is a summary of what each region offers (pros and cons):


  • Kanto is the first region with great features.
  • The Safari Zone is the best early game money maker, accessible after the fourth or fifth gym badge.
  • Safari Zone allows catching Pokémon and breeders at a lower cost, making it profitable.
  • Kanto has excellent EV training spots for each stat, including defense and speed.
  • Sevii Islands unlock as you progress, offering good leveling spots and other benefits.
  • Vermilion City is a popular social hub and main city in the region, allowing transfers between regions.
  • Larvitar spawns in the wild on Island Seven, Salva Canyon, making it a valuable catch exclusive to Kanto.
  • Mushroom Maniac offers cost-effective move relearning options.
  • Amulet Coin farming spot on Island One is notable.
  • Some downsides of Kanto include limited access to great features like Sevii Islands until post-game or after defeating Elite Four.
  • Bulbasaur, the starter Pokémon, struggles in the current meta due to resistant Pokémon in Erika’s and Koga’s teams.
  • Kanto’s storyline involves long dungeons with complex puzzles, which can be time-consuming.
  • Breeding is not available until you reach Island Four, which is part of the Sevii Islands, making it a significant drawback.


  • Hoenn has two starter wild spawns, offering both Hoenn and Johto starters.
  • Excellent EV training spots in the Battle Frontier, with various Pokémon suitable for specific stat training.
  • The unique Battle Tower in Hoenn allows players to spend Battle Points on items and move tutors.
  • Smeargle Cave is great for shiny hunting, teaching utility moves, and catching Smeargle for profit.
  • Rare five-times Magikarp spot in Pseudopolis City for shiny Magikarp hunting.
  • Lava Ridge Town offers the best Ditto farming spot in the game.
  • Hoenn has a lengthy and sometimes annoying storyline compared to other regions.
  • Navigating through water paths can be confusing and lead to frequent Tentacruel encounters.
  • Some gyms, like the one with Slaking, can be challenging, requiring careful preparation.
  • Post-game gym rebattles are limited.
  • Shiny hunting through five-times hordes may not be as abundant as in other regions.


  • Sinnoh has unique and rare spawns, including high-level Magikarp in the Resort Area.
  • Rotom spawns in Sinnoh and is relevant in PvP battles.
  • Honey trees offer encounters with niche and rare Pokémon, great for shiny hunting and income.
  • Sinnoh has the worst EV training spots and leveling spots in the game
  • Pickup mechanic doesn’t work in Sinnoh, affecting the profitability of Pay Day.
  • Not many good Pay Day spots in Sinnoh.


  • Unova offers the most EV training spots, including high-level ones, making it the best region for EV training.
  • It has a great variety of training spots for different stats, with several of the best spots in the game.
  • Unova excels in gym rebattles, with numerous excellent gyms to challenge.
  • Introduces powerful Moxie Pokémon like Scrafty and Krookodile, useful for progressing through the story.
  • Offers many five-times shiny spots for shiny hunting, including Druddigon and Mienshao.
  • Features a mall where players can purchase any TM in the game, providing convenience and potential for passive income.
  • Provides opportunities to battle formidable NPCs like Cynthia and Morimoto, rewarding generous amounts of Pokéyen.
  • The early game in Unova can be challenging and slow-paced due to the first gym countering the chosen starter Pokémon.
  • Overleveling is often necessary to overcome this obstacle.
  • The late game poses its own difficulties with challenging Ice, Dragon, and Flying gyms.
  • Some EV spots and leveling spots are only accessible in the post-game, limiting their availability during the main storyline.

Game Walkthrough and Resources

For new players, here is a list of very useful resources that I have used that may help you in the game.

Guide Tavern – The official PokeMMO forums with guides and information written by veteran players. Here is a list of premium guide by the members of the forum.

PokeMMO Hub – A nice website for useful PokeMMO tools, guides and information about the game.

PokeMMO Wiki – A comprehensive reference written and maintained by the players.

Psypokes – A great site for story walkthroughs. This includes all regions and they actually give you pictures to help you figure out where specific items are.

Pokemondb.net – A good website for checking pokemon evolution, movesets and overall information.

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