Welcome to the Snowbreak Containment Zone guide for new players. We will go over the basics, re-rolling and also some good units you want to obtain.


snowbreak re-roll guide

When you begin the game, you have different login options. I suggest registering for a new Seasun account using your Gmail. You can use alternate emails or salted emails for registration.

A salted email is your real email with dots or integers added in between your name. Emails sent to a salted email will be redirected to your real email. This way, you can use the same email multiple times for registration. Here is an example:

  • Real Email: game123@gmail.com
  • Salted Email: game.123@gmail.com

After signing in, you’ll go through a lengthy prologue and tutorial of the game, which cannot be skipped.

Once you clear Stage 1-9, you’ll unlock the mailbox. Go to the mailbox on the main menu screen to redeem any relevant rewards sent to you, including pre-registration milestone rewards if you pre-registered.

In the Events section on the left side of the main menu, you can obtain 10 Operative Recruitment Chits from the “Makings of a Legend” event.

After completing Chapter 1, you’ll unlock the gacha system called the “Echo.” It’s important to understand how the gacha system works to optimize your pulls. There are different banners with pity systems to guarantee high rarity characters or weapons after a certain number of rolls.

For ease of pulling characters you want, it’s recommended to roll on the Battle Assembly beginner banner, as it guarantees a 5★ character within 50 pulls and offers a 20% discount on 10 rolls.

You can pull for the featured character in the Limited Banner or spend all your DigiCash on pulling the Battle Assembly beginner banner until you hit pity and receive your 5★ character.

Note that after completing Main Story [Normal] 5-12 stage, you can choose one of five standard 5★ Operatives to be added to your account for free.

These are:

  • Yao – Winter Solstice
  • Fenny – Coronet
  • Marian – Swift
  • Lyfe – Wild Hunt
  • Fritia – Hush

They are all good choices, so go with what you like more. Otherwise, you can look at the CN tier list below for some reference.

Snowbreak Containment Zone Tier List

Since the game isn’t out for that long, we can only rely on the chinese tier list for the start for reference. Here is the image from discord of the tier list.

snowbreak tier list

The Basics

The main characters are controlled by players in Snowbreak Containment Zone are Operatives. They are required for battles and challenges in the game, and each of them has their own set of abilities, skills, and weapon preferences.

Operatives can dress up in cool costumes and use weapons with varying degrees of skill. You can equip them with different weapons and train them to deal more damage. There’s also a manifestation system for gathering materials and upgrading Operatives to improve their attributes.

As you progress, more features for Operatives become available, such as Neuronics and Logistics, which require materials to upgrade. You don’t need to worry about these features at first, but they become important as you progress through the game. When assembling your squad for the story, you can select from a variety of characters with varying abilities.

Weapons are essential for Operatives to perform well. In the storage system, you can access and manage them. There are six different types of weapons in the game, each with its own set of damage types such as Kinetic, Thermal, Frost, Electrical, and Chaos.

Each weapon has a unique ability that boosts specific attributes at varying levels of effectiveness. Weapons can be modified and upgraded with materials to improve their attributes.


In the game, there are different resources and items that players can collect and use for various purposes. Let’s go through the important ones:

  • Bit Gold: This is the most valuable currency in the game, and you can get it by spending real money to buy it.
  • Digi Cash: A rare resource that is more valuable than Silver Bucks. You can buy Digi Cash using Bit Gold. It can also be converted to Silver Bucks.
  • Recover Presence: This acts like an energy system in the game. It gets consumed as you play the story mode, for each mini-chapter.
  • Silver Buck: You can convert Digi Cash to Silver Buck.
  • Operative Recruitment Chit: If you want to recruit new Operatives and Weapons, you need these chits or tokens.
  • Weapons Permit: This item is specifically used for pulling weapons. It also allows you to increase the drop rate for a particular weapon.
  • Good Combat Record: This item is used to improve the abilities of the teammates you recruit.

Snowbreak Containment Zone Tips

Improve Your Characters (Operatives)


You can improve your operatives in a variety of ways to make them stronger in all aspects. Even if you already have the best heroes thanks to the earlier tips, upgrading their power is critical for success in any phase of the game.

No matter how strong your opponents are, having enhanced heroes gives you a better chance of victory. You can train your operatives to advance to higher levels. During training, you’ll need to spend EXP items, and your heroes’ levels will quickly rise.

Based on your account level, there is a limit to how much you can upgrade your heroes. For example, if your account level is 21, you can only upgrade your characters’ levels to 21.

You can also enhance your operatives by upgrading the levels of the weapons they use. Using weapon EXP, you can increase the weapon attributes, giving your characters a powerful boost in power. These methods work in both the original gameplay and the Snowbreak: Containment Zone beta test.

Upgrade Neuronics

Making your characters stronger in Snowbreak: Containment Zone requires more than just upgrading their weapons. It also involves improving their neuronics. This process necessitates the use of neural materials, which can improve your characters’ skills and make them more powerful in battle. To get the most out of this, carefully select which skills to improve based on your playstyle and how well they work with your team.

For example, if you want to improve the neuronics of your main DPS character, such as Yao (Winter Solstice), prioritize her standard and ultimate skills first. Because you won’t be using her support skill as frequently, it’s better to invest in abilities that have a direct impact on her damage-dealing potential.

Upgrade Logistics

Improving your characters’ logistics is the key to making them much stronger in Snowbreak: Containment Zone. This process increases their power ratings, giving them a significant boost in power. Consider logistics to be special equipment for your characters, similar to equipment in other games.

When you equip multiple pieces of equipment from the same set, your characters gain specific abilities. For example, if you equip three logistics officers from the Twilight Squad, your character will receive amazing bonuses. These logistic sets are critical for enhancing your characters’ abilities and unleashing their full potential. It’s like pushing your team to greater heights!

Upgrade Manifestation

Manifestation is a technique for strengthening a character by increasing their base stats and improving their skills. Players must collect fragments of the same character in the Personal File Mode to accomplish this. Many of these fragments are required for character advancement, but another summon of the same character provides 30 fragments. As a result, in order to collect enough fragments for upgrading, players must summon the same character multiple times.

Completing Daily Missions

You may feel overwhelmed by the wealth of resources at your disposal. However, keep in mind that these resources can quickly deplete, and you’ll begin to receive them at a slower rate after a while. The Daily Missions are a consistent source of resources that will be available to you for as long as the game exists. So, even if other resource streams slow down, you can always count on the Daily Missions to keep you moving forward.

Daily missions are simple and easy tasks that require little effort to complete. You can earn a lot of resources by completing these missions. The best part is that they are designed to be easily accomplished every day, so you’ll always have a steady stream of resources to support your game progress. As you progress and resource acquisition becomes more difficult, you can rely on the Daily Missions to keep supplying you with resources with ease. Just keep an eye on these missions and complete them on a regular basis to ensure you have a steady supply of valuable resources to meet your gameplay needs.

Be Wary in Battle

When facing opponents, don’t always concentrate on offense. Keep an eye on defense and switch to a defensive play style when necessary. You can protect your character in this manner during difficult battles, increasing your chances of victory.

Keep out of the way of Giant Enemies’ attacks.

Dealing with giant enemies, similar to boss enemies in other games, can be difficult because they are stronger. Keep yourself out of their attack range to avoid their attacks. When you see a sign that the boss is about to attack, move out of their range and quickly dodge.

Take Advantage of Explosives

When confronted with a swarm of enemies, shooting explosives near them can be beneficial. Explosives, like barrels, are strewn about the battlegrounds. To deal with multiple enemies at once, shoot them. When the explosives detonate, they inflict damage on all nearby enemies, making it easier to deal with them.

Grinding Resources

You can farm the resources you require in the Operations game mode. This mode is available after completing a certain number of chapters in the main story mode. You can obtain various resources in Operations, including EXP materials for characters, currency, combat skills, weapon EXP materials, and weapon ascension materials.

Neural Simulation Mode Boss Battles

Enter the neural simulation game mode to defeat bosses. There, you’ll face bosses of varying difficulty levels. Begin by challenging level one bosses, and if you succeed, progress to higher difficulty levels. When facing higher-difficulty bosses, your player level is crucial, so upgrade your player level while challenging and defeating bosses.

Snowbreak: Containment Zone Codes for more Goodies

Using Snowbreak: Containment Zone codes, you can obtain free game perks. The official developers redeem these codes for a variety of free resources. Simply enter the codes correctly to receive your rewards.

Here are a few for launch:

5DR27K87J2 DigiCash x50, Good Combat Record x5
8HWTNGE6RZ DigiCash x50, SilverBuck x10,000
J2Q9AQYCV8 DigiCash x100, Exquisite Augmentation Kit x5

Where you should spend your DigiCash

When you begin playing Snowbreak: Containment Zone, you will receive a large amount of DigiCash as a reward for pre-registration and the game’s release. To make the most of this DigiCash, you can use it in a variety of ways. You can use it for Kaguya’s Banner, or you can save it for the next premium banner, which will be released soon. Another option is to purchase Presence, which can help you advance in the game up to 3-4 times per day.

You can also use DigiCash to purchase Employee Giftpacks from the Supply Chest. As you progress through the game, different Employee Giftpacks become available, such as the Level 10 Employee Giftpack, Level 20 Employee Giftpack, and others. These packs contain useful items such as Operative Recruitment Chit, SilverBuck, and Fiber Axon. As a result, you can make the best use of your DigiCash and improve your gameplay experience.

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