This tutorial will go over the main storyline for Johto (HeartGold/SoulSilver) in PokeMMO. The walkthrough covers the key things you need to do to beat all 8 gyms and get to the elite 4 for this region.

New Bark Town and Starters

– Adventure starts in New Bark Town, character’s bedroom.
– Check computer for first Mail.
– Go downstairs and talk to mom.
– Mom explains basic stuff and commands.
– Exit the house after talking to mom.

– Outside encounter with Marill from unchosen character, who is friends with your character.
– Marill and the other character run off.
– Head to Elm Laboratory (left of your house).
– Red-haired guy looks into the lab from a window.
– Professor Elm talks to you, requests a visit to Mr. Pokemon on Route 30.
– Elm offers you a choice of his starter Pokemon: Chikorita, Cyndaquil, Totodile.

As for who to pick, it depends on whether you want an easier time or not. Totodile (water) and Cyndaquil(fire) will have an easier time due to better typing and coverage. Chikorita is the hardest one.

However, for PokeMMO veteran, you can always buy a sweeper or alpha pokemon with the right EVs to speed run the story mode. As for new players, you will want to use your starter until you have earned some cash.

– Woman near Oak’s Lab stops you if you try to leave town.
– Go home and speak to your Mom to progress.
– Receive PokeGear and offer to save money won from battles.
– PokeGear appears on stylus menu, can view map and phone numbers.
– After getting PokeGear, you can explore outside.
– Friend’s house is south of yours, Elm’s family lives above his Lab.
– Talking to the suspicious redhead results in being pushed away.
– Elm gives you five Potions (20 HP each) as you leave his Lab.
– Proceed west to the first Route of the game.

Route 29

– Route 29 is the first area for encountering wild Pokémon.
– It’s straightforward, and your starter can handle the wild Pokémon here.
– Daytime: Hoppip, Sentret; Nighttime: Hoothoot, Rattata.
– Proceeding on the path, you’ll reach a building on the north side.
– Passing through leads to Route 46, a dead-end for catching Geodude.
– On Route 29, find a Potion in the upper right corner, east of the building.
– Going west leads to the route’s end, near a raised section with an Apricorn tree.
– Enter Cherrygrove City to the west; can’t collect Apricorns yet.
– On Tuesdays, meet Tuscany, who talks about her siblings across Johto.
– Tuscany gives Twistedspoon, boosts Psychic-type attack power by 20%.
– Tuscany’s siblings have similar items to give out on different days.

Cherrygrove City

– Upon entering Cherrygrove, an old man insists on giving you a tour.
– Tour includes Pokemon Center for healing, Pokemon Mart for items, road to next Route, and a body of water.
– He takes you to his house and gives you the running shoes, a quality of life item for the rest of the game.
– Now you can heal and buy items at the Pokemart, excluding Pokeballs.
– Head to the road the old man mentioned.
– He gives you a Map expansion card for your PokeGear.

Route 30

– Chikorita players (SoulSilver) should avoid Weedle (day) and Spinarak (night) due to Poison Sting.
– HeartGold players find Caterpie (day) and Ledyba (morning) here.
– First route with version-specific wild encounters.
– Find Potion in plain sight, then head north to a house.
– Man gives you Apricorn Box to store Apricorns from trees.
– Take Green Apricorn, continue north, find a free Antidote.
– Reach a path split; take the right route towards Mr. Pokemon’s house.
– Pink Apricorn available on a tree outside his house.
– Mr. Pokemon gives you a Pokemon Egg, heal your Pokémon.
– Professor Oak visits, gives you a Pokedex.
– Pokedex records seen or caught Pokémon; view using touch screen button.
– After leaving, Elm calls, urgent situation at his lab.
– Proceed south, avoid wild encounters by jumping down ledges.
– Return to Cherrygrove, enter Route 29.

rival battle 1 pokemmo johto
– Red-haired character challenges you to your first trainer battle.

Road to Violet City

– Leave New Bark Town.
– Friend teaches you how to catch Pokémon on Route 29.
– Receive five Pokeballs to start catching Pokémon.
– Return to Route 30’s split path after boosting your team.
– Battle Youngsters (Pidgey, Rattata) and Bug Catchers (Caterpie, Weedle) on the left path.
– Proceed north to Route 31
– Head right after Cuttable tree, continue north to approach a cave.

outside dark cave - pokemmo

– Dark Cave is optional.
– Can catch Zubat or Geodude.
– Find a Potion while exploring Dark Cave.
– Zubat’s evolution is useful, despite Zubat being weak on its own.
– Exit Dark Cave, grab Potion outside, and proceed west.

-Fight Trainer with Magby.

– Find Black Apricorn tree and a PokeBall.
– Face Bug Catcher with Caterpie and Weedle.
– Friend gives Vs. Recorder at the outpost before Violet City.

Violet City

– Violet City is the first city in the game.
– Gym is currently unattended, so explore the city.

juggler shards - pokemmo johto
– Juggler outside Pokémon Center wants colored Shards for Berries.
– House to the left has an in-game trade: Onix for Bellsprout.
– Earl’s Pokemon Academy above the Pokémon Center teaches battle basics.
– Proceed to Sprout Tower in the north of the city.
– Tower has three floors with Bellsprout-wielding Sages.

bellsprout tower - pokemmo johto

– Defeat the Elder Sage at the top of the Sprout Tower to continue the story.
– Wild Rattata during the day and wild Gastly at night.
– Navigate through the tower’s floors, picking up items.
– Rival battles the Elder Sage, then leaves.
– Go to the Gym now and battle Faulkner (flying types).

– Battle 2 Trainers and fight Falkner.

falkner gym battle - pokemmo johto

– Falkner has level 12 Pidgey(Normal/Flying) and level 14 Pidgeotto(Normal/Flying). Only Chikorita will have problems here.

– Defeating Falkner rewards TM 51 – Roost (heals user but loses Flying-type temporarily) and Zephyr Badge.
– Zephyr Badge allows Rock Smash use, boosts Attack, and ensures obedience up to Level 24.
– Professor Elm calls after Gym, meet his assistant at the Pokemart.
– Receive the Mystery Egg; after 2,500 steps, it hatches into Togepi with Extrasensory.
– Encounter first Kimono Girl, follow to reach Route 32.
– Take Yellow Apricorn from the tree on the way.

hm - rock smash - pokemmo johto

– You can also head northwest on Route 36 to pick up HM – Rock Smash from the NPC.
– With Zephyr Badge and Togepi’s egg, back track and proceed south to Route 32.
– Man lets you pass, gives Miracle Seed (boosts Grass-type attacks by 20% for Chikorita).

Route 32

– Players can find new pokemon like Mareep, Ekans.
– Head south on Route 32; encounter Youngster (Rattata, Zubat) and Picnicker (Nidoran F) along the way. There is a Repel on the left path with tall grass.
– Path splits, both sides lead to Pokemon Center at route’s end.
– Left path has Camper (Nidoran M) and a Great Ball.
– Right path on a bridge has Fishermen (Chinchou, Poliwag, Magikarp, Goldeen).

bullet seed tm - pokemmo johto
– TM 09 – Bullet Seed found before merging paths; near Youngster with Wooper.
– Man tries to sell Slowpoketail for a million dollars (plot point).
– Frieda gives Poison Barb (20% boost to Poison-type attacks) on Fridays.
– Speak to Fisherman near the counter at Pokemon Center for Old Rod.
– Receive two Lure Balls from a man inside the Center.
– Teala gives Pal Pad (store friend codes) downstairs after first badge.

shell bell - pokemmo johto

– Use Rock Smash to get a Shell Bell south of the Pokemon Center.

– Encounter Bird Keeper (Spearow, Pidgey) and Union Cave entrance outside.

Union Cave

– Union Cave is the first mandatory cave in the game.
– Encountering Rattata, Zubat, Geodude; Onix for EXP.
– HeartGold players find Sandshrew occasionally.
– Mix of trainers including Hikers, Firebreathers, and Pokemaniac.
– Hikers have Rock Pokemon, Firebreather has Vulpix.

metal claw - pokemmo johto
– Left and up for X Attack; north and down the stairs for TM – Metal Claw and X Defend.
– Go towards the Hiker with Onix. There is a Lure on the left side.
– Grab a Great Ball near Firebreather with Koffing.
– Continue down south and work towards the southeast corner for the exit.
– Pick up Awakening near the exit before entering Route 33.

Route 33

route 33 - pokemmo johto

– Route 33 is a brief area between Union Cave and Azalea Town.
– Permanent rain in HeartGold and SoulSilver, likely due to proximity to Azalea Town’s Slowpokes.
– Encounter one Hiker with Geodude and Machop.
– Pink and Black Apricorns available on trees.
– Some grass without new Pokemon.
– Proceed west to enter Azalea Town.

Azalea Town

azalea town - pokemmo johto

– Upon arrival, witness an argument between a man and a Rocket Grunt in black near a well.
– Explore Azalea Town; note a Team Rocket member blocking the Gym entrance.
– Enter the house left of the Pokemon Center to meet Kurt.
– Kurt makes Pokeballs from Apricorns; explains Team Rocket’s presence.
– Team Rocket has seized Slowpoke Well, cutting off Slowpoke tails for profit.
– Kurt asks for your help to defeat Team Rocket and rushes to the well.
– Follow Kurt to Slowpoke Well.

Slowpoke Well

– Enter the actual Slowpoke Well cave through the archway.
– Follow the linear path and fight three Rocket Grunts.
– First female Grunt with Zubat and Ekans.
– Male Grunt with two Rattata.
– Another male Grunt with Rattata and two Zubat.
– Find Super Potion near the female Grunt.
– Encounter wild Slowpoke, a good Water-type choice.
– Reach the end of the path to meet the first Rocket Executive.

slowpoke well - pokemmo johto

– Fight Proton, a Rocket Executive who was previously a Grunt in Generation II.
– Proton has Level 17 Grimer, Level 17 Zubat and Level 18 Koffing.
– Defeating Proton makes Team Rocket leave Slowpoke Well.
– Kurt appears, thanks you for helping Slowpoke, and transports you to his house.
– Kurt gives you a Fast Ball and offers more if you bring Apricorns.
– His granddaughter asks for your phone number.
– Slowpoke return to Azalea Town streets.
– Grab a White Apricorn from the tree next to Kurt’s house.

Azalea Gym Battle

– Azalea Gym has been revamped in HeartGold and SoulSilver.
– Suspended over a giant spider web with Spinarak-like lifts.
– Cross platforms using lifts over the web.
– First trio of platforms: right is a dead end, center has Bug Catcher (Caterpie, Weedle), left advances.
– Fight another Bug Catcher with the Weedle family.
– Hit the blue lever near the next lift:
– If triggered, battle Bug Catcher with Paras, hit dead-end, backtrack to flip lever again.
– If not triggered, engage in a double battle with Twins (Spinarak, Ledyba).
– Hit blue lever by the Twins, then hit red lever.
– If both red and blue levers are triggered, the lift takes you to Bugsy.

azalea gym battle - pokemmo johto

Bugsy has:

  • Level 19 Scyther (Bug/Flying) – Quick Attack, Leer, U-Turn, Focus Energy
  • Level 17 Beedrill (Bug/Poison)
  • Level 17 Butterfree (Bug/Flying)

Having any flying type attacks will make this an easy gym battle.

– Defeat Bugsy to receive TM 89 – U-Turn (Physical Bug-type attack, switches user out after attacking).
– Also obtain Hivebadge, allowing use of Cut outside battle and ensuring obedience up to level 29.

Ilex Forest + Rival Challenge

– Leave Azalea Town for Ilex Forest through the western outpost.
– Your Rival will challenge you to a rematch before you can proceed.
– Rival has acquired new Pokemon and evolved his starter.

  • Level 18 Zubat
  • Level 18 Gastly
  • Level 19 Bayleef/Croconaw/Quilava

– Ilex Forest is the second mandatory dungeon-like area in the game.
– Unlike Viridian Forest in Kanto, Ilex Forest is dark due to dense trees.
– Wild encounters can happen anywhere in the forest.
– During the day, some light shines into the forest.
– Encounter Bug-Type Pokemon like Metapod, Kakuna, Caterpie, Grass-type Pokemon like Paras and Zubat during the night.
– Paras is useful for in-game catching due to Spore move.
– Head north and speak to a boy by a Cuttable tree.
– Boy’s boss’ Farfetch’d have run off into the forest.
– He asks for your help in bringing the Farfetch’d back.

ilex forest - pokemmo johto

– Sneak up on Farfetch’d from behind and talk to it.
– Piles of twigs on the ground can alert Farfetch’d if stepped on.
– To catch the first Farfetch’d, go around nearby trees and approach from behind.

– There is a Revive near the leaf stone.

– To catch the second Farfetch’d, chase it to northeastern corner and use piles of twigs to approach from behind.
– Employer arrives after catching both Farfetch’d.
– Receive HM01 – Cut as gratitude.
– Back in Azalea Town, get a free Charcoal from employer’s house (boosts Fire-type attacks).
– Teach Cut to a suitable Pokemon (Oddish, Paras).
– Continue through the forest; see shrine to Celebi.
– Head north to lake; southeast dead-end has a Leaf Stone.
– Find Antidote near lake’s edge.
– Discover hidden Super Potion near man by trees.
– Encountering a Kimono Girl near Ether; help her out of the forest.

– A split in the path: left leads to straightforward exit, right to the man near trees.
– Gives TM – Headbutt, causing opponents to flinch; also used to knock Pokemon from trees.
– Leave through the left path.
– Speak to woman with Butterfree at outpost counter to get TM 12 – Taunt.
– Proceed into Route 34.

Route 34

breeding center route 34 - pokemmo johto

– Route 34 has the Breeding Center.
– Old man and your friend greet you near the Center.
– Your friend’s grandparents run the Breeding Center.
– Center serves as Daycare for Pokemon, producing Eggs like Togepi’s when compatible Pokemon stored.
– Abra and Drowzee, both Psychic-type, can be found on this route.
– Six Trainers on route with weaker Pokemon.
– Obtain TM – Thunder Punch near the end of the route by the grass.
– Continue to Goldenrod City.

Goldenrod City

goldenrod city - pokemmo johto

– Goldenrod is Johto’s largest city.
– Department Store to the right of the Pokemon Center.
– Taking the lift to the basement for Ultra Ball, Ether, Burn Heal by talking to the NPCs.
– Man on fifth floor trades Mankey for Drowzee.
– Woman gives TM 27 (Return) or TM 21 (Frustration) on Sundays based on happiness of leading Pokemon.
– Top floor offers drinks like Fresh Water and Lemonade.

– Woman to the east rates the happiness of your leading Pokemon.
– Bike Shop owner gives you a Bicycle, which you can keep after using it enough.
– Goldenrod Game Corner allows you to buy or win Coins.
– Slot machines (Japan only) or Voltorb Flip (outside Japan) minigame.
– Man inside Game Corner gives you a Coin Case (outside Japan).
– Continue left to find Bill’s house (currently not home).
– Your friend gives you the Fashion Case in a nearby building.
– Proceed downstairs to the Goldenrod Underground.
– Four easy Trainers in the Goldenrod Underground.

underground goldenrod city - pokemmo johto

– Goldenrod Underground has three shops open on different days.
– Haircut Brothers groom your Pokémon on specific days.
– Younger brother: Sunday, Wednesday, Friday.
– Older brother: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday.
– An old woman sells herbal medicine during the weekend.
– These healing items lower Pokémon’s happiness significantly.
– On Monday mornings, discounted items can be bought for resale.
– In the northeastern corner, take a picture dressed as a Rocket Grunt.
– Proceed to the northwest from the Goldenrod Underground.

– Visit Goldenrod’s Name Rater to rename your caught Pokémon.
– Next to the tent is the non-functional Magnet Train station.
– Enter the Goldenrod Radio Tower and take a quiz from the woman to the right.
– Answer “yes, yes, no, yes, no” to get the Radio expansion card.
– This card lets you listen to Johto’s radio shows and change the music.
– Gym Leader Whitney will be impressed and return to her Gym.
– The counter is also where you claim prizes from the Lucky Number show.
– On the second floor, talk to DJ Buena to receive a Blue Card.
– The Blue Card lets you play the Buena’s Password game daily for prizes.

– Left of the Radio Tower is the Global Trade Station (GTS), allowing real-life players to trade Pokémon via Wi-Fi.
– Next step is to head to the Gym, located to the right of the Name Rater’s tent.

Goldenrod City Gym

– The Goldenrod City Gym layout has changed from GSC, forming a 3D platform in the shape of a Clefairy.
– To reach Whitney, navigate to the center of the ground floor by going up the first staircase, crossing the upper path on the Clefairy-shaped platform, and returning down the other side.
– There are four Junior Trainers inside using unevolved Normal-type Pokémon, mainly for experience.
– The main challenge in this Gym is facing Whitney herself. When you’re prepared, talk to her to initiate the battle.

  • Level 23 Clefairy (Normal)
  • Level 25 Miltank (Normal)
  • Level 23 Teddiursa (Normal)

– Defeated Whitney still cries and denies loss.
– Offers TM – Attract (inflicts Attraction on opposite gender) + Level 32 obedience from your Pokemon.
– Grants Plainbadge: boosts Pokemon Speed, allows Strength use outside battle.

– Obtain Squirtbottle from flower shop next to Gym.
– Tree blocks Route 36, suspected to react to water.
– Girl gives Squirtbottle.
– Go north, guard asks to deliver mail (optional).
– Guard’s Spearow has mail for sleeping man on Route 31.
– Choice to keep Spearow and give friend another Pokemon.
– Completing delivery gets TM – Rest from sleeping man.
– Guard gives HP Up after delivery and now proceed north to Route 35.

Route 35

route 35 - pokemmo johto

– Main path on the left, fenced off grass on the right.

– New encounters: Ditto, Snubbull, Growlithe, Jigglypuff, Yanma, both Nidoran genders.
– Six trainers on the main path with underleveled Pokemon.

– Go to the grass and head south until you see an opening. U turn and get that Paralyz Heal.

– Backtrack a bit keep heading down to challenge a Bird Trainer.

– Go all the way east to find TM – Air Cutter.

– Now backtrack and proceed north to the north gate.

– North outpost leads to two sidequests in HGSS:
– Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday: Johto Bug Catching Contest
– Caterpie family (SoulSilver), Weedle family (HeartGold), Scyther or Pinsir
– Left exit: Meet Magnus with Poliwrath, leads to new area for Pokeathlon
– Pokeathlon: Not yet implemented.
– Enter National Park through right exit in Route 35’s outpost.

National Park

national park - pokemmo johto

– Peaceful when Bug Catching Contest not held
– Wild grass contains diurnal Sunkern (poor stats, evolves into Sunflora)
– There are 6 Trainers here.
– Talk to teacher with Persian for Quick Claw (small chance to attack first)
– North end: Hole in fence next to DS-holding boy on the top right corner.

– Left path: TM – Magical Leaf and a hidden Full Heal at the bottom corner.

– Right path: Soothe Bell (increases Pokemon happiness when held)
– Through outpost south of Soothe Bell to reach Route 36.

Route 36

route 36 - pokemmo johto

– Upon entering, get Blue Apricorn from the tree ahead.
– In the grass, Vulpix and Stantler is the new encounter.
– Encountering two trainers here: Psychic with Abra and Kadabra, and adjacent School Kid with Tangela.
– Below the Psychic, a Cut tree acts as a shortcut to Route 35 when removed, yet proceed west for now.
– Spot a girl from Goldenrod’s flower shop observing a suspicious tree; interact and employ Squirtbottle.
– Similar to Kanto’s Snorlax, the tree is a blocking Pokemon, Sudowoodo, initiating a battle upon interaction.

– Clearing Sudowoodo opens path between Ecruteak City, Violet City, and National Park.
– Nearby girl gifts Oran Berry, Pecha Berry, and Berry Pots (item for growing berries).
– Speak to nearby man for HM06 – Rock Smash, breaks small overworld rocks.
– Togepi or Sudowoodo can learn Rock Smash for convenience.
– On Thursdays, Arthur offers Hard Stone (20% boost to Rock moves).

There are some optional side quests available, but this guide won’t go over it.

– Visit Ruins of Alph to the south (Optional Areas section).

tm rest - pokemmo johto
– Deliver guard’s mail to sleeping man on Route 31 for TM44 – Rest (heals user, induces 2 turns of sleep).
– Cut bush on north end of Route 32 for TM – Roar (forces Pokemon switch or flee).
– Return to New Bark Town, show Togepi to Professor Elm for Everstone.

Route 37

– Move left of Sudowoodo’s location.
– Spot a visible Hyper Potion on the ground.
– Head north to Route 37, another brief intermediary route.
– Right path leads to wild grass (no new Pokemon, Stantler, or Fire-type version-exclusives), Psychic with Drowzee, and Apricorn trees: Red, Blue, Black.
– On Sundays, Sunny from the Weekday Siblings grants a Magnet (20% boost to Electric-type attacks).

route 37 - pokemmo johto
– Left path involves a Doduo Trainer and two simple double battles: Twins with Marill and Mareep, Beauties with Clefable and Wigglytuff.
– Complete these battles and proceed north into Ecruteak City.

Ecruteak City

ecutreak city - pokemmo johto

– Bill, creator of the Pokemon Storage System, announces Wi-Fi in all Pokemon Centers.
– Follow Bill to his Goldenrod City house for a free Level 5 Eevee.
– Head north to the Japanese dance theater, home of Kimono Girls.
– Onstage, a Kimono Girl alerts you to a Rocket Grunt; defeat him (level 18 Koffing) and he retreats.
– Receive HM03 – Surf from an observer on the stage.

– Detour to Route 42: Hiker gives HM – Strength, grab TM – Icy Wind.
– Return to Ecruteak, can’t enter Bell Tower, but get an Itemfinder from a man.
– West of the man’s house is the Ecruteak City Gym, temporarily inaccessible.
– Proceed to the Burned Tower in the northwestern corner.

burned tower - pokemmo johto

– Inside the tower, encounter Eusine and Ecruteak Gym Leader Morty, who reveal more about the story.
– Head toward the right ladder, where your Rival awaits for a challenge.

  • Level 25 Magnemite (Electric/Steel)
  • Level 25 Golbat (Poison/Flying)
  • Level 25 Gastly (Ghost/Poison)
  • Level 27 Bayleef (Grass)/Croconow (Water)/Quilava (Fire)

Burned Tower

burned tower 1 - pokemmo johto

– A Fire Stone is on the middle of the floor. Keep going west and south. Use Rock Smash to clear the rock to get a HP Up.

– In the tower’s basement, Legendary Beasts – Raikou, Entei, and Suicune – activate near the staircase.
– Raikou and Entei dash around then flee, while Suicune examines you before leaving.
– Eusine arrives, marvels at Suicune, and departs; he’s been searching for it.
– Utilize Rock Smash and Strength to explore basement for items.
– Near Legendary beasts’ location, find two adjacent Strength rocks.
– Move lower rock left, push upper rock up to access path leading to TM – Fire Punch.

– Once the Legendary trio is activated, Morty returns to his Gym.

Ecruteak Gym Battle

ecutreak city gym battle - pokemmo johto

– Ecruteak Gym now accessible with a similar puzzle to GSC: navigate a dark void secret path.
– Gym underlings hold candles to illuminate parts of the path.
– Four Mediums with Gastly and Haunter guards on the path:
– First: 5 Gastly
– Second: 2 Haunter
– Third: 1 Haunter
– Fourth: 2 Gastly, 1 Haunter, 1 Misdreavus
– Defeating these trainers is relatively easy, especially by exploiting Ghost types’ Curse.
– At path’s end, you’ll encounter Morty.

  • Level 29 Gengar (Ghost/Poison)
  • Level 27 Misdreavus (Ghost)
  • Level 27 Haunter (Ghost/Poison)

Earthquake doesn’t do well against her due to Levitate passive.

– Upon defeating Morty, you receive TM – Shadow Ball (best Ghost-type move) and the Fog Badge.
– The Fog Badge allows Surf use outside battle and enforces obedience for Pokemon up to level 37.

– Head west to exit Ecruteak City.

Route 38

route 38 - pokemmo johto

– Route 38 is a brief tradition of short Johto routes.
– It features a three-way split path:

– Top path avoids wild grass but encounters 3 Trainers.

– Center path goes through a male Birdkeeper with 3 Doduo and a White Apricorn tree.

– Bottom path holds Max Potion, Beauty with Hoppip, Skiploom, and wild grass.

– New Pokemon available on Route 38:
– Miltank and Tauros: Single-stage Normal-types, good stats.
– Magnemite: Electric/Steel-type, strong Special Attack, Defense, and resistances.
– Meowth: Speedy Normal-type, learns Pay Day, may have Pickup ability.
– Farfetch’d: Not very useful besides being a HM slave.
– Head west to Route 39.

Route 39

route 39 - pokemmo johto

– Upon entering Route 39, meet Gentleman Baoba, Safari Zone Warden.
– Baoba announces Safari Zone’s opening in Johto, shares his phone number.

– Route 39 connects Olivine City and Moo Moo Farm.
– Moo Moo Farm has Green Apricorn tree by owners’ house.

drain punch - pokmmo johto
– TM – Drain Punch near tower with blue roof (damages opponent, heals user).
– Encounter photographer taking your picture.
– Help nurse sick Miltank back to health by growing about ten Oran Berries in Berry Pots and feeding her.
– Once healed, Moo Moo Milk purchase becomes available and you also get TM – Natural Gift.
– Head south from the farm to fight Trainers.
– Male Psychic with Slowpoke and Slowking.
– Descend to lower route section to find more trainers:
– Sailor: Poliwhirl, Raticate, Krabby.
– Male and female Pokefan: Pikachu/Teddiursa and Pikachu/Smeargle.
– Head south to reach Olivine City.

Olivine City

Heading to Olivine City sea port will allow you to go back to the other regions. Speak to the black hat NPC pirate there to switch regions.

olivine city - pokemmo johto

– Your Rival appears, claiming the Gym Leader is at Olivine Lighthouse caring for a sick Pokemon.
– He insults the Gym Leader and leaves without a battle.

– Man in green-roofed house offers Good Rod (better fishing rod).
– Inside the Pokemon Center, challenge the Beauty for a Bellossom battle.

– In the northeast, find two green-roofed houses.
– Left house: Fisherman willing to trade Voltorb for Krabby.
– Heal and enter Olivine Lighthouse to the southeast.
– Six floors in the Lighthouse; use elevator to reach the top floor.
– Descend to the second floor to find Gentleman (Noctowl) and Sailor (Poliwag, Poliwhirl).
– Move upstairs to the third floor, encountering a male Birdkeeper.

tm power gem - pokemmo johto
– Fourth floor: Gentleman (Growlithe), Lass (Marill), TM – Power Gem.
– Notice light near Gentleman on fourth floor; leap out of Lighthouse for Rare Candy.

– Return inside; land on different section of third floor.
– Meet Sailor (two Krabby), male Birdkeeper (two Spearow, Fearow), and find Ether.
– Ascend to fifth floor: Sailor (Poliwhirl), Sailor (two Machop, Poliwhirl), Thunderstone on the ground.
– Reach top level to meet Gym Leader Jasmine; she cares for sick Ampharos named Amphy.
– Jasmine requests help with collecting medicine from Cianwood City.
– Jasmine opens door that previously blocked you, allowing elevator access. Pick up the Super Potion on your way down.
– Exit Lighthouse with new objective in mind.

Route 40

– In Olivine, surf east from the ship dock along the Lighthouse’s coast to find TM57 – Charge Beam (special Electric-type attack, 70% chance to boost Special Attack).
– Leave Olivine City to the west, entering Route 40: a small vertical route with land and water.
– On Mondays, find Monica of the Weekday Siblings on the beach; she offers a Sharp Beak (20% boost to Flying-type attacks).
– Notice outpost near Monica; Johto’s Battle Tower will eventually open there.

– To travel from Olivine to Cianwood City, you need Surf.
– Stand next to water on Route 40, press A to use Surf.
– Surfing is done with a Wailmer-like sprite.
– Surfing south along the right side leads to a small island with TM88 – Pluck (Flying-type move, consumes target’s held Berry).

– Expect to encounter Tentacool while Surfing: Water/Poison-type with high Speed and Special Defense.
– Occasionally encounter evolved form, Tentacruel, for experience.
– Route 40 has four Swimmers:
– Female with Staryu near Pluck.
– Male with 2 Shellder, Wartortle, next to female with Shellder, Staryu.
– Male with 2 Tentacools near route start.
– Stay close to rocky barricade near first male Swimmer for quicker sea crossing.
– Surf south along barricade to reach Route 41.

Route 41

route 41 - pokemmo johto

– Route 41 surrounds the Whirl Islands, presenting three paths and ten Trainers.
– Encounter Tentacool and Tentacruel.

– There is a TM – Razor Shell on the west side on a small island with a fisherman.

– Optimal path to Cianwood: upper route, heading west and minimizing southward travel.
– Stick to the rock barricade from Route 40.
– Massive whirlpools block access to Whirl Islands for now; ignore them.

Cianwood City

cianwood city - pokemmo johto

– Enter the pharmacy next door to receive the Secret Potion from the man at the counter, healing Amphy (due to Lighthouse’s non-operational state).
– In the adjacent house, encounter a victim who was robbed by a red-haired thief.
– Take his Shuckle (level 20, holding Berry Juice) for its safety.

– Cianwood City Gym is beyond this house.
– Head to the northern tip of the city.
– Encounter Suicune on a raised piece of land; it examines your character and runs across the sea.

– Eusine appears, questioning Suicune’s interest in you and challenges you to battle.
– Eusine’s team:
– Level 25 Drowzee: Psychic moves.
– Level 25 Haunter: Ghost/Poison moves.
– Level 27 Electrode: Electric moves.
– Use your Morty battle experience; handle Drowzee, Haunter, and Electrode accordingly.
– Beware of Hypnosis and Sonicboom.
– After defeating Eusine, he congratulates you and leaves.

Cianwood City Gym Battle

cianwood gym battle - pokemmo johto

– Head to Cianwood Gym, notable changes in HGSS.
– Strength no longer needed to progress.
– Find Chuck, the Gym Leader, meditating at the entrance.
– Challenge Chuck only after stopping the water flow of his waterfall.
– Gym divided into two sides, each with four levels.
– Optional right side has Karate Guy with Hitmonchan (beware elemental punches) and another with Mankey and Primeape.
– To stop water flow, climb up the left side.
– Encounter Karate Guy with Hitmonlee, another with Machop and Machoke.
– Push red button to draw up center platform.
– Talk to Chuck after stopping water flow to initiate the battle.

  • Level 34 Poliwrath (Water/Fighting)
  • Level 32 Machoke (Fighting)
  • Level 32 Primeape (Fighting)
  • Level 32 Hitmontop (Fighting)

– After defeating Chuck, receive TM – Focus Punch (powerful Physical Fighting-type move, works if user isn’t hit same turn) and the Storm Badge (allows Fly outside of battle). Now your Pokemon’s max level is 39.
– Chuck’s wife outside the Gym gives you HM – Fly as you defeated her husband.
– Fly can be taught to Flying-type Pokémon; use it to return to Olivine City.
– Consider visiting Cliff Edge Gate behind Cianwood’s Gym, leading to Route 47, Route 48, and Johto Safari Zone.
– Fly or Surf back to Olivine City.
– Deliver the Secret Potion to Jasmine before exploring further.

Optional Route 41

– If you previously took the upper path to Cianwood, there’s still much unexplored territory on Route 41.
– Numerous additional trainers are available for experience.
– Surf east of the Cianwood Pokemon Center to navigate around the southwestern Whirl Island.
– Encounter four more Swimmers, two of each gender, with a mix of Water-type Pokemon not encountered without fishing.
– Locate the male Swimmer with a Qwilfish; heading north leads to a female Swimmer with two Horsea and the upper path.
– Stay on the center path and go east to find more Swimmers.
– After defeating the female with Goldeen and Seaking, heading south leads to a Whirl Island entrance.
– Instead, go north to face another male Swimmer with three Water-types.
– Continue north to reach Route 40 and Olivine City.

Back to Olivine City for Gym Battle

– In Olivine City, head to the Lighthouse and use the elevator to reach Jasmine and Amphy.
– Speak to Jasmine, and she’ll apply the Secret Potion to Amphy to fully heal it
– Amphy’s electricity powers the Lighthouse once again.
– Jasmine thanks you and returns to her Gym.
– After leaving the Lighthouse, Baoba will call and thank you in person at the Gym.
– Olivine Gym lacks puzzles or the usual Trainers.
– Proceed straight to Jasmine to challenge her.

  • Level 34 Skarmory (Steel/Flying)
  • Level 32 Fortress (Bug/Steel) – Has explosion
  • Level 32 Magneton (Electric/Steel)
  • Level 32 Steelix (Steel/Ground)

– Upon defeating Jasmine, you receive TM – Iron Tail and the Mineral Badge and Pokemon obedience up to level 41.
– You can now access the Johto Region’s Safari Zone by traveling through the cave west of Cianwood City.
– After the Safari Zone visit (or if you’re skipping it), go back to Ecruteak City and leave through the eastern outpost.

Route 42

route 42 - pokemmo johto

– Route 42 connects Ecruteak City and Mahogany Town.
– You can find Water Stone outside Mt. Mortar.
– There are cave-like openings leading to different sections of Mt. Mortar along the top of the road.
– Encounter Suicune behind a Cut tree, and after it runs off, collect the Apricorns (Pink, Green, and Yellow) that were behind the tree.
– Proceed east to Mahogany Town, encountering a few trainers along the way.
– HeartGold players can find Mankey in the tall grass, while Flaaffy appears as well. While Surfing, you can encounter Magikarp, Goldeen, and Seaking.

Mahogany Town

mahagony town - pokemmo johto

– The Gym is blocked, and a man prevents you from leaving to the east.
– The man offers a Ragecandybar for $300, which is worth obtaining for a future exchange.
– After finishing everything, exit Mahogany Town to the north.

Route 43

route 43 - pokemmo johto

– Route 43 is a vertical route with two paths.
– The right path is blocked by Team Rocket, and you can pay $1000 to access it, but it doesn’t offer any battles.
– Stick to the left path for battles and experience, as the Pokémon are around Level 20. You get Sun Stone here as well.
– The wild Pokémon include Venonat, Venemoth, Mareep/Flaaffy.
– There are six Trainers, including Campers, Picnickers, and Pokemaniacs, each with various Pokémon.

leaf stone - pokemmo johto
– You can find a side entrance to Lake of Rage by heading west and then north, which contains some items and is optional.

Lake of Rage

– When you enter Lake of Rage, it starts raining, and the lake appears flooded.
– The red Gyarados in the middle of the lake is causing a commotion.
– Team Rocket’s evolution radio waves caused the Gyarados to evolve prematurely.
– This Gyarados is considered a shiny Pokémon and is the only guaranteed shiny encounter in the game.
– Stock up on Poké Balls, save your game, and then Surf out to the Shiny Alpha Gyarados.

Lake of Rage Shiny Gyarados Battle - PokeMMO Johto
– The Shiny Alpha Gyarados will attack you when you approach it.

  • Level 33 Shiny Alpha Gyarados (cannot be caught)

This is a triple battle. He/she is accompanied by 2 Magikarps that evolve into Gyarados if you do not kill it on the first turn. When they evolve, they will apply intimidate your pokemon. The Shiny Alpha Gyarados will apply the whirlpool effect on your team, causing them to switch positions. After 3 rounds, one of your main 3 pokemon will be switched out of battle if everyone stays alive.

Also, Alpha Shiny Gyarados will shrug off any sleep, poison or paralyze after a few turns and summon new magikarp to his side after the previous ones are killed. Since you cannot catch it, just defeat it for experience.

– After defeating the Shiny AlphaGyarados, you receive the Red Scale key item.
– The Red Scale can be traded to Mr. Pokémon on Route 30 for an EXP. Share.
– You meet Lance, a former Kanto Elite Four member, who informs you about Team Rocket’s activities at Lake of Rage.
– Lance explains that Team Rocket is using evolution waves to force Magikarp to evolve into Gyarados.
– He asks you for your help in dealing with Team Rocket and flies back to Mahogany Town.
– You can also fly back to Mahogany Town, where you’ll continue dealing with Team Rocket’s activities.

– Enter the side passage of Lake of Rage through Route 43.
– This area may be occasionally flooded, but you can Surf through it.
– In the maze section, find a Leaf Stone to the left.
– Navigate along the perimeter until you reach a hidden house.
– You might encounter Wesley of Wednesday, one of the Weekday Siblings, and receive a Black Belt.
– Find TM – Hurricane to the right of the house.
– Inside the secret house, talk to the owner to receive TM – Hidden Power.
– Use the Itemfinder to locate hidden items in the maze if the route is not flooded: a Full Restore and a Rare Candy.
– Return to Mahogany Town.

Rocket Basement Hideout

secret rocket hideout - pokemmo johto

– Enter the shady shop in Mahogany Town and expose the shopkeeper as a Team Rocket agent.
– Descend into the basement hideout with Lance to confront Team Rocket.
– On the first floor of the basement, avoid the Persian statues triggering alarms and face two Rocket Grunts.
– Turn off the computer guarded by a Rocket Scientist to stop the alarms.
– Collect the Up-Grade and head through the maze to find a Hyper Potion and a Nugget.

– Now go back west, north and east. Follow the path to the next floor.

rocket hideout item locations - pokemmo johto

– Encounter Lance, who will heal your Pokemon, and face two Rocket Grunts.
– Learn the two passwords from the Rocket Grunts (One beside 2 items and the Purple Hair Rocket member in the middle room with a Scientist) and collect items such as Full Heal, TM – Foul Play, an X Special, and a Protein.

– Go up the stairs in the north side to the second floor of the basement.
– Defeat the Rocket Grunt guarding the next set of stairs and descend again.
– Encounter your Rival, who discusses his encounter with Lance, and proceed to the next room. Pick up the Ultra Ball lying there.
– Open the door and engage in battle with Rocket Executive Petrel.

– Engage in a battle against Rocket Executive and defeat him.
– Rocket Executive will express his disappointment and then leave. Collect TM – Gunk Shot by going up the second stairs there.

– Follow the Mukrow to the power generator.

– Ariana and Grunt are the last Rocket members in the Hideout and you and Lance will engage in a double battle with them. Your mission involves stopping Electrodes powering the generator, facing three each with Level 23 and specific moves.
– You can choose to catch or defeat Electrodes, considering their rarity. Finishing this task concludes your mission, rewarding you with HM05 – Whirlpool.

– Lance will thank you and request that you take care of the Team Rocket situation in Goldenrod City.
– Head back to Mahogany Town and speak to the man who was blocking the exit to the east; he’ll leave, allowing you to access Route 44.
– Whirlpool is a Water-type move that traps opponents but isn’t highly useful. Team Rocket’s departure from Mahogany Town opens up the Gym and abandoned shop.
– Exploring the area offers opportunities like battling trainers, collecting hidden items, and obtaining Choice Specs and an Elixir.
– When ready, return to the Gym to compete for your seventh Johto badge.

Mahogany Town Gym Battle

mahagony gym battle - pokemmo johto

– Mahogany Gym in HGSS has been redesigned with three distinct rooms, each featuring ice slide courses.
– The first room serves as an introduction to the Gym’s mechanics and presents a simple puzzle to solve.
– In the second room, there are two trainers: a Snowboarder with Swinub and a Skier with Jynx.
– To progress, slide behind the Skier and move the ice block on the left to the one on the right, allowing access to the next area.
– The third room contains the Gym Leader, Pryce, and three subordinate trainers: Snowboarder with Seel and Dewgong, Snowboarder with Shellder, Seel, and Cloyster, and a Skier with Dewgong.
– To reach Pryce, maneuver through the ice puzzle by strategically sliding and battling trainers along the way.

  • Level 38 Mamoswine (Ice/Ground)
  • Level 35 Cloyster (Water/Ice)
  • Level 35 Dewgong (Water/Ice)
  • Level 35 Lapras (Water/Ice)
  • Level 35 Glaceon (Ice)

– After defeating Pryce, you receive TM – Snowscape and the Glacier Badge.
– The Glacier Badge boosts your Pokémon’s Special stats and grants the ability to use Whirlpool outside of battles and your Pokemon max Obedience level is now 46.
– Upon exiting Mahogany Gym, Professor Elm contacts you, informing you about Team Rocket’s radio broadcast takeover.
– Checking your Pokegear’s Radio confirms the situation. Your task is to head to Goldenrod City to investigate the situation.

Goldenrod Radio Tower

– Upon returning to Goldenrod City, you’ll see that Team Rocket has taken over several buildings, including the Gym, Flower Shop, and more.
– You can access various places in the city, like the Pokémon Center and the Department Store, to heal and purchase items.
– Prepare yourself and head to the Radio Tower for battles. A Rocket Grunt blocks the upper levels.

underground rocket member disguise - pokemmo johto
– To infiltrate the Tower, acquire a Rocket disguise from the Goldenrod Underground. The Grunt will move when you approach him.
– Your Rival will intervene, exposing your disguise. The Rocket Grunt then attacks with two Raticate.
– The Grunt flees upstairs to alert others, and your Rival departs. The Tower’s director is held hostage on the fifth floor.
– The Radio Tower is a straightforward area with each floor leading to the next via stairs. You can leave to heal at the Pokemon Center.
– On the second floor, face four Rocket Grunts with various Pokemon teams, none of them overly challenging.
– The third floor has locked doors and additional Rocket Grunts, including a Scientist with Magnemite and a Grunt with Poison-types and Rattata.
– On the fourth floor, you’ll find hostages and have the option to fight more Grunts and a Scientist.
– The fifth floor houses Petrel in disguise, who informs you that the director is elsewhere and challenges you to a battle.

– Petrel is notable for having a full team of Pokémon, consisting of Level 35 Koffing and a few others.
– Engage in battle with Petrel using a team that isn’t solely comprised of Grass-types for a smoother experience.
– Defeating Petrel grants you the Basement Key, which unlocks the locked door in the southern part of the Goldenrod Underground.

kimono girl - pokemmo jhoto
– Along the way, you’ll encounter a Kimono Girl and after passing through the locked door, your Rival reappears.
– This time, your Rival wants to engage you in a battle.

  • Level 39 Meganium (Grass)/Ferligatr (Water) /Typlosion (Fire)
  • Level 37 Magnezone (Electric/Steel)
  • Level 37 Golbat (Poison/Flying)
  • Level 38 Weavile (Dark/Ice)
  • Level 37 Haunter (Ghost/Poison)

– After your Rival departs, you’ll face a switch puzzle with three switches: left (blue), middle (green), and right (red). Pick up the item Metal Coat there.
– The correct sequence is left, middle, and right, which will grant access to the female Rocket Grunt by the desired door.
– In the maze’s bottom left, you’ll find a Smoke Ball that lets you escape wild battles without fail.
– Proceed through the maze, encountering six trainers: a Grunt with Grimer, Muk, and Rattata, a Burglar with Growlithe and Koffing, a Grunt with Koffing and Muk, another Burglar with Koffing and Magmar, a female Grunt with Gloom, and an optional male Grunt with Rattata.
– Enter the door near the female Grunt.

ultra ball - pokemmo johto
– In the next room, find an Ultra Ball, defeat a Grunt with Raticate and Golbat, and collect a Max Ether.
– Face another Grunt with Grimer and Weezing, and then one with two Koffing guarding the Director.
– Obtain TM – Earth Power and the Card Key from the Director. Go upstairs, finding an Amulet Coin and emerging in the Department Store’s basement.
– Proceed to the Radio Tower and head straight to the third floor, using the Card Key to unlock the door.
– On the fourth floor, battle Executive Proton with a Weavile (with Focus Sash), Golbat, Muk and a Weezing and pick up a Thunderstone.
– Proceed to the fifth floor, where Ariana awaits for her final battle.

  • Level 38 Arbok (Poison)
  • Level 38 Honchkrow (Dark/Flying)
  • Level 38 Muk (Poison)
  • Level 38 Vileplume (Grass/Poison)

– Defeating Ariana brings you to the elevator leading to the top floor of the Radio Tower.
– Consider healing at the Pokémon Center before taking the elevator to the top.
– On the top floor, you encounter Archer, the leader of the reformed Team Rocket, who explains their motive of drawing Giovanni out.

rocket boss battle - pokemmo johto
– Archer, the fourth and final Rocket Executive, challenges you to a battle.

  • Level 38 Weezing (Poison)
  • Level 40 Houndoom (Dark/Fire)
  • Level 38 Magmar (Fire)
  • Level 37 Golbat (Poison/Flying)
  • Level 37 Electrode (Electric)

– Neo Team Rocket’s departure prompts a girl outside the Hideout building to mention that her grandmother has taken over the shop.
– Ensure that you have a Pokémon with Strength.

– Proceed to Route 44 after the man who blocked your path earlier now allows access due to the team’s defeat.

Route 44

route 44 - pokemmo johto

– The route features a Red Apricorn tree, a Shiny Stone on the ground, and a Psychic with a Natu, Wobbuffet and a Kadabra.
– The route divides into two paths leading to the entrance of the Ice Path in the east.
– The upper path includes a Fisherman with Goldeen and Seaking, a Pokemaniac with Rhyhorn and Snorlax, and an Ultra Ball on the ground.
– The lower path comprises a Fisherman with Remoraid, a female Ace Trainer with Mareep, Butterfree and Bellossom, and a male Ace Trainer with Quilava, Tauros and Magnezone

hidden elixir - pokemmo johto
hidden elixir – route 44 pokemmo johto

– In the grassy area between the paths, you’ll find a Max Revive and two new Pokémon: Lickitung and Tangela.
– Remoraid, exclusive to this route, can be fished up with a Good or Super Rod, evolving into Octillery.
– After a Bird Keeper with Hoothoot and Pidgeotto, you’ll reach the entrance of the Ice Path. Heal up and enter.

Ice Path

ice path - pokemmo johto

– Similar to Crystal and G/S, Strength is necessary to navigate through Ice Path.
– This area doesn’t feature Trainers, but wild Golbat can be encountered.
– Ice Path introduces three exclusive Pokémon: Jynx, Swinub, and Delibird.
– Consider catching Jynx or Swinub to bolster your team for the upcoming Gym battle.

– The initial part of Ice Path offers a straightforward, linear path to follow.
– At some point, you’ll encounter a large ice sheet, akin to those in Mahogany Gym.
– While sliding on ice, wild battles won’t initiate, simplifying your progress.
– For navigating the first ice sheet, follow these directions: up, left, up, left, down, left, up, and right.
– On the other side, there’s another small ice patch; slide right, up, left, down, left, up, and right.
– Here, you’ll discover HM – Waterfall, a powerful Physical Water-type move useful for Water Pokémon with high Attack.
– Waterfall is crucial to completing the game and is an ideal fit for Pokémon like Gyarados or Ferligatr.
– Revert back across the ice and continue along the main path for the remainder of this floor.

floor 2 ice path - pokemmo johto

– On the lower floor of Ice Path, you’ll encounter a section requiring a Pokémon with Strength.
– The goal is to push each boulder into one of the four holes in the floor.
– The boulders are initially positioned near the hole they should be pushed into.
– To get the upper left boulder in place, you’ll need to approach it from above.
– If you make a mistake and push a boulder into a corner, you can reset their positions by falling through the floor and returning upstairs.
– Using Repels can hasten the process by reducing random encounters and speeding up progress.

– Once the boulders are correctly positioned, you can access a ladder on Ice Path B2.
– Reach this ladder using the boulder layout from the second floor.

max potion ice cave - pokemmo johto
– Falling through the upper-left hole and sliding left leads to a Max Potion.
– To reach the exit in the middle of the room, head to the upper-right corner and find unfrozen land.
– Slide left into the boulder and then navigate in a clockwise pattern using boulders to reach the middle.
– Obtain a Full Heal on the ground and descend the ladder.
– In the next area, the notable item is the NeverMeltIce, which boosts Ice-type moves’ power by 20%.

– Ascend the ladder at the far end of the path to return to Ice Path B2.
– In the next room, get TM Ice Punch.
– Now you’ll encounter a small ice path and a boulder; push the boulder down once.
– Utilize the boulder to access an Iron vitamin, which grants 10 Defense EVs to a Pokémon.
– Climb the nearby ladder and find a Protein vitamin, providing 10 Attack EVs, on the ledge above.
– The final ice patch needs crossing. Slide into the icy rock on the right, then go left, down, and right.
– Approach the Kimono Girl from behind, agreeing to push her along, which clears your path to slide down.

– To get the last item. backtrack to the start. Begin from the right side of the path with a stone ahead. Go right, down, left, up, right down right and down.

– Grab a PP Up from the side and head towards Blackthorn City, home to the final Johto Gym.

Blackthorn City

blackthorn city - pokemmo johto

– Blackthorn City is in isolation on a mountain and serves as the residence of the Dragon Clan.
– Prominent members include Lance and his cousin Clair, who is also the Gym Leader of Blackthorn City.
– In a house northwest of the Pokémon Center, a girl proposes trading her Dodrio for your female Dragonair.
– Southeast of the Blackthorn Gym, on a secluded ledge, you can meet Santos of Saturday, the last of the Weekday Siblings, who will provide you with a Soft Sand.
– The Dragon’s Den, a shrine dedicated to Dragon-type Pokémon, is situated behind the Gym in the city’s northern edge.
– However, entry to the Dragon’s Den is currently restricted.

– A notable spot in Blackthorn City is the house adjacent to the Pokemart, housing several helpful characters.
– The elderly man here can teach Frenzy Plant, Blast Burn, or Hydro Cannon to your final-stage Starter Pokémon if it’s happy.
– The woman can instruct your Pokémon in Draco Meteor.
– The left man is the Move Deleter, capable of erasing HM moves from your Pokémon.
– The man in suspenders serves as the Move Relearner, who charges a Heart Scale to teach a level-up move that your Pokémon should have learned earlier.

Blackthorn Gym Battle

blackthrone city gym battle - pokemmo johto

– Blackthorn Gym is dedicated to Dragon-type Pokémon.
– The Gym’s layout has been altered in HGSS; it’s now a single-floor Gym featuring moving platforms over lava.
– The revamped Gym employs blue buttons to rotate platforms and red arrows to move across them.
– To navigate the initial section, step on the left arrow, press the blue button twice, and then step on the right arrow.
– This sequence allows you to cross to the other side of the Gym.

– Crossing to the opposite side, you’ll confront two Ace Trainers sequentially.
– The male Ace Trainer has Dratini, Dragonair and a Seadra.
– The female Ace Trainer employs Dragonair.
– You can use the green geyser to return to the Gym’s entrance.
– After defeating the female Ace Trainer, another rotating platform awaits.
– The quickest path here involves these steps: up arrow, blue button, right arrow, blue button twice, and right arrow.
– On the path’s other side, find another geyser and encounter three additional Ace Trainers in succession.
– The male Ace Trainer has Seadra.
– The female Ace Trainer uses Dragonair and Gyarados.
– The second male Ace Trainer features a Dragonair.
– To reach the Gym Leader, Clair, adjust the final platform as follows: left arrow, blue button twice, right arrow, blue button, up arrow three times, blue button, right arrow, blue button, up arrow twice.

  • Level 44 Kingdra (Water/Dragon)
  • Level 42 Gyarados (Water/Flying)
  • Level 42 Dragonair (Water/Dragon)
  • Level 42 Aerodactyl (Rock/Flying)
  • Level 42 Dragonair (Water/Dragon)

– Upon defeating Clair, she will withhold acknowledging your triumph, stating that you’re not yet prepared for the Elite Four.
– To validate your capabilities and obtain the Rising Badge, Clair assigns a task: retrieve the Dragon Fang.
– Your mission involves taking the Master of the Dragon Clan’s test in the Dragon’s Den, situated behind the Gym.
– To reach the Dragon’s Den, acquire a Pokémon like Tentacool with Whirlpool and surf over to the location.
– As Clair has granted permission, you’ll have access to enter the Dragon’s Den and undertake the challenge.

– Upon descending into the shrine area, an Ace Trainer awaits, accompanied by an Ampharos and Dragonair.
– To the right of him, at the end of a narrow path, you’ll find a Calcium that yields 10 Special Attack EVs for a Pokémon.
– Below this Ace Trainer is a dock; use Surf to exit from it.
– The Dragon’s Den shrine is visible ahead, but postpone approaching it for now.
– While Surfing, you might encounter a Dratini, but capturing it isn’t necessary since you’ll soon receive one without charge.
– Surf left from the dock; on an upper left ledge, you’ll find a female Ace Trainer with 3 Seadras.
– A pair of twins who employ two Dratini can be found on another shore just below her.
– Gather a Max Elixir near the Twins and proceed to cross the large whirlpool in the nearby water with a Pokémon that knows Whirlpool.
– Surf along the perimeter of the area until you reach the shore in the lower-right corner.

dragon fang - pokemmo johto
– Obtain the Dragon Fang situated on a ledge to the north.

– Once you have the Dragon Fang, use Surf to return to the shrine’s entrance, which you passed earlier.
– Inside the Dragon’s Den shrine, you’ll encounter the Dragon Master, who presents five questions to you.
– Depending on your answers, you can receive a Dratini as a reward, potentially with the move Extremespeed—a move Dratini doesn’t typically learn.
– To obtain the Extremespeed Dratini, AVOID these answers.
– “Junior” (second choice) for the first question.
– “Cheating” (third choice) for the second question.
– “Weak person” (first choice) for the third question.
– “Violence” (second choice) for the fourth question.
– For the fifth question, answer “Both” (second choice).
– If you follow this sequence correctly, the Dragon Master will later grant you the Extremespeed Dratini.

– Inside the shrine, Clair will appear and inquire if you’ve located the Dragon Fang.
– If you possess the Dragon Fang, she’ll express surprise, and the Master will acknowledge your success.
– Afterward, Clair will come to terms with her defeat, awarding you the final Johto League badge—the Rising Badge—which ensures all your Pokémon obey you up to level 48.
– As you exit the Dragon’s Den, Clair will be waiting and present you with TM – Dragon Pulse, a potent Special Dragon-type attack.
– She’ll direct you to follow Route 27 to reach the Pokémon League before taking her leave.
– When you return to Blackthorn City, Professor Elm will contact you to extend congratulations on acquiring all Johto Badges and ask you to return to New Bark Town.
– To obtain your Dratini, revisit the Dragon’s Den shrine and converse with the Master once more.

For the next 2 routes, they are optional prior to challenging the elite 4.

Route 45 (Optional)

– To expedite things, you can simply Fly back to New Bark Town and skip the remaining details in this section.
– However, if you’re aiming for a comprehensive experience, you can venture through Route 45, which is an extensive vertical route connecting Blackthorn City and New Bark Town.

route 45 - pokemmo johto
– Due to the mountainous terrain of Blackthorn City, the route features many steep ledges that prevent backtracking.
– While the primary objective involves heading south and the route has few deviations, it commences with three distinct paths: left, mid-right, and right.
– These paths often merge and intertwine, allowing for some exploration.
– At the top of the left path, you’ll find the entrance to Dark Cave.
– Route 45 introduces various new Pokémon.
– Players can encounter Gligar, Phanpy and Skarmory in the wild grass.

– The left path is characterized by abundant tall grass. Notable items visible on this path include an Elixir, Full Heal, Nugget and a Revive. A hidden PP Up can also be found to the left of the stream’s overflow in the middle of the route.
– The mid-right path has relatively less tall grass and hosts only two Trainers: a Hiker with two Machop and a Graveler, and another Hiker with a Dugtrio, Donphan and Phanpy.
– The right path boasts the highest number of Trainers, totaling four: a male Ace Trainer with a Pidgeot, Leafeon and Electabuzz, a female Ace Trainer with a Azumarill, Croconaw and Feraligatr, a Karate Guy with Onix, Machoke, Hitmonlee and a Hiker with the Geodude family (Geodude, Graveler, and Golem).
– The right paths eventually converge into a single path that concludes at a pond near a Max Potion and a Green Apricorn tree.
– Proceeding west will lead you to Route 46, with the left path ending just east of it.

Route 46 (Optional)

route 46 - pokemmo johto

– Route 46 was previously a dead end located just north of Route 29. Now, you’re at the opposite end of that same route, which includes an entrance to the other side of the Violet City portion of Dark Cave.
– You’ll find Yellow and Green Apricorn trees nestled behind some trees near the entrance to Dark Cave.
– Proceeding south, after jumping off a ledge, you’ll encounter a fork in the path. Taking the left ledge will bring you to a Camper with a Mankey and a Picnicker with a Ponyta and an Oddish. You have the option for a tag battle with them if the timing aligns, but their Pokémon are quite weak. There’s an X Speed on the ground near them.
– The lower ledge leads to a Hiker with a team of five weak Geodude.
– Irrespective of the path you choose, continue heading south into the lower part of Route 46, which will eventually lead you back to New Bark Town.

Kimono Girls

master ball - pokemmo johto
Getting the Master Ball from Professor Elm.

– As you attempt to use Surf to access Route 27, your mother intervenes and redirects your attention towards visiting Professor Elm, breaking your journey.
– Upon entering Elm’s laboratory, your companion extends warm congratulations to you, recognizing your impressive feat of obtaining all eight badges in the Johto region.
– In acknowledgment of your remarkable accomplishment, Professor Elm bestows upon you a Master Ball—an exceptional and prized item renowned for its ability to capture any wild Pokémon without fail.
– Furthermore, he assigns you a task, expressing his desire for you to pay a visit to the renowned Kimono Girls’ theater located in Ecruteak City.
– Given your friend’s insistence that you cannot progress into the Kanto region before fulfilling the Kimono Girls’ request, your next step involves either employing the Fly function or embarking on a journey by foot to return to Ecruteak City, where the theater awaits your presence.

– Prior to entering the theater, it’s advisable to ensure your team’s readiness by healing your Pokémon and ensuring that your leading Pokémon is robust, as a significant battle with the Kimono Girls awaits you.
– The time has come to engage in battles against the Kimono Girls, and it’s prudent to have a strong initial Pokémon in your lineup. Each Kimono Girl possesses one of the Eeveelutions available during Generation II, with a distinction being that their Pokémon are now at Level 38 due to the point in the game when you face them.
– Similar to the challenge posed by the Winstrate family in the RSE series, you’ll be required to combat each Kimono Girl in quick succession, without the opportunity to heal your team between battles.
– As you approach the entrance of the theater, a chance encounter with your rival takes place, who has just experienced defeat at the hands of the Kimono Girls. When you feel adequately prepared, proceed into the theater premises to take on the challenge presented by these skilled trainers. – After that, proceed to either Bell Tower (Ho-Oh) or Whirl Pool (Lugia) to fight the Legendary Pokemon.

Bell Tower

bell tower - pokemmo johto

– Located at the top of Ecruteak City you need to climb it to find Ho-oh. You can encounter Haunter and Raticate here.

– On the third floor, go right, up and left and down to find a Full Heal.
– On the fourth floor, go down all the way to find PP Up. Go left and follow the steps to find an Escape Rope on the bottom left corner. Backtrack to the top right corner, but this time, go down and left immediately to pick up the Ultra Ball. Now head to the top left corner and go up that ladder.

Rare candy bell tower - pokemmo johto
– Go to the fifth floor, go right, down and left to the center to pick up a Rare Candy. Now backtrack to the previous floor and climb up again.
– When you are back on the fifth floor, go right and down on the middle platform. Go left down and take a slight right when you get on the mini floor with 2 platforms. Take the right one to get to the next floor.
– Pick up the Max Potion and Full Heal on the seventh floor.

hp up bell tower - pokemmo johto

– On the eight floor, take the first teleporter, go down and take the first steps and get on the second teleporter to get a Max Elixir. Backtrack to the starting area on the floor, go right to get a Max Revive. Go south to take the next teleporter. It will get you to another area to find a HP Up. Follow the path and take the next teleporter. Go left to find a Full Restore. Back track abit to take the next teleporter. It will lead you to the next floor.

You will keep going up to take on Ho-oh at the top.

ho-oh battle - pokemmo johto

This 3 man battle is tough. Ho-oh starts the battle with himself. He will start calling Suicune, Raikou and Entei as his helper later on. Once you take him down the first time, he will revive to become Radiant Ho-oh and burn your platform, causing you to take damage every turn. On top of that, he will use a strong AoE attack Purification as well.

You will need a well rounded team of 4-6 Pokemon to take it out without using too much of your healing items. Overall, it was a tough battle. Bring at least 2 water attackers against him.

Upon defeat, Ho-oh flies away and your max Pokemon obedience goes up to level 55.

Whirl Pool

Haven’t fought Lugia yet, but will update this soon.

Route 27

– After the encounters with the Kimono Girls and the completion of the battles against your version’s mascot, it’s time to continue your journey towards the ultimate goal of challenging the Elite Four at the Indigo Plateau.
– Prior to leaving New Bark Town, it’s important to ensure that you have Pokémon in your team that possess the moves Surf, Waterfall, and Strength, as these abilities will be necessary for navigation.
– Depart from New Bark Town by Surfing to the east, conveniently near your own house. As you arrive on the shore, you’ll be greeted by a gentleman who welcomes you to the Kanto region, the setting of Generation I and its subsequent remakes. This friendly individual will also inform you that your Pokegear’s map card now displays the Kanto region instead of Johto.
– Positioned between your current location and the Indigo Plateau, your destination, are two routes: Route 26 and Route 27. Additionally, there are two dungeons, Victory Road and Tohjo Falls, a cave situated just north of where you stand.
– Prior to entering the cave, take a westward Surf to discover a valuable Rare Candy awaiting you. After collecting this item, retrace your steps and proceed to enter the cave known as Tohjo Falls. This particular location serves as a bridge connecting the Johto and Kanto regions, symbolizing the transition between these two regions in your journey.

route 27 tohjo falls entrance - pokemmo johto

– Tohjo Falls is a relatively compact cave, featuring just one path, albeit centered around water elements, requiring the use of Surf and Waterfall techniques for navigation. If you take the south path via surf instead of going into Tohjo Falls, you can pick up a Rare Candy on a small island patch.
– As you commence your journey, be aware that the available path relies heavily on water-based travel and necessitates the utilization of both Surf and Waterfall abilities to successfully progress through the cave.
– At the outset of your exploration, you’ll encounter a Waterfall positioned directly ahead. In order to proceed, you must employ your Waterfall skill to ascend this vertical obstacle.
– Following this initial ascent, the course directs you to follow the winding route of a water stream as it snakes its way through the cave’s interior, serving as your guide and pathway.
– In due course, you’ll encounter yet another Waterfall feature, positioned to the right of your route. This time, your task entails descending this Waterfall to continue your advancement through the cave’s watery terrain.
– Before departing from this particular section of the cave, it’s prudent to make a detour. Ascend the staircase conveniently located just beyond the second Waterfall; this alternate path leads you to the discovery of a Moon Stone, an invaluable item that can influence certain Pokémon evolutions.
– With your newly acquired Moon Stone in hand, you can then resume your journey within Tohjo Falls, utilizing your Surf and Waterfall abilities to navigate its distinct aquatic path.
– As your exploration within Tohjo Falls nears its conclusion, the cave presents you with an eastern exit. Choosing this exit will effectively transport you back to the exterior environment of Route 27.
– Once you emerge from Tohjo Falls through the eastern exit, you’ll find yourself standing once again on Route 27.

– After exiting, a near female Ace Trainer will be using Chikitora family and a Leafeon.

tm sandstorm - pokemmo johto
– Speak to old woman for TM37 – Sandstorm (Rock-type move, 5 turns, damages non-Rock/Ground/Steel types).
– Surf east to grass: find Fire-type Ponyta, Normal/Flying-types Doduo and Dodrio.
– Docks with two male Ace Trainers.

dragon claw - pokemmo johto
– Whirlpool south: cross with Whirlpool Pokémon, Surf east for Bird Keeper with Farfetch’d and TM – Power Whip.
– Go past the bridge and fight the Trainers there. – Surf and go past the second whirlpool to pick up the Electrizier by the grass patch. – Continue to another long bridge and fight some Trainers.

– Route 26 up ahead.

Route 26

route 26 - pokemmo johto
– Cross suspended bridge, encounter Fisherman with two Qwilfish and a Seaking.
– Proceed north across another bridge, encounter photographer for character party picture.
– Continue north to land with tall grass, defeat Psychic’s Mr. Mime, Espeon and another Psychic with Exeggcute family Pokemon.
– Reach rest house, woman inside offers free Pokemon healing and Super Rod.
– Nearby Blue Apricorn tree and female Ace Trainer with Pikachu and Feraligatr.

– Southwest of the rest house, find an empty building, Weekday Siblings’ home, with note on their locations.
– Head south to Route 27 from the house, then loop back around.
– Proceed north from the rest house.
– Left hill stairway is a dead-end, stay right.
– Battle male Ace Trainer: Victreebel, Flareon, Kingler.
– More trainers: male with Parasect, Vaporeon, Pinsir, Golduck; female with Rapidash, Typlosion, Flaffy.
– Optional: Hop ledges near female trainer for a Max Elixir.
– Continue to Pokemon League Reception Gate.

Victory Road

victory road - pokemmo johto

– Reception Gate building: Other paths blocked by officers.
– Only option: Proceed ahead into Victory Road.
– In HGSS, no Trainers except your Rival in Victory Road.
– Monitor your Pokémon’s health for Rival battle at the road’s end.
– Strength required to navigate Victory Road.
– New Pokemon: Rhyhorn/Rhydon (Rock/Ground-types, strong HP, Attack, Defense, weak Speed/Special stats).
– Debut of evolutions Donphan (from Phanpy) and Ursaring (from Teddiursa) in Victory Road.

– Push boulder nearby to navigate rocky terrain.
– Descend stairs, follow main path on lower ground.
– Locate Razor Fang near another staircase, climb it.
– Cross suspended bridge, reach elevated area with two descending stairways.
– Eastern stairs lead to a dead-end, take western stairs.

victory road fire stone - pokemmo johto
– Short detour right for Full Heal beneath the bridge.
– Move north, find ladder straight ahead.
– Small boulder maze to the right: push aside boulders for Max Revive (northeast corner).
– Ascend northwest ladder.

– Proceed upstairs, head south, climb elevated sections of land.
– Follow path to next ascending ladder.
– Fall through nearby hole on this floor.

victory road ultra ball - pokemmo johto
– Investigate landing spot for hidden Ultra Ball.
– Move north, push boulder one spot left.
– Use small staircases to reach Full Restore on the other side.
– Push boulder again, continue upstairs (next ladder ahead).
– Walk around hole in the ground, go up southwest stairs.

hm rock climb - pokemmo johto
– Find HM – Rock Climb near breakable rocks.
– Exit is visible in the distance.
– Follow raised land path, end up near two holes in the ground on far end.

– Fall through upper hole, discover secret PP Up.
– Spot HP Up nearby on the ground.
– Jump across ledge, see landing spot of lower hole and ladder.

– North of ladder, another hole; find Rare Candy by walking around it.
– Fall through hole, descend stairway to TM – Brave Bird.
– Climb nearby ladder to return where you fell.
– Continue east; behind breakable Rocks, find TM – Superpower.
– Save your game now.
– As you head north toward Victory Road’s exit, your Rival will challenge you.

rival battle victory road - pokemmo johto

  • Level 46 Meganium (Grass)/Ferligatr (Water)/ Typlosion (Fire)
  • Level 44 Magnezone (Electric/Steel)
  • Level 44 Golbat (Poison/Flying)
  • Level 44 Gengar (Ghost/Poison)
  • Level 44 Alakazam (Psychic)
  • Level 44 Weavile (Dark/Ice)

– Rival shocked by defeat, leaves.
– Exit Victory Road, arrive at Indigo Plateau (Route 23).
– Enter large building, the Pokemon League, and heal.

Now the only task left is to defeat the Elite 4 for the first time in the Johto region.

Elite 4

Some of the elite 4 team members have Focus Sash, so some of their Pokemon cannot be 1 shot. To counter it, you want a unit like Onix/Steelix, Geodude family to have the ability Sturdy (to prevent 1 shot) and learn Stealth Rock. Have them start the battle and cast Stealth Rock. It will damage any Pokemon that switches in, taking away their Focus Sash protection. Then you can proceed to sweep the rest of the team.

Also, the order of which Pokemon shows up first is random.

Will (Psychic)

elite 4 will - pokemmo johto

  • Level 47 Jynx (Ice/Psychic)
  • Level 49 Xatu (Psychic/Flying)
  • Level 47 Exeggutor (Grass/Psychic)
  • Level 47 Slowbro (Water/Psychic)
  • Level 47 Espeon (Psychic)

Any dark or steel element attackers will make these matchups a lot easier.

Koga (Poison)

elite 4 koga - pokemmo johto

  • Level 47 Forretress (Bug/Steel)
  • Level 49 Crobat (Poison/Flying)
  • Level 47 Ariados (Bug/Poison)
  • Level 47 Muk (Poison)
  • Level 47 Venomoth (Bug/Poison)

Fire and Psychic types can do well here.

Bruno (Fighting)

elite 4 bruno - pokemmo johto

  • Level 47 Hitmontop (Fighting)
  • Level 47 Steelix (Steel/Ground)
  • Level 49 Machamp (Fighting)
  • Level 47 Hitmonlee (Fighting)
  • Level 47 Hitmonchan (Fighting)

Psychic and flying attacks will do well here. Steelix can be a problem. Bring a fighting or fire attacker here will help.

Karen (Dark)

elite 4 karen - pokemmo johto

  • Level 47 Vileplume (Grass/Poison)
  • Level 49 Houndoom (Fire/Dark)
  • Level 47 Umbreon (Dark)
  • Level 47 Honchkrow (Dark/Flying)
  • Level 47 Gengar (Ghost/Poison)

Bug attacks can do well here.

Champion Lance (Dragon)

lance elite 4 champion - pokemmo johto

  • Level 51 Dragonite (Dragon/Flying)
  • Level 49 Gyarados (Water/Flying)
  • Level 49 Kingdra (Water/Dragon)
  • Level 49 Aerodactyl (Rock/Flying)
  • Level 49 Ampharos (Electric)
  • Level 49 Tyranitar (Rock/Dark)

He can be a problem if you cannot outspeed his Dragonite or Aerodactyl. They all have a wide range of moves and can counter your Pokemon here. While I was able to sweep using Scizor with Technician, it took 2 tries.

Ideally, you want an ice or dragon attacker such as Garchomp, who is fast.

That concludes the guide!

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