Reverse 1999 Guide for Global + Reroll

With the upcoming global release, the developers of Reverse: 1999 has decided to make the pre-lock story skippable for Global players on launch, which makes the re-rolling process much easier.

Re-rolling is Easier Now

They’re also allowing the player to access the main menu after just stage 1-1 instead of having to go through stage 1-4. This allows you to quickly open the mail and claim your pulls. So, if you stop there and assume you hit the pre-registration goal, you should have 10 pulls in about five minutes.

This depends on how long the tutorial combat took you. But if you want to roll a few more times before trying a new account, you can go for the 40-roll start instead. If the launch event did not change for the Chinese server, this could take you about 20 to 40 minutes. It depends on how quickly you can go through the combat.

Reverse: 1999 Re-roll Progression Guide

As for progression, what you want to do is to complete around 1-11. Then, after that, dump most of your stamina into the experience stage. Outside of getting the first-time clear reward, this will also quickly level up your account.

There should be an account level reward at level three and level five.

Each will give you 10 pulls and go directly to your mail. Combined with the beginner reward, trace reward, and first-time clear reward, you should be sitting around 40 points total.

At this point, now this method is rolling one account. But there is something else you can do to roll multiple accounts at the same time, assuming you’re using a computer. What you want to do is to download the emulator that has synchronization function like BlueStacks. Not sponsored, by the way. The function will mirror the action of all emulators and allow you to roll on multiple accounts at the same time.

Character Pull Recommendations

With re-roll out of the way, it’s time to look at on release. The game will have three available banners: the standard banner that includes all units, the beginner banner that guarantees one of 3 six-stars, and a standard rate up banner specifically for Sotheby.

You can roll in any of these banners depending on what you feel like. But here are some of the recommendations I have. First, if you really want to roll for the best start, you should be rolling either in the rad out banner for S the B or the standard banner for an early six-star. The beginner banner only costs 30 pulls to get your guarantee and all three units on there are pretty decent, to the point where you don’t really need to roll for a specific one.


Sotheby is a very strong healing poison support that holds up reasonably well in the future team and is one of the better units if you want to use poison team after 1.2. Poison also counts as a debuff which helps with skill and passive that only take effect when the enemy are debuffed.

Additionally, poison is counted as true damage which can bypass certain mechanics. I highly recommend getting one copy of her as this will likely be the only time she will have a rate up for a very long time. Outside of Sotheby, who is on rate up banner, there are a few other standard units that is worth looking for.


Centurion is the most powerful DPS there is in the standard banner. Even at patch 1.3, she is still one of the strongest DPS in the game.

Her passive greatly boosts her damage based on how much Moxie she has, which is the energy used for ultimates in this game. And her skill, Victorious General, is one of the strongest single-target skills there is when used at high Moxie. If you get her, you’re pretty much set for the team 1 DPS for a very long time. Her standard rate up banner will appear in patch 1.3.

Druvis III

Druvis III herself brings the entire plant element up to another level thanks to her inside passive, where she will permanently give plant healing when damaged, which is basically a damage reduction and lifesteal. She’s also extremely powerful due to her skill can petrify and prevent enemy from acting for a turn. Her standard rate up banner will appear in patch 1.2.

An-An Lee

She is a very strong support character who can both provide damage buff to the team and stun enemy with her skill. She has a very strong passive that increases her skill level during combat every other turn, and her ultimate also levels up her skill for two turns. Her standard rate up banner will appear in patch 1.2.

A Knight

A Knightis the only Spirit six-star we have in this game on release. He is a strong DPS who specializes in snowballing against who has low HP and is very good at mob clearing. He deals additional damage against enemy with low HP and he will gain additional Moxie for his skill effects.

He also provides the team with the team one buff when his ultimate. The only downside of him is that he is not as effective against single-target buff. His standard rate up banner will appear in patch 1.1.

I personally would consider getting any of the above character from the standard banner a win. But if you’re impatient and just want to get the best unit from the beginner banner, here are the recommendations below.


Regulus, as the forefront of the game, has a unique kit. Her insight specifically requires you to skip turns to maximize her damage. This makes her a better sub-DPS rather than the main DPS.

She scales well in a crit team due to her passive converting actual crit into crit damage which will be further amplified with future crit support on 1.1. She also has strong utility in her kit. Her AoE skill is able to strip enemy Moxie on crit, thus denying enemy ultimate usage, and her ultimate provides team-wide immunity against non-ultimate attacks, allowing her to cheese certain stages with strong enemies. Her standard radar banner will appear in patch 1.2.


Compared to Regulus, Lilya serves more as a main DPS. She has strong damage potential when landing crit and has tons of crit building to both her inside and her resonance.

Her skill and ultimate also have additional effects when attacking crit. The downside of her is that she does get outperformed by future limited DPS and provides no utility by herself. She also doesn’t work with the crit support as she already has overflowing in terms of crit rate. Her standard radar banner will appear in patch 1.1.


Eternity is a warrior character who has very tanky stats while doing decent DPS and spends her own HP to use her skills. She has one of the stronger inside effects that give her stacking buff, maxing out at turn five with a 25% damage boost, which is quite huge for any DPS character.

She also gains immunity against damage over time from passive. Her ultimate has 50% life steal making her very safe, and her skill one has an anti-heal attached to it which makes her very useful for certain stages. Currently, the only other nasty wound we have are in the four-star characters.

Due to her ultimate healing, she can solo stages. She may not have the strongest DPS, but her sustain makes her able to survive against almost all stages in this game. Her standard radar banner will appear in patch 1.3.

Personally, while all three characters are pretty good on the beginner banner, I found Lilya to be the worst, as limited DPS are in general better than her and she does not provide additional utility like Regulus or Eternity. But we did not reach the power grip level where she becomes unusable yet, so it’s not that big a deal.

My Strategy

When the game officially launches, I will go for Sotheby. After that, I’ll be picking whatever I can from the beginner banner. Then, if I am struggling with a functional team, I might pull a little bit more in the Sotheby banner.

It’s best to save your pulls for 1.1, as starting 1.1 we will be having two limited banners per patch with fairly strong characters. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide whether you want to go hard into rolling for a specific character or just be content with a reasonable start.

All the standard banner units will eventually have their radar banner, and limited characters are supposed to also join the standard banner after a few patches, so it’s really not worth burning yourself over re-rolling.

Thanks and have fun when the game launches!

By kenny