Welcome to the new player progression guide for Tower of God: New World! We will be going over things to look out for, the basics and things you should know about the game.

General Info

  • This is an idle game for casual gamers.
  • Gacha rate is 4.7% for SSR.
  • 100 summon pity.
  • Each character is categorized by color (Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Purple), Class (Support, Tank, Assassin, Warrior, Mage, Ranged).
  • Characters have a unique weapon with extra stats and passive abilities, which players can unlock for free after reaching a specific level of proficiency.
  • Instead of individually leveling characters, players level up their account through the Shinsu Link system. Five slots on them team are leveled up, and characters in those spots automatically receive the corresponding level.
  • The sync system is available from level 1 and operates automatically, removing the need for manual character management or resets.
  • Characters use their sub-skills automatically, following internal cooldowns during battles.
  • Players can manually trigger their Ultimate attacks when necessary, but they cannot choose specific targets for these attacks.


re-rollingYou can skip this part if you just want to progress in the game. Here is the entire re-rolling process:

  • Launch the game and play through the tutorial to learn about combat and other basic systems.
  • To speed up the reroll process, use the skip button whenever available (top right corner).
  • Leave the default ID name the game generates for you and change it later, as names are unique per server.
  • Enable x2 speed and auto skills in the 1-1 stage for faster rerolls (icons in the bottom right corner).
  • Disable Ultimate animations by clicking on the first icon from the left.
  • After clearing the 1-4 stage, you’ll unlock Summoning, and the tutorial 10-pull guarantees an SSR character, with a chance for more or an SSR+ character.
  • To get additional 20 tickets for summons, complete missions in the Achievements screen (10 tickets) and check your Mail (10 tickets).
  • Set up your Wishlist before doing the rest of your pulls, as characters in your Wishlist have a higher chance to appear when you get an SSR character.
  • After the 20 pulls, go to the Codex, check the Story tab, and collect 100 Gems per character to earn more Gems for another 10-pull.
  • If you didn’t get the desired characters, you can delete your account by clicking on the account portrait in the top left corner of the Lobby and selecting “Delete Account” in the Misc tab.

As for who to pull, here are two of my own recommendations:

Evankhell (Damage Dealer)

  • Great AoE damage dealer for new players
  • Her damage output is impressive, but her color being Red means she is not as versatile as Yellow/Purple damage dealers.
  • Yellow/Purple characters have a partial advantage in ignoring the elemental system penalty, while Red/Blue/Green characters suffer heavily against the element they are weak against.
  • Evankhell excels in stages with Green enemies and performs well against Red/Yellow/Purple enemies.
  • Ineffective against teams with Blue enemies.

Evan (Support)

  • He has multiple abilities, including healing the team, providing energy to allies, and removing debuffs.
  • His biggest advantage is granting immortality to the entire team, allowing players to easily progress through difficult stages.
  • Due to the dupe system, Evan can be used effectively for an extended period.
  • Supports like Evan are not as dependent on skill multipliers as damage dealers or tanks.

Early Game Progression and Team Building

As mentioned earlier, each character in Tower of God: New World is assigned a color – Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, or Purple. The elemental wheel system is used in the game, and certain colors counter each other, resulting in increased or decreased damage taken. The yellow and purple colors, on the other hand, can be manipulated to avoid the penalty by having more characters of that color on your team than the enemy has of the opposite color.

Yellow/purple teams are much better at getting you to mid game because they can offset the penalty by having a numerical advantage over the enemy’s color.

Building teams of each color is essential for later-game boss-slaying content, as countering their colors significantly increases damage and rewards. Initially, focusing on Yellow/Purple teams will help you effectively progress through the main adventure floors and unlock game features.

Let’s talk about a few units you want to pay attention to:

Khun Hatzling (Blue)

  • Good blue damage dealer.
  • Has a powerful kit and decent multipliers
  • His abilities enable him to quickly take down enemies

Lozeal (Green)

  • Second to Evan in terms of healing effectiveness
  • Serves as a green faction buffer.

Ha Yuri (Green)

  • Free character
  • Despite being classified as a tank, she can deal a lot of damage and debuff enemies.
  • You receive 3 duplicates of her on the first day, allowing you to quickly unlock her first constellation and make her stronger.

When it comes to team building you want to follow this format as a general guideline:

  • 2 DPS, 1 Healer, 1 Tank, 1 Crowd Control

You will switch up the team a little depending on the content you are doing, but it doesn’t deviate too much from this.

A good example team would be:

  • Evan, (Healer), Wangna Ja (Main DPS), Ha Yuri (Secondary DPS), Black March Bam (Support), Hunter Rak (Tank)

This also depends on whether you got a nice re-roll that can complement each of the members. Maybe you won’t have some of the above members and you will need to find other units to replace them.

Keep in mind that most units in the game are good and can be used, so you don’t always have to only use SSR units. A lot of the lower rarity units can compete with the SSR ones.

Setting Up Your Wishlist

tower of god: new world wishlist

The wishlist system in Tower of God: New World lets you choose 5 SSR characters for a higher chance of pulling them. All colors, including yellow and purple ones, are available in the wishlist, unlike Goddess of Victory: Nikke.

Here are a few things you want to know about the wishlist:

  • Placing a character in the first slot boosts their chance of being pulled to 1.8%.
  • The other 4 slots boost the rates of characters placed there to 0.45% each, totaling 1.8%.
  • The remaining percentage (1.1%) is split between SSR characters not on the Wishlist and SSR+ characters.
  • For the initial Wishlist, it is highly recommended to include your main DPS and strong supports like Evan.
  • Early on, a single copy of each support is more than enough.

General Tips

faction towers - tower of god new world

  • Don’t miss your daily tasks, including guild check-ins, shop visits, agency dispatch modes, Arena fights, mock battles, Conquest mode, and faction Towers.
  • Use resources only when necessary, especially resources in the bag, as their effectiveness is based on your progression.
  • Save Alliance coins for endgame gear rather than purchasing low-tier gear from the Alliance store.
  • Avoid re-rolling until all slots are unlocked to maximize efficiency.
  • Be cautious with gifting characters, prioritize giving them beneficial gifts, and avoid wasting gifts on characters that don’t need them.
  • Utilize the wishlist to prioritize getting one copy of different characters in early game for versatility, then focus on the main carry in the optimal slot for dupes and constellations.

You can also join the reddit community here for the game.

By kenny