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While it is easy to get money battling trainers in PokeMMO, the cash runs out fast and here is a list of the best money making methods in PokeMMO for new and veteran players alike.

Early Game Money Making Methods (4 Badges Requirement)

Unfortunately for most new players, many money making methods are later game, so it will be out of reach early on. However, there are a few ways you can start raking in some cash if you are okay with halting your progression a bit.

Catching Specific Pokemon

gtl pikachu price pokemmo

Early on, you can catch specific gender type pokemon. These are usually good for breeding and can fetch a decent price. For example, at the time of writing, male Pikachus can be sold for about $3200 if you are able to catch them in the following areas below.

pikachu catch areas pokemmo
Source: http://en.pokemmo.shoutwiki.com/wiki/Pikachu

Other popular egg groups from the flying category such as Pidove, Pidgey and Starly are also viable options. Patrouski does a great video on this which I think you should check out.

Another method is to catch Abra in Kanto, Hoenn or Sinnoh regions. Here are the places to look for.

catch abra pokemmo
Source: http://en.pokemmo.shoutwiki.com/wiki/Abra

They are hard to catch since they will teleport away. So you need a sleep pokemon such as Butterfree (with ability Compound Eyes for extra accuracy). This improves sleep powder accuracy to about 98% and allows you to catch them on the second turn.


Breeding can be an option for new players but require a lot of knowledge to do well. So it is recommended to get yourself familiar with it via expert guides from veteran players.

Flipping on Global Trade Link (GTL)

Every MMO has a market, and PokeMMO is no exception. If you familiarize with the economy, you can do well early on. I am no expert on this, so let me give you the resources to do well in this.

It takes a bit of practice and time but it will be well worth it for people that enjoy trading in MMO games.

Late Game Money Making Methods

These methods require you to have high level pokemon (lv 100) and have defeated the Elite 4 of most regions (or all) in order to do them, which isn’t newbie friendly and for casual players.

Gym Re-Battle

After defeating the elite four in Kanto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, and Unova, you can have rematches with gyms by talking to them again. Gyms in these regions offer rematches. There is an 18-hour cooldown for each gym after being defeated. The rematches are always double battles. The lead Pokemon of the gyms can vary in each fight. During gym rebattles, the Pokemon you face are usually around level 80 to 90 every time.

They aren’t too hard if your pokemon is level 100, but just having a team of 5 pokemon of various types that has all type coverage will do the job. They pokemon doesn’t require high IV or anything.

An example team would be (assuming level 100):

  • Gyarados (with Intimidate) – Earthquake, Waterfall, Ice Fang, Crunch. Wearing Mystic Water (+20% water damage)
  • Dragonite (with Inner Focus) – Dragon Claw, Ice Punch, Earthquake, Thunder Punch
  • Scizor (with Technician) – Iron Head, Aerial Ace, Bug Buzz, Brick Break
  • Starmie (with Natural Cure) – Surf, Ice Beam, Thunderbolt, Psychic
  • Charizard (with Flame Body) – Flamethrower, Sunny Day, Solar Beam, Hidden Power (Ground)

For more info on each gym re-battle, you will want to check out the very detailed guides from veteran players of the PokeMMO forums, which I will link it below:

Advanced Methods

Payday and Pickup

To benefit from the Pickup ability in Pokemon, you need to have a Pokemon with that ability as your first party member and ensure it is alive during battles. When you defeat or capture wild Pokemon, your Pickup Pokemon will hold the loot you acquire. If your Pickup Pokemon is already holding an item, the new item will automatically go into your bag.

The type of loot you get from Pickup varies depending on the route or area you are in, and it works in Kanto, Hoenn, and Unova regions. Pickup also works while Fishing and Surfing. There are two types of loot from Pickup: one obtained without a Pickup Pokemon, often low-value items, and the other, more valuable loot, is acquired when using a Pickup Pokemon.

The Pickup rate is believed to be around 10%, and moves like Trick and Switcharoo can be used to scout for items, but you will need to catch the Pokemon to obtain the item permanently. Moves like Thief and Covet work as well, and fainting the Pokemon is not necessary to take the item.

Additionally, using a Pickup Pokemon while fighting in Honey Trees can give you a chance to find berries. It’s essential to plan your strategy accordingly to make the most of the Pickup ability.

Here is a list of pickup pokemon.

  • Ambipom has the strongest attack stat among Pickup Pokemon but lacks a good movepool. Ambipom can learn the unique egg move Switcheroo.
  • Linoone is the second strongest Pickup Pokemon. Linoone has access to the move Trick, which is useful for farming items, especially in specific locations like the power plant. In certain areas, Linoone can use the move Surf to farm items from weaker Pokemon.
  • Teddiursa has the 3rd highest attack stat among Pickup Pokemon and it can learn Sweet Scent. Teddiursa is the only Pickup Pokemon that can learn Sweet Scent.
  • Phanpy is a ground type that can learn earthquake via TM if you want something for a change.
  • Meowth is popular because he can learn Pay Day naturally, allowing you to earn extra money during battles.
  • Munchlax is also popular as he can learn Pay Day from the TM.

Other pokemon not mentioned here are Zigzagoon, Pachirisu and Lillipup.

I personally like to use Meowth with an attack nature (adamant) and learn the skillset – Payday, Water Pulse, Cut and Fury Swipes as key skills. You will need an Everstone to prevent Meowth from evolving. Buying Item Magnet Charm is optional but improves items found from wild encounters for 1 hour.

The best location to farm is Artisan Cave at Battle Frontier (Hoenn Region).

artisan cave pokemmo - payday/pickup farming

Here is why:

  • Smeargle encounters here are levels 40-50
  • Smeargle has low health and defense, making them easy to kill.
  • Defeating Smeargle provides a substantial amount of cash per Pay Day, making it the best Pay Day spot in the game.
  • Additional loot: Players can pick up Silk Scarfs and Energy Roots from Smeargle encounters.
  • Silk Scarfs and Energy Roots can be sold for extra money.

Item Farming

There are some places where you can farm specific items to sell them on the Global Trade Link (GTL). The speed at which you farm will affect how much you earn per hour.

You are going to need a pokemon with the Frisk ability, which detects whether the pokemon has that item. The most popular pokemon here to use is Banette. Other alternatives to Banette are Stantler and Gothitelle.

banette stats

A good setup for Banette would be:

  • Thief (for stealing)
  • Trick
  • Shadow Sneak
  • Fling or Pain Spilt

You may want to max out Thief’s PP if you are exclusively using this method. You will need to have beaten the Elite 4 in Kanto, having access to the Sevii Islands, which is a primary source for a good chunk of the goodies mentioned below.

Amulet Coin

farming sevii islands
Source; DynaMMO

Here are the key things to pay attention to:

  • Farming Amulet Coins can yield a good amount of money, ranging from 15k to 22k.
  • One Island near Kindle Road (use Sweet Scent) is a recommended farming spot, where Meowth holds the Amulet Coin.
  • Leading with a Frisk Pokémon such as Banette to check if wild Pokémon are holding items, potentially including more Amulet Coins.


Everstones are high in demand items for Pokémon breeders and is worth farming when there is scarcity.

  • Geodude, Graveler, Roggenrola, and Boldore are Pokémon that hold Everstones and Hard Stones.
  • Everstones are not very common, so Frisk ability will help.
  • Banette works well here as a ghost type and is not affected by explosion or self destruct from rock type Pokémon.

The locations to find the rock types are:

  • Wellspring Cave (Unova Region) – northwest corner of Route 3. You can meet Roggenrola here.
  • Geodude is fairly common, and you can find them in this list. Good areas are Mt. Ember (Kanto), Magma Hideout (Hoenn), Oreburgh Mine and Mt. Coronet.


This item allows you to regen HP every turn, which works well on high HP pokemon or just for general story mode. The Cerulean Cave in Kanto is a great place to find Snorlax, which holds the item.

Life Orbs

This item is a popular item with a nice selling price. Only Absol can drop this. The farming locations are here:

Heart Scales and Color Shards

They can be worth farming at times due to the ease of getting it and a decent selling price.

  • Ever Grande is a preferred farming spot over caves like for Everstones, although the profit might not be as high.
  • There’s a chance to obtain Red Shards, which are valuable.
  • Possibility of encountering shiny Wailmer or Corsola while farming.
Ever Grande City
Source: gyazo

You need a super rod to find + thief Luvdisc (Heart Scale) and Corsola (Red Shard). The rest are not worth it.

For other color shards such as Blue, Green and Yellow ones:

  • Fly to Sootopolis and surf south until you reach the dark area where you can dive
  • Dive down and go out of the cave to find the grass area
  • Search for Relicanths (Green Shards), Chinchous (Yellow Shards), and Clamperls (Blue Shards)

Trainer (NPC) Re- Battles and Island Runs

When battling trainers, having an Amulet Coin 1 hour money boost is worth it if you can quickly run through a specific region in that time frame. The faster you can do them, the more money you will make.

Various NPC Battles

If you have beaten the Elite 4, you can battle most of the NPCs in Victory Road for some money. There are some NPC/Trainers that give a high yield. They are slightly tougher, but if you do it at level 100, it is not hard at all.

Here are the earnings from battling certain trainers on Route 13 in Unova without and with the Amulet Coin Boost:

  • Artist Zack: $2,640/$3,960.
  • Gentleman Yan: $5,400/$8,100.
  • Socialite Marian: $5,400/8,100.

Island Runs

Island runs involve rebattling trainers on specific islands, typically Isle 5, 6, and 7. You can directly talk to the trainer you wish to rebattle. Keep in mind that rebattled trainers will have higher-level Pokémon, usually around level 50-60, so it’s essential to come prepared for the challenge.

When trainers are open for a rematch, a speech bubble with a black double exclamation mark (…) appears above their heads.

In Hoenn and Unova regions, you can also rebattle trainers. However, it’s worth noting that rebattling in these regions might not yield as much cash as Kanto. Nevertheless, visiting Route 13 in Unova is recommended as you can battle Artist Zack, Gentleman Yan, and Socialite Madeline and they offer decent cash.

As for setups, just use any strong pokemon who can learn 4 moves that will cover most elements. An example is:

  • Gyarados – Earthquake, Waterfall, Ice Fang, Crunch

Islands 5, 6 and 7 are great for farming. Here are the road maps. Keep in mind that the green dots are the best money makers, but doing the entire island is well worth it regardless.

isle 5 sevii islands

The Ladies at Resort Gorgeous, located north of Isle 5, offer $3,264 without the Amulet Coin Boost and $4,896 with it.

Here are the earnings from battling certain trainers without and with the Amulet Coin Boost:

  • Juggler Edward gives $1,920/$2,880.
  • Hiker Daryl gives $1,728/$2,592.
  • PokeManiac Hector gives $2,304/$3,456.
  • PokeManiac Stanly gives $2,160/$3,420.
  • Ruin Maniac Foster gives $2,256/$3,384.
  • Ruin Maniac Larry gives $2,304/$3,456.

It is also recommended to battle everyone here.

Here are the earnings from battling certain trainers without and with the Amulet Coin Boost:

  • Pkmn Ranger Nicolas gives $2,016/$3,024.
  • Pkmn Ranger Madeline gives $2,016/$3,024.
  • Pkmn Ranger Jackson gives $2,016/$3,024.
  • Pkmn Ranger Katelyn gives $2,016/$3,024.
  • Tamer Evan gives $1,960/$2,940.
  • Ruin Maniac Brandon gives $2,256/$3,384.
  • Gentleman Clifford gives $2,632/$3,968.
  • Ruin Maniac Benjamin gives $2,304/$3,456.

Berry Farming

To begin farming, you must first acquire various types of seeds. These seeds can be used in various combinations on farming plots throughout Hoenn and Unova. Make sure you register your Wailmer Pail onto a hotkey as it makes the dialog a lot quicker.

When seeds are planted, they grow into fully grown plants over time if properly watered and not flooded too frequently. It is important to note, however, that leaving a plant for too long after it has fully grown can reduce its yield and eventually cause it to die. As a result, if possible, harvest your plants as soon as they are fully grown.

  • Hovering over berries will provide crucial information, such as the required combination and plant growth time. If you don’t have a specific berry, you can check for it in GTL.
  • It’s important to check how long your berries take to fully grow and calculate when they will be ready. Harvesting plants in the middle of the night may not be ideal, so aim for a suitable time to maximize your yield.

The Harvesting Tool is necessary to collect berries and obtain seeds. When you use the tool on a berry, it disappears, leaving you with seeds.

abundant shrine pokemmo

You can purchase harvesting tools at the flower shop located at Route 104 (Hoenn) and the Abundant Shrine (Unova).

How to Get Seeds for Berry Farming?

The best way to obtain seeds is to harvest them from your bag of berries. Different types of seeds are produced by each berry.
When the price is reasonable, you can also purchase seeds from GTL (Global Trade Link). Seeds under 1k are a good buy, but be wary of purchasing too many plain spicy seeds because they are plentiful. Pickup can be used to obtain seeds, but it is not common and is not particularly beneficial.

Here are some seed types:


berry seed type
Source: PokeMMO Forum

To grow certain plants like Rawst Berry, which requires 3 Bitter Seeds, you have two options for planting: use 1 Very Seed and 1 Plain Seed, or use 3 Plain Seeds. Both methods yield the same result, but sometimes it’s better to use Very Seeds when you need Plain Seeds more to avoid wasting 3 Plain Seeds each time. Harvesting seeds from planted seeds gives you more seeds in return, making it worth doing to get more seeds.

Here are the combinations to farm different types of seeds:

  • Plant 3 Bitter Seeds to get Rawst Berry, yielding Plain & Very Bitter Seeds.
  • Plant 3 Dry Seeds to get Chesto Berry, yielding Plain & Very Dry Seeds.
  • Plant 3 Sour Seeds to get Aspear Berry, yielding Plain & Very Sour Seeds.
  • Plant 3 Spicy Seeds to get Cheri Berry, yielding Plain & Very Spicy Seeds.
  • Plant 3 Sweet Seeds to get Pecha Berry, yielding Plain & Very Sweet Seeds.

Here are some berries to pay attention to.

Leppa Berry = x1 Plain Bitter, x1 Plain Sweet, x1 Very Spicy

  • Leppa Berries are popular for Sweet Scent usage in remote locations for EV training and shiny farming.
  • They are highly desired and sell quickly in bulk at a good price.
  • Relatively easy to get.
  • Takes 22 hours to fully grow, providing a daily harvest without maturing too quickly while going to school or working

The EV reduction berries:

  • Pomeg Berry (-10 HP) = x1 Very Spicy, x1 Plain Spicy, x1 Plain Bitter
  • Kelpsy Berry (-10 ATK) = x1 Very Dry, x1 Plain Dry, x1 Plain Sour
  • Qualot Berry (-10 DEF) = x1 Very Sweet, x1 Plain Sweet, x1 Plain Spicy
  • Hondew Berry (-10 SP ATK) = x1 Very Bitter, x1 Plain Bitter, x1 Plain Dry
  • Grepa Berry (-10 SP DEF) = x1 Very Sour, x1 Plain Sour, x1 Plain Sweet
  • Tamato Berry (-10 Speed) = x1 Very Spicy, x1 Plain Spicy, x1 Plain Dry

They do not sell as fast, but can be decent money makers.

Other less popular berries include:

  • Sitrus Berry = x1 Very Sour, x1 Very Bitter, x1 Very Sweet
  • Lum Berry = x1 Very Spicy, x1 Very Dry, x1 Very Sweet
  • Leichi Berry = x1 Very Spicy, x1 Very Sweet, x1 Plain Dry
  • Salac Berry = x1 Very Sour, x1 Very Sweet, x1 Plain Bitter
  • Petaya Berry = x1 Very Spicy, x1 Very Bitter, x1 Plain Sour
berry watering chart
Source: Gyazo

When you plant berries, you need to watch how much water is required.

Last but not least, you can crush your berries to create Berry Powder, which is used as an ingredient for crafting PP UP/Max. Competitive players find PP UP/Max very valuable, making Berry Powder essential for them. You can choose to sell your berries for profit, but if a berry isn’t selling well or doesn’t yield valuable seeds, crushing them into Berry Powder is a good alternative.

For more berry info, you can also check out the PokeMMO wiki.

That concludes the money making guide for PokeMMO. Hope this helps and you can check out some of the other guides here:

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