In this simple tutorial, we will go over the best FS and assist for your team in Street Fighter Duel. It is important to know who to raise as some may take significant investment due to needing them to be at least SS grade to unlock Fighting Spirit.

Payneblade has a fighting spirit tier list ranking on his google document here:

I will give my own input having played up to level 305 on my longest account. Here is my own rankings:

  • S Tier – Great all around and useful in various game modes.
  • A Tier – Can be great in some modes, and okay in others.
  • B Tier – May be great in a few modes, but not so good in others.
  • C Tier – Not too useful.

Table of Contents

S Tier

Abel – Start of battle, assist fighter gains x2 shield to BLOCK dmg and other fighters gain 1x shield every 8s. 

His assist is best used on your main DPS and can help save them from dying to Mad Ryu passive, counterattacks from Adon or Charming Dudley. In PvE, it can stop Shadaloo City final boss 1 shot lighting as well. Also, if you build up his fighting spirit to +20, he can also add more extra shielding for all allies.

Aside from that he, can also act as your secondary tank in late game when you can get his 6/6 car. So, Abel is a very solid unit to invest in all the way to late game.

C. Viper – When assisted fighter performs Super Combo or Combo, C. Viper jumps into the fray and performs Seismic Hammer at enemy in the rear position dealing dmg equal to 121% of atk.

While her damage seems a bit low at first, if your main DPS on the team keeps using their combo twice, the damage from C. Viper will start to add up. She is also one of the rare units that focuses on backline units, which is a kryptonite for many units that can only hit the frontline.

C. Viper herself is also very strong as the main DPS, so you cannot really go wrong building her. She will slot in the main team or secondary team just fine.

CammyWhen battle begins OR when assisted fighter performs a TRIGGER skill (trigger = PASSIVE SKILL OR ATK), kick front target x4 deal 120% dmg, inflicting x1 ARMOR BREAK.

She is the F2P single target DPS unit, so having her assist is a bonus actually. It is best used on trigger happy units like M. Bison or Beast Zangief.

Since you will need to build her up with 6/6 cars and +30 Fighting Spirit as well, she will not disappoint before she gets there.

E. HondaAt start of battle, 8% of dmg dealt to ALLIED FIGHTERS transferred to E.Honda.

He is great at damage mitigation as a tank or as the assist unit. This is best used on a very tanky team with Zangief, M. Bison and a DPS + healer. You will notice the damage reduction overtime in battle.

Also, investing him to +30 Fighting Spirit, teamed up with Elena, Rose or Summer Yang is a very strong combo. Pair with his own healing, he can survive for long periods of time. You cannot go wrong investing in him early on. You will also need him for the Thunder Faction tower anyways.

Mayor CodyWhen battle begins, assisted fighter starts DUEL agaist enemy with highest atk until one dies. Deal 15% more dmg against target. If you win duel, Mayor Cody gets 10% atk / Def.

This one is often overlooked. This is best used on your main DPS, allowing him/her to gain a slight damage advantage when dueling with the opponent’s main DPS.

If you win, you will get a nice stat boost and get more damage and some defense. Aside from that, he doesn’t do that well on the main/secondary team.

RoseAssisted fighter performs a skill and gain 1 of 4 tarot cards (wands = 10% crit rate, Pentacle = 10% pressure, Cups = 20% accuracy up, swords = 20 speed up). NO DUPE cards are gained. When 4 cards are gathered, fighter gains 10% of Roses atk.

Roses’s assist is VERY strong as the battle goes on. After like the 4th super combo or any combo used, the assisted fighter will gain Roses’ attack, making him/her do high amounts of damage. All her buffs benefit a DPS.

She can also be used on the main team as the support or secondary healer in late game. However, she is hard to SSS as F2P unless you focus fully on her after getting M. Bison.

A Tier

BlankaWhen assisted fighter is attacked, 20% chance to COUNTERATTACK dealing THUNDER Dmg equal to 50% of Blanka’s attack, with 25% chance to inflict x1 SHOCK. 3s interval.

He is best used on a tank frontline so that it triggers more often. The damage adds up over time, especially when the RNG goes in your favor. Think Abel, Zangief, M. Bison etc.

Chun LiFighters receive 15% of Chun Li’s crit

If you want raw damage, this is best used on your main DPS. The crit rate really helps them do better damage overall.

Chun Li is also a very good combo gauge booster with her fighting spirit at +20 or higher.

DhalsimAssisted fighters SUPER COMBO leaves a fire carpet at the target’s location dealing FLAME dmg equal to 15% of atk ever 2s for 6s. 8% chance to inflict x1 burn.

Works best on a flame team such as F Blanka, Fei Long, Flame Chun Li (Paid), C. Viper etc.

Outside of flame teams though, it is not that great. However, he is also a very decent AoE DPS, so building his FS past +20 is not a bad idea at all.

Dudley – When assisted fighter performs a SUPER COMBO or COMBO, their dodge is increased by 20% for 3s. If dodge is successful, they received 8% of dudley’s atk for 10s. 15s interval.

Another good assister that can give the fighter bonus attack and some dodge. Works great if RNG is in your favor, but the raw bonus attack is very good when triggered.

Dudley is useful in the flame faction tower, but requires high gear investment due to him needing dodge to be reliable to dish out damage.

Fashion BlankaWhen assisted fighter deals FLAME dmg, 12% chance to receive 1x atk up equal to 8% (stacks x4) of F Blanka’s atk for 12s. When taking FLAME dmg, 12% chance to receive 1x Def up equal to 8% (stacks x4) of F Blanka’s Def for 12s.

While his assist sounds great, it is a bit RNG and requires it to be stacked early on the battle to be much more beneficial.

However, due to him being easily accessible to all F2P players with enough time played, he stands as the best overall AoE DPS with a nice assist to boot.

JuriAbsorb atk = to 0.5% of fighters base atk from target when performing a crit up to 6% atk. When fighter dies, atk goes back.

Works best on high crit units, so assassins are generally the best units to have Juri assist. However, you need to invest in getting Juri to SS and for most F2P players, this can take a while.

M. BisonWhen fighter takes fatal dmg (1 hp left) they heal back to 30% of max HP and gain INFERNAL KING until death, increasing dmg by 15% but cannot be healed.

A great assist that gives the fighter the same passive he has, but only once per battle. Since you want M. Bison on the main team 99% of the time, this assist is rarely used.

Mad RyuWhen assisted fighters is below 50% they receive 20% of Mad Ryu’s atk.

Works great with M. Bison since he is always at low health after using his passive. It is also great on your DPS units. They are going to deal a lot more damage when HP is below 50%.

Mad Ryu is also very good in the Thunder Faction tower, so investing in his FS to +20 is not a bad idea.

MakotoWhen assisted fighter is attacked, 25% chance to receive x1 QI FLOW(Qi flow = Def up 100 + 6% per stack x5 for 30s),When assisted fighter attacks, 25% chance to receive 1x QI FOCUS (4%x10 stacks for 30s). 6s Interval.

A great assist that works on any tank or DPS. However, Makoto herself isn’t that great of an investment as she doesn’t do as well as say Zangief or E. Honda as the main tank. If you are building her, then it is usually up to SS grade.

Summer Yang – Effective when a fighter is in an assist position. Upon taking Crit DMG, the assisted fighter gains a shield of value equal to 400% of Summer Yang’s DEF. Shield lasts 15s, and when the shield expires or otherwise disappears, damage taken is reduced by 10% for 10s. Trigger interval: 15s.

Also a great assist for keeping your unit alive, but he is often used on the main team for the heal and shield instead. So this is a bit of a toss up, but you cannot go wrong with both if you want survivability. Using his assist or C1 is a nightmare when grouped together with a bunch of tanks like Abel, E. Honda and Zangief.

YangWhen assist fighters atk performs a crit, Yang joins the fray to deal dmg 174% atk to 1 target and fill super gauge by 80. 12s interval.

Having his assist in a high crit team is very useful. The only downside is that it can only be triggered every 12s, which lowers the value a bit and hence in A tier.

ZangiefAssisted Fighter receives 25% of Zangief’s Def & takes 10% less Thunder, Flame and Soul DMG.

Another underrated assist that can mitigate some elemental damage for the assisted fighter. Running him on a unit against F Blanka or C. Viper is useful in keeping your ally safe.

B Tier

AkumaShoots Fireball when assisted fighter performs combo. Fireball deals FLAME Dmg equal 50% of atk to enemy targets in area. 5s intervals.

While he may be great as a main team assassin, his assist is not so good. However, putting him on a flame team is beneficial though

Beast ZangiefStart of battle, Strike multiple targets within range 7xs dealing dmg 128% of atk. Increase speed of all allies by 20 for 8s.

His assist is great if you want outspeed the opponent with slow units in your main team. Otherwise, it is just easier to put him on your main team. This is mainly for PvP to catch your enemies by surprise if they are not paying attention.

DecapreEvery 20s Decapre jumps into the fray after battle begins to Psycho sting lowest HP unit dealing dmg equal to 48% of atk. Additionally performs EXECUTE if target’s HP is below 40% (execute = deals 300% of atk as dmg. Cannot crit)

Is okay to use, but I think if it was every combo, then it would rank higher.

ElenaWhen performing a Super combo or combo assisted fighter is healed by 8% of Elena’s Max HP.

Great for some regen in maps which requires healing. However, having her on the main team in tag position is much more beneficial though.

GenMirror image (MI) inherits Gen’s stats does normal attacks.

When user does active skill, MI performs follow up skill Zan’ei (Mantis- Mantis style for Thunder, Wind, Legendary faction) or Oga (Crane style – Cray style for Flame, Infernal and master). Mantis skill = 114% atk with 10% interrupt chance
Crane skill = 167% atk with 25% dispel chance.
MI takes 50% increased dmg with fighter dies

While Gen’s assist can interrupt, it requires you to spend a significant amount of resources to get him to SS, so that is why he is in this tier.

Guile25% chance to gain Saber (stack to ignore 7% of enemy def. stacks x5) when dealing RANGED dmg. Lasts 15s. 8 second interval.

Great for ranged units, but the top tier units are not ranged, so that puts his assist much less useful. This could change in the future though.

GuyWhen assist fighter knocks target out (KO), Guy performs Shadow Slash to lowest HP target 205% atk and increase crit rate and pressure by 10% to fighter for 10s.

Does good damage and some stat assist, but requires your assisted fighter to do the killing blow for it to work. Best used on your main DPS.

PoisonWhen dealing SHOCK dmg, assisted fighter fires a crescent wave hitting enemies dmg for 80% of atk and 15% BASE CHANCE (effected by Effect accuracy & effect resist) to inflict SILENCE for 3 s. 10s interval.

A bit RNG but can come in clutch at interrupting a combo if it silences at the right time.

Street PoisonIf only one enemy, assisted fighters crit dmg up 16%

Works great against bosses and best used on assassins. However, she is much better in the main team using C1, so her assist is generally not worth it.

T HawkWhen performing Super combo OR combo, a debuff is dispelled from assisted fighter. If debuff dispelled, a shield is created with 5% of T hawk’s max HP for 5s.

Works great against bosses that apply heavy debuffs.

Trendy CammyWhen Fighter deals THUNDER dmg to enemy, 25% chance to inflict x1 SHOCK to target. 5s interval.

Good bonus shock damage, but requires you to assist a thunder based attacker. This lowers the value of her assist.

YunWhen assist fighter performs a trigger skill, Yun joins the fray to deal dmg 174% atk and fill super gauge by 80. 12s interval.

Since it only activates on a trigger skill, it is less reliable than Yang’s version.

C Tier

The c tier units have very little use and I think could use a buff to improve their overall utility.

  • Charming Dudley
  • Combat Guile
  • Deejay
  • Hugo

By kenny